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Can we have a self improvement thread? Post things you aren't currently doing to better yourself.
I'll start:

>drink more water

>don't masturbate
>don't watch porn
>don't do drugs, drink or smoke
>eat healthier
>get up and go to bed early
>sit and stand up straight
>don't use social media
>read books
>don't play video games
>don't watch hollywood
>don't hit the snooze button and don't procrastinate
>think before talking
>be grateful
>accept when you are wrong and learn with different people
>avoid fiction books
>don't listen to mainstream music
>avoid nightclubs
>don't do mindless consumerism and think before buying


Perhaps an exception where some activities facilitate social integration?

There are countries and circumstances where just going by yourself blocks off basically every possibility. Gaming the social system is a useful thing.


>avoid fiction books

Out of curiosity how does this constitute self-improvement for you? Not criticising, just curious


The idea of avoiding certain activities unconditionally for self-betterment is rather simplistic; basically "x is bad", something mostly used to keep children and laymen at bay. Even if someone is in a special scenario, there's hardly any preference that always leads to improvement.

The next thing I could argue for such preferences is that, while they are wrong every now and then, they lead to improvement most of the time. This might be right, and my problems with OP's list do not necessarily counter this.

So, one thing about this list is that it contains several points which would reduce or cut out social activities and/or pointless, but social topics to talk about. This would be useful for an overly social person who's e.g. failing university because of his lifestyle.
For an introverted person however, it would probably worsen their social isolation by cutting them out of the mainstream completely, and in case they already feel bad about that, these efforts at self-improvement would basically make them feel worse than before, and potentially turn them into weirdos.

Another thing is that while each individual element of such a list might be justifiably good, the entirety of the list might produce something that doesn't work well together; and that trying to improve in all aspects at once may be overwhelming and fail to produce results in each individual category (though this is more of a scheduling problem that a problem with the list).

Finally, I'd like to note that self-improvement beyond a certain point requires rather good judgment, which someone wanting to improve might lack. "Being skeptical about your own judgment" is rather sketchy, as whatever you final decision is, is basically your judgment. Where's the skepticism in that? Also note that progress and improvement is not like climbing the set of natural numbers; by improving in certain aspects, you are guaranteed to deteriorate in some other aspects.


In my opinion, I would rather spend my time reading a technical book instead of a fictional one. I'm not, by any means, saying they are bad. I do have some of them in my library actually. I just don't think that the entertainment/knowledge that a fictional book will give me is worth it. Notice that I wrote "avoid" instead of "don't"

>So, one thing about this list is that it contains several points which would reduce or cut out social activities and/or pointless, but social topics to talk about.
Let me disagree with this one. In my list, which I could identify, were only 3 social topics, pointless or not. Mainstream music, video games and Hollywood. With mainstream music, it's about tastes. But anyways, I don't listen to that kind of music, yet I know what's trending and I can talk to you about x or y artist. Same goes with video games and Hollywood. I avoid these, but from time to time I watch a movie or play video when I'm stressed. I can have a good conversation with you about this topics yet I avoid them. Yes they are bad, but I don't avoid them as Stallman avoids non-free software.

>Finally, I'd like to note that self-improvement beyond a certain point requires rather good judgment, which someone wanting to improve might lack. "Being skeptical about your own judgment" is rather sketchy, as whatever you final decision is, is basically your judgment. Where's the skepticism in that? Also note that progress and improvement is not like climbing the set of natural numbers; by improving in certain aspects, you are guaranteed to deteriorate in some other aspects.

No doubt that is correct , but that it is up to you to separate what's good from what's bad. Also, why do you say that by improving certain aspects you will deteriorate others? I'm not saying a person is going to achieve perfection but I can't understand your point. Not criticizing, just trying to have a healthy discussion.


>don't masturbate
>avoid fiction books
>don't listen to mainstream music

What the hell for? I don't listen to current mainstream music because I don't like it but apparently you do? As for the other two, I have no idea what to say.


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>No soda in the fridge
>No ciggs
>No social life


How do you lains deal with momentary relapses?

Right now I'm going through one, and while I don't necessarily hate it, I feel like I'm losing my momentum or something.


Relapse of what? That was kind of vague.


File: 1491048325087.png (532.12 KB, 151x200, 1490816338651.png)

I want to have less negative thoughts and think more positively. Is it possible?


Let me start with an analogy. You have a patch of wasteland. Through hard work, you turn the wasteland into a vegetable garden. What do you have now, a wasteland and a vegetable garden, or just a vegetable garden?
I see almost everyone around me think of learning as an additive process. "You complete a course or a school, you learn a new skill, you read a book, now you know more and became more!" But then again, did you really retain the uneducated person that you were before? Can you still not know how to ride a bike, or look at written English and have no clue what it means? Do you really know, or even remember what primary school is like? Are you backward compatible with your old selves? Or did self-improvement and learning change you, from wasteland to vegetable garden?

Expressing this idea almost universally gets me replies like "yes, but this and that is better, being uneducated isn't worth anything to me I don't need it". But understand that even if you, or anyone would love the trade, it's still a trade. Even if you value what you become way more than what you were before, it's still a process of change in which something is lost, or morphed into something else. When people learn something, either by effort or through misery, they may judge that the benefit outweighs the cost. It's an overall profit, and profit happens to be the opposite of loss, so nothing was lost! This is pretty sweet, so soon the person might end up with an intuitive picture of self-improvement that suggest they can just learn and become better indefinitely. As they improve however, they keep losing their previous perspectives and notwithstanding all perceived growth, they remain just one human, and a different one at that. In many ways, they couldn't even pretend to be what they were in a convincing manner, hence why I said they deteriorate. Think of humans as a system with a roughly fixed amount of complexity. You can shape them but they have their limits, and even if they are not shaped, the potential will go into an exquisite wasteland.

While not immediately related, to further elaborate the point, let me show three different kinds of learning:
The first one is goal. People keep learning until they become something, or achieve something. They learn a trade, they learn how to ride a bike, they get a degree in something, they beat an opponent. They want to learn neither too little nor too much; just the right amount to reach their goal; everything that's missing or excess is bad. Applied stuff, trades. "I do not want to know what a Lebesgue integral is, I'll never need it in life!"
The second one is direction, or improvement. People set a general direction of improvement, a scale or way to measure which things are better or worse. There is no end-goal, no point where there scale ends, as there's always more to learn and do. Even if something doesn't seem interesting or useful now, it might help advance later on. Any detour is justified if it ultimately helps to progress, and progress is always good. The more, the better. Sciences belongs here. "I'm not sure what a Lebesgue integral is, and it hurts my brain to look at it, but I'll be smarter so let's do this!"
The third one is curiosity. It's basically just like hunger, it never really goes away. Unlike the previous two, this one is indiscriminate; there's no goal, criteria or quality that could force it choose one thing over the other; except maybe the novelty of the subject. Curiosity will randomly learn anything, without a goal or regard to usefulness, taking blind shots in every direction. Eventually it will eat things that no sort of goal or progress would want to touch, ever; thus helping them out. Philosophy starts and ends here, sometimes taking a trip to the other two. Maths also makes an occasional visit, but it's more of a regular in the other two.


Yes I need this
>Make a weekly schedule.
>less computer
>fap less
>less coffee and beer
>Focus on fewer things
>stop bulsoykafting yourself with edgy stuff

Some of these (the addictions, especially) are really hard for me to adopt. So I don't focus as much. Scheduling myself and doing fewer things are my main goals for the time being.


I too used to try self improvement by axing things out of my life. But in a lot of cases, I see that applying moderation does better, at least in my experience.

Like this retarded "No Fap" meme, like I can understand why you'd might want to say, reduce your porn use if you actually have a legit problem but it feels like 90% of people who go "OH I WATCH TOO MUCH POOOORN" are likely just casual watchers who have shame in watching it or have some cunt shaming them for enjoying something. Same thing with video games and other hobbies and passtimes.

And on the off chance you do have a legit issue, maybe consider what brought you to your "vice" to begin with.

Moderation allows you to enjoy things and let you live your life better. Feeling guilty about a few things in my experience makes issues worse, not better.


- Plyometric HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
- Ketogenic ELD (elemental liquid diet), like KetoChow, in Intermitten Fasting (20h fasting, 4h free) - optimum on 1,4g/kg of protein, less than 25g of carbo. You can also use Nutrigenomics to check for mutations, such as MTHF, and fix it using other supplements
- Biphasic sleep - 7 hours total
- NSI-189 + Cerebrolysin
- Modafinil+Phenibut when needed
- CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation), TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and Neurofeedback if you can afford it
- 300mcg of melatonin before sleep. Get a blue light blocker glasses and use it 4 hours before going to bed too
- Read on RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation)
- Use spaced repetition for learning (see Anki software)
- Get used to mnemonics. Loci method and chunking is a good start. Check [*]
- Be aware of your cognitive biases and try to fix it (especially the confirmation bias when researching something)
- Be aware of your rhetorics when you get on a discussion. Read about rhetorical modes, literary technique and logical fallacy
- Get you time manager properly. Do your agenda.
- Use behaviorism to yourself: get some reinforcement when you do good, and some negative punishment when you do bad
- Some psychedelics could get you some insights. I suggest psilocybin + p. harmala in some sensory deprivation (ear plugs + eye mark in a very silent ambient)
- From time to time is good to stop all the drugs/supplement and get Memantine or other NMDA antagonist. Also Ibogaine seems good for this kind of thing too
- Study real content and not bullsoykaf. Go read about philosophy.
- Use a Window Manager and a browser without CSS to get less cognitive load from your computer, so you can focus on the real content instead of ads and fancy interfaces (this one really helps me)

There's many more, I just don't remember everything now... but, yeah.

[*] You can use fragrances to get better memory from some specific study. It has to be something that you rarely smell. If you keep smelling it when you go through your study, your memory will "anchor" (check anchoring effect) on this fragrance. When you need to remember the content you've studied, just get the fragrance prior to it and your probability to remember is very much increased. You can use other anchoring points for better effect, like music/sounds, or imagery (some picture/video).


Forgot to add Alpha-GPC + Huperzine A. + Nicotine for enhanced memory, when needed.


Stop associating with unworthy people. No more stims. Program more often.


>don't masturbate
>don't watch porn
>don't use social media
>don't play video games
>don't watch hollywood
>avoid fiction books
>don't listen to mainstream music
>avoid nightclubs
Sounds pretty stupid. None of those things are inherently bad. There's no reason to deprive yourself of harmless fun unless you're too ADHD to balance work and leisure.
Also if you suddenly start communicating and socializing less you are going to see whatever friends you have drift away from you, and it's difficult to make new friends when you have none.


>what is stoicism
You can't reach your highest potential if you don't drop leisure. But that's not for everybody I guess.

>So, one thing about this list is that it contains several points which would reduce or cut out social activities and/or pointless, but social topics to talk about.
Don't you seem more interesting to people if you talk about something else than the usual flavor of the week movie/artist though ?


I'm not on any self improvement kick / program, just scrolling through, but I haven't masturbated or looked at porn in about a year and it definitely improved my mental state. I used to smoke a pack a dayand honestly not masturbating has been a bigger improvement to my life than quitting smoking.

That other stuff is pretty off the wall though.


File: 1491229308438.png (32.15 KB, 200x198, make-me-sick.jpg)

>don't masturbate

FYI, this can be dangerous at least in some circumstances (if you're male, spend a lot of time sitting, and your gut microflora is not in an ideal condition). Prostate needs fluid circulation, masturbation is one of the more energy efficient ways to archive it. Failing to archive that, you'll get prostatitis and, eventually, prostate cancer.

Pic related, literally.


File: 1491319595152.png (50.73 KB, 200x200, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

Are you serious? That sounds reasonable but citations would be nice. I thought jacking off too much breaks your penis engine (I mean the wiring behind your penis, not the penis itself).


thats a myth which is still in peoples heads all the way from when it got started by christians in medieval times. unless youre fapping so often that you actually irritate your skin or something crazy like that there is no physical harm at all.
think about it this way: your "penis engine" is made for the very purpose of being used as often as possible.


>don't masturbate
>don't watch porn
>don't play video games
>don't watch hollywood
>avoid fiction books
>don't listen to mainstream music
I seriously don't see how these would improve yourself besides from turning you into a massive hipster snob with no social life whatsoever.



Serious. Lets say its a personal experience and I don't have any links that wouldn't deanonymize me.

If you care for some indirect proof on the thesis, I suggest reading a bunch of pubmed articles on treatment of prostatitis. Then consider the position of the prostate gland. Then consider that the only things that seem to help are treatments that fix gut problems (fix microflora with probiotics + treat hemorrhoids and other physical problems) and enhance fluid flow near the gland (exercise + some drugs + sex/masturbation). Pure antibiotics treatment produces almost no result.

Then reread the thesis above.


sounds like you have a long way to go buddy


masturbation drains your energy and makes you lazy


For me it's basically this:

>Work harder

>Work harder
>Work harder
>Eat healthier
>Work harder
>Meditate and pray
>Believe in your ability to succeed
>Convince yourself you're not a failure
>Work harder
>Don't give up
>Love yourself
>Work harder


>avoid nightclubs
nah fuarrrk that


a bit off topic, but do you really enjoy nightclubs? what is there to enjoy?



I have the same question >>11295

I personally think people who tout "nofap" as a large quality of life improvement are beneficiaries of the placebo effect. Porn addiction on the other hand, can be a serious issue, as any other addiction.


A few tips friend
>s/Work harder/Develop a work ethic/
>get good rest
>don't forget to unwind and have leisure time
And maybe watch motivational videos on youtube, some are pretty gud.
And talks by Jim Rohn. Les Brown is also good.
You might find this one useful too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIAP5XcEWDg

All these helped me a lot.


different anon but i love clubs. there are many cool things about them but my favourite is the kick while dancing together. theres that moment when i can feel a sense of belonging i dont get anywhere else. then theres those little stories, just talking to random people outside while smoking. most of it comes down to the general atmosphere of people putting off their mask for one evening i guess.
when i go there with people i know i always get to see a new side of them and its not just the alcohol. something about the crowd, the thick air, the music makes people more honest.


>people putting off their mask for one evening
I would have thought it was the exact opposite


i understand why you would think that. if you only hear of clubs as a place to get chicks you would think everyone is superficial.
took me a while to really get it myself, i used to be a bar person. i dont think everyone can enjoy clubs. you have to able to really take it in.



Do fewer things. Do more important things. Get better at them. Pick three things.

It's worth a shot. Lain. I just watched the video you linked. I'm listening to Jim Rohn now.

I'm in for a bit a rough summer, but one of the upsides is a fair amount of free time. Maybe I can, as this talk I just started says, "Give myself a chance to change". Thanks for caring.


I never understood how these motivational videos could work on anyone. I tried to watching them couple of times and necer lasted to the end. Basically all of them are bullsoykaf like get yourself together, go out, do something. If you are in some king of depressed state as many here probably this king of talk won't work

I believe it's important to set small, realistic goals not something life-long. Also working on concentration is crucial becasue you won't do anything if you'll be thinking about 10 task in the same time. Meditation seems like a good idea however i'm new at this so it's still hard to tell



>work harder

guy here. You're right, they're almost all bullsoykaf. I knew someone who was addicted to watching them, ex-roommate of mine. He'd watch a few every day. Not sure if it helped.

But sometimes you have to bullsoykaf yourself. As for meditation, it can't hurt.


I am the one who suggested them videos, and they did help me. Sure, many (perhaps most) of them are bullsoykaf, but some of them actually have good advice (the one that I posted, for example).
But even those that are kinda stupid, they get you hyped when you have something to do (eg, work out); they are pretty much yelling at you stuff like "you're a warrior! don't give up!" and so on. Or they fill you with inspiring ideas ("you're willing to give it all when blah blah blah...") when all you can think of is "soykaf man, I really don't feel like doing this rn".
Les Brown is a good motivator, those guys can really help motivate you with words.
I did listen to them for a while, and they helped me believe in myself, rather than give in to self-defeat.


I know it's about bullsoykaf yourself but I nver was able to do that. I always had this voice in the back of my had who was saying "what you're doing right now is ridicolous". Meditation is at least about clearing mind and calming thoughts

that yelling "you're a warrior, you can do this" is exactly the part which bothers me the most. I know who I am, I am not a warrior, sometimes I can get things done but usually I am simply lazy or cowardly running from fear of failure and that's why I keep procrastinating. Because of fear and telling yourself "I am not afraid" won't change it, at least not in my case beacuse I have tried it many times


How are you going to have time for the others while working this hard?


Sounds like you're going to be a robot or something. Huge probability of burning out btw.


>I thought jacking off too much breaks your penis engine
Porn addiction does that, not fapping itself. Watching too much porn, especially hardcore degenerate stuff, will desensitize you to some extent. That's why porn addicts sometimes can't get it up in front of a woman, or when watching softcore porn. And like with any other addiction, it takes some time to "rewire" your brain.

If not jerking off was that dangerous, we would see a lot of ascetic people and some asexuals with prostate-related problems.
I found this after a quick google search:
> Clerics experienced mortality ratios of 15% less for all causes of death and 30% less for cancer mortality, given mortality patterns among New York State white males of comparable ages. Twelve deaths from prostatic cancer were observed while 19.8 were expected. This represents a mortality experience significantly less than that of the general noncelibate population.


other anon. depends on the type of club you are in. Big clubs or "underground" ones, can(don't have to) like that. Small, like really small clubs are rather self-contained, like if you don't know anyone from "the inside", it's unlikely anyone will talk to you. I might be wrong, but small clubs is where music counts the most.


>>11253 (me)

The disappointed one speaks-- "I listened for the echo and I heard [not even] praise". --Nietzsche

You guys don't really want to talk about self improvement. You guys want some Tony Robbins type of bullsoykaf. Expected more from you fuarrrkers.



It's not about just working for things stereo-typically associated with the word "work". It's about increasing the effort and engagement I put into any aspect of my daily life.


Thanks for your input.. You happy now?


Have you read the fuarrrking reply? I was expecting echoes, a discussion about the content, not praise you fuarrrking idiots.
fuarrrking hell, imageboards are dead, we used to have quality discussion late in the day, now we have kids that don't know how to think, how to construct and structure a rhetorics about some problem.
It was the same last time I gave a try to lainchan. The community was good, but kalyx was/is a mac user idiot, so I gave up my projects inside here (mostly lainzine and a book I was writing). Now the behavior of kalyx is spreading to all community. My comments seem to be the most completes here, and no, it's not Dunning Kruger. I tried a discussion on >>>/tech/36159 , and nothing. I tried >>>/feels/11234 , and nothing. On >>>/tech/36101 , nothing. Tried on >>>/tech/36244 , and almost nothing. On >>>/tech/35990 , nothing.
You guys don't really want to discuss, you guys want to jerk off each other. You guys don't want to go beyond and try to comprehend all this madness of our reality, you guys want to post your "riced window managers" and mention some postmodernist philosophers that you've read on wikipedia a week ago, just to seem more intelligent.

fuarrrking sad, no place to hang anymore, just ashes. A shame, you seemed and honest men.


No one gave you any attention because you posted nothing of note. No one wants to talk about obscure nootropics and armchair cogsci. Find common ground instead of expecting people to conform to your high-horse standards.


Don't be sad

There are long replies, and there are short replies