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Why gives you the strength to get out of bed in the morning at a reasonable time if you do. I know for me at least its much easier to sleep. I can dream forever about how my gf is still with me, or how dead people are alive, most of all that im happy or things are getting better.

But except on weekends I get out of bed at 8-10 everyday, I know my reason but whats yours?


>whats yours?
I need to piss and smoke, then I have a coffee and won't be able to sleep again so I stay up until it's night time again, then repeat.


I feel worse if I don't get up at a reasonable time so I get up because I don't want to feel bad.


Why do you feel bad though?


This sounds like a half-joke OP, but if I have to wake up early for work I drink a bottle or two of water before bed so when my alarm goes off I'm compelled to walk all the way to the bathroom. It's just far enough from my bed to stop be from going back.


your post number has 1337 that's pretty interesting
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