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I came to make a thread dedicated to the following simple though: if we live with no purpose then let's rock til the very end right ? Because of that I just ended "rocky" from "empty".

By your best shot I mean make your life (or at least the rest of it) brighter than a thousand suns.


i used to think like that for a while. then i realized that it made no difference at all whether my life was sad, happy or something inbetween, especially in the scope of 500 quadrillion years after my life.

then i grew out of that too and figured that even though nobody will remember my life and there will be generally no trace of it, it will still have been real and nothing can change this. im still trying to find something to live for other than "happiness" which i personally find pointless (woah this sounds edgy now that i write it). i mean i dont want to be unhappy but i dont see it as the meaning of my life. im talking about something i can be proud to have done. maybe i will plant trees in africa or something.


I think making peace with yourself, expressing yourself and giving to those around you are some of the most important things you can do. To grace people with your love, and let them know they arent alone.

As a rather angry anti social person I struggle with this. And ive gone through all the mind fuarrrkery and purposelessness and come out with these two things which I dont really have any reason to believe these are important but I like them and have faith in these ideals. When I see someone with that curiosity and desire to reach out and help people, I know they can't be a bad person.

Sometimes I get taken advantage of, I allow it in some circumstances. Call it slave mentality or whatever you will. However I also think its important to understand not everyone has the luxury to turn the other cheek. For mental reason or circumstance. But I was born with infinite patience, and a sadness that never leaves; so I have this capacity to be selfishly selfless, and a human punching bag as well.


I've always wondered about this as well, and happiness seems like too simple an answer, but occam's razor would suggest it is the right one.

That said, a life's short insignificance is also what makes your life so significant - you only have a short time here. You have the opportunity to make a measurable difference in the lives of other humans, whether you like it or not, like so many humans have before you (Hitler, Mother Teresa, Jobs, Napoleon, Genghis Khan or Socrates). No matter how trivial you might consider the achievements of the people who's names we all know, they affected the lives of countless people. Some for the better, some for the worse.

humanity will continue without you, as will the universe, but a human's power amongst other humans is so great, it should be ones goal to make the lives of humans better, enriched, directly or indirectly, through your actions. To improve the lives of others through your actions - whatever that manifests as, is I think a good goal.

It drives me to do what I love, for the people I love, to manifest a world that I can love. There's too much wrong today, and I may be a straw in a straw pile, but eventually that camel's back did break! Or so the story goes.


never seen anyone bring occams razor into this. thats pretty interesting but im not sure i would base my entire life philosophy and my morals on a tool made for rule of thumb decision making. that said of course connecting to others is a beautiful thing and i do want to make everyones lives better but here the problems only begin.

what is a good life? what if others disagree with my views and im actually harming them thinking im helping?

>theres so much wrong today

how can you tell? i honestly have no clue whether the way we live our lives right now is good or bad. i can tell weather it *feels* good or bad but that doesnt mean its true and least of all for everyone.

just stumbling through life based on gut feeling hoping you arent wasting everyones time, to be honest im not the biggest fan of it. i mean yeah, its fun but is it "good"? who knows.