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Can we have a self masturbation thread? Post things you aren't currently doing to worsen yourself.
I'll start:

>don't drink water

>watch porn
>do drugs, drink or smoke
>eat junk
>lie down and go to bed late
>sit and stand up hunched
>use social media
>don't read books
>play video games
>watch hollywood
>hit the snooze button and procrastinate
>think after talking
>be needy
>bitch when you are wrong and bash other people
>don't read books, remember?
>listen to mainstream music
>don't bother meditating
>do lots of nightclubs
>do mindless consumerism and think afer buying


I like the way you think Lain. Thanks for the laugh.
fuarrrk it, I'll contriboot.
>watch porn
>drink sometimes
>use social media
>play video games
>watch hollywood sometimes
>think after talking
>listen to mainstream music sometimes
>do lots of nightclubs sometimes
I like having fun in my life.


Both of you forgot "being too hard on myself"


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>self masturbation

I bask in the glory of my virginity, no woman will get my virgin cock no matter how hard they try and I am forever superior to all who fuarrrk like degenerates. Sex is for losers, video games for life, Senran Kagura girls are superior to real women, pancakes are for glitterboys french toast is top tier breakfast. My tastes are objectively superior to any non-virgin. I don't drink alcohol because that's a disgusting thing to do.


Am I doing it right?


>pancakes are for glitterboys
you take that back right now

other than that, I see no problems


you mean
>not being hard on yourself at all

also, i'd add
>watch way too much anime
>blame society for your way of life


>you mean
>not being hard on yourself at all

Not him, but you've got it completely wrong. Self loathing and being angry at your flaws isn't productive and isn't useful in fighting against them at all.


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So, now that the laughs are out of the way, why don't we talk about actual actions we've taken to improve ourselves, our failures and successes, what we have learned about ourselves, and our next course of action. If you are just gonna meme with soykaf like, "Not masturbating" then don't bother.

Last six months I was on OkCupid trying to net me a girlfriend. I quickly learned that there are a lot of attention whore "gender fluid" and "genderqueer" girls there and very few women keep chatting with you. I only spent 30 bucks there and I see that in some ways, Facebook might actually be a better option although I hate FB a lot. Really, just getting out of the house would be better, I need to buy some new clothes, maybe going to a clothing store might help. I think on my next few off days I'm going to head to a clothing store, or maybe get my fuarrrking car fixed so I can drive there.


Thrift stores are "trendy" now which has the upside of being able to buy socially acceptable clothes for cheap. Maybe consider going there unless you have money to blow on a whole new wardrobe.


You got a point there, plus no telling if I meet a girl there or not. Which was were I was going with the idea of getting clothes, I need clothes and a chance to chat with women. Win-win for me. That said, I take advantage of clearance sales at places like Walmart often.

My main issues are getting pants that fit me. Being a skinny short man is hell when it comes to pants.

I'm near a few Goodwills and SAs. So I can at least score me some nice shirts and even shorts.