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Does anyone actually have a life outside of the internet?


I do all my programming offline


Not really.
ps.: cool pic


No, tried to fix that with going to meetings and what not, and using IRC.

Not much reason to go outside if there's no one close by you care to see.


Somewhat. Not much at the moment.


so you are all neets ?


No. I used to travel, play music, have friends, sneak around at night. I got more and more depressed as I got older and my friends all settled down, some of them had kids. Everyone either moved away or is too busy to hang out. People who I have never actually offended or angered stopped having time for me because it depresses them to be around me. The health system here is rubbish, I can't get medical help so I just drink.

An old website I used to help run wants me back as a volunteer (it's all volunteer, no ads or anything either). I don't even want to but I can't think of a valid reason to say no because I still use the site and they need help, plus they're my very nearly my only real friends. If they ask again, I'll sign up.

My other friend is imaginary. We hang out, watch movies, sleep next to each other.


I do, but it's mostly limited to family and co-workers. A big hurdle for me is using things like Facebook, but I made a pretty big step by signing up for some dating sites. I'm not really budging from the anti-Facebook thing, not because of privacy anymore but because that shit is for old people now.

Ever since I left 8chan, that killed like 80% of my Internet usage. It's to the point now that I mostly hop on my desktop to download comics to transfer on my tablet, check my bank account, check Lainchan threads, shop online/browse my usual online stores for anything useful and be done in the course of 30-45 minutes, if that. Fuck, my tablet and smartphone does most of that too.

I do need to start dating more and get a few more close friends, I just have a hard time really opening up to people.


I spend most of my time in university but I don't really feel confortable there.


File: 1470908357109.png (425.61 KB, 200x150, 1458967951782.gif)

What do people even do outside of the wired anyway? Drink?


Some of us don't stop when we enter the wired either. If I could do it intravenously I would. I know you can but I don't want to accidentally die of alcohol poisoning (emphasis on "accidentally", I'm leaving it open as an option for the future though)


>What do people even do outside of the wired anyway?
Wishing that I went back.


>meatspace hobbies
that's all i can think of


That depends on how you define life.
I stay home and play vidya, read, drink or some combination of the above.
I'm having a good time, some non-neet will still think "get a life, loser"


>some non-neet will still think "get a life, loser"
I'm not a NEET, but I'm not going to sit here and call you a loser. To be fair, you could be doing more with your life than that but that's literally every person on the planet. I kinda hate that I'm not doing as much as I could mostly due to work and some poor life choices.

Really, I'd only call someone a loser if they are spending their valuable time being an asshole and it turns out they are someone who doesn't have a career, no real workforce skills, no social life, etc. To shit on someone who is perfectly happy with life or at least trying to improve it is the mark of someone who is a shitty person. And I have very little patience for those kinds of people.

You aren't a loser if you don't feel like it.


I only go out to follow lessons, I never talk to anyone of course


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>he goes to lectures
If you're STEM, they do not affect your exam performance. If you're not STEM, you can understand every idea presented in any course in under an hour.

Verbally transmitted information is extremely inefficient because you're forced to absorb it sequentially. You can't just skip what you know and skip through filler text.


I am, and I'm aware of that, I don't really listen to the lessons and doing very well anyway, but I'm forced to go there and put a signature


File: 1471092754246.png (541.33 KB, 200x200, ff3501d1a1a58b3807d8a8b07ab51eb3.jpg)

There's your reason to talk to someone. Get materials from courses in your next year and trade them for signatures.

Pedagogy is pure ideology, but mostly just some old guys who want to ejaculate onto your face.


File: 1471179066400.png (1.66 MB, 200x113, o3o.webm)

In my experience (in a STEM major), the lectures are typically distilled down to showing only the exam-relevant material, while the textbook and the course's other study materials are always crammed full of filler.

And sometimes the textbook filler is indistinguishable from the relevant concepts without the context of the lecture (or some of that filler is the exam material for a class at a different school).

I agree that this system is mostly bullshit, but I have nothing better to do with my time than sit in a lecture, anyway.


File: 1471182633366.png (510.32 KB, 128x128, 2dedcc009c634a241ae79946c91b7305.jpg)

Ya, but your performance is soley dependent on how well you conditioned yourself to complete and think about problem types and what info you had. I didn't even read the text, I'd just go right into problems.

I also had profs whose only examples were either right from the book or online. If you live on campus, sure, but my commute was an hour. I either spend those 3hrs naked, eating cereal and amassing fetish porn or in transportation and listening to nerds try to court eachother and be the cool cat they weren't in highschool.


File: 1471193650903.png (744.92 KB, 141x200, satori-break.jpg)

How do you condition yourself?


>If you're not STEM, you can understand every idea presented in any course in under an hour.

Sure is reddit in here.


File: 1471218303606.png (67.85 KB, 200x169, 1471215240202.jpg)

Can you please tell me what else is "reddit" and "not reddit"? I wouldn't want to displease you with my opinions in the future !

I didn't get how uncool I was being by deciding that listening to old, condescending men lapse into bragging rants over the 45 minutes allotted to explain deontological moralism was actually a waste of my time.




File: 1471222441237.png (3.45 MB, 128x128, 69bdc18d05ee435a853c95617cc422f3.gif)

When you perform any task, you do something to your NEURAL PATHWAYS that causes you to be able to perform it with more automaticity and ease over future iterations. This applies for the 40-step math intensive problem archtypes you see in engineering or science. The difference in accuracy and speed in thinking that doing a few problems before a test gives you is OUTRAGEOUS.

You can also condition your perception and lateral thinking abilities. If you internally train your mind to recognize problems by type, you'll be able to get all the relevent information and know strategically what to do in 1/10th of the time it would take anyone else. That kind of time is valuable in any engineering exam. Problems are usually modular and challenge gets implemented in a predictable way. By looking at text solutions to harder problems, you'll get a better sense of the mathematical processes and "gotchas" that are in circulation. That usually forms the basis of my intuition in an exam.

Years of pathological procrastination have forced me to become a metacognition machine. I've gone through courses in cumulatively under 5 hours because I'm that much of an irresponsible shit.


Honestly, I spend nearly all my time on the computer.


I have a job because I have to keep the lights on, but that's about it.


Just get over this pretentious nonsense that the humanities are worthless and only your precious STEM courses are worthwhile.

What's the point of living longer lives or reaching the stars if we are bored in the meantime?


I stopped having a life once highschool ended. Being stuck in the same building as other people for 5 days out of the week helps develop a life for you if you're somewhat social, but I don't have the patience or the desire to keep that up out in the real world.
The real world at this point is really only good for making money to keep me on the Wired.


File: 1471437212483.png (1.23 MB, 200x113, bait.webm)

>Just get over this pretentious nonsense that the humanities are worthless and only your precious STEM courses are worthwhile.
He never said that the humanities themselves are worthless. But getting a degree in them is objectively a waste of your time and money.

We live in the information age. You can learn anything you would get out of your humanities courses yourself, and you can build a portfolio in the arts without wasting 4 years and $100k to sit in classes.

The same logic applies to STEM to an extent, but most STEM fields have resource requirements or safety concerns that make them require standardized credentials to practice in the real world. The university is a place to get those credentials.

If anything, you're the one demeaning the humanities by implying that they're only useful for entertainment, with your comment that
>What's the point of living longer lives or reaching the stars if we are bored in the meantime?

saged because this is argument is pointless and very far off-topic, anyway


Yep. It sucks ass.


no because I'm a retarded neet with no social or practical skills


Not really, just go to work don't speak with anyone then return to my apartment to play some video games/watch anime then sleep.

Same routine every day. This life sucks.



Not a neet, but after college finding your own age group and interests can be a social zenn diagram challenge. At least in college they cluster you all in the same place and in the same classes.

You can meet people after college but it's like hardmode. You may meet someone who's your age and into your interests, but they may be not a person you like. It's all about figuring out where your age group of that interest is... and most of them, are at home coding, hacking, or god knows what else.


the internet IS life you noob.


No RL, only AFK.


What keeps you in your routine expect your own projections/ideas about what is necessary?


I had one till about a month ago
Then I lost my job and had to more than 500 miles back home

Now I sit about all day, try and get shitty jobs, steadily get crazier


how long have you had your imaginary friend?
i have tried to have one because i am lonely, but it always feels synthetic


Other than my job? No. I work, go to the store, and play video games/computer stuff.


If you spend all day in front of your computer, how aren't you getting fat?


File: 1473796457414.png (80.58 KB, 200x113, 1367916998673.jpg)

superior genetics?


too poor to buy food


File: 1473796773389.png (33.34 KB, 126x200, yotsuba010073.jpg)

eating right?


If you are sitting on your ass all day getting no exercise but not getting fat then you aren't eating right. There's more than one way to have an unhealthy diet


What kind of exercise do you do in order to be in fit? Would you share the most efficient?


oh I never said I was actually doing it. Walking and playing drums (hardcore and metal, not light jazz) used to keep me at a somewhat healthy size even if that wasn't a complete workout. Now I just do the walking and since my beer intake has doubled, I too have achieved the fatness.

But seriously just walking for an hour a day will make some difference, better than no exercise at all anyway.


Not really, it might be unhealthy to not exercise but that's nothing to do with the food. It's pretty easy to get everything you need and still stay skinny as long as you don't go overboard on calories. I don't know why you seem to think eating more than you need is "eating right".


Yeah, I've got a few friends I hang out with. No female friends though.


>I don't know why you seem to think eating more than you need is "eating right".
This was not suggested by anyone, anywhere in this thread. If you really are as that commented suggested "sitting on your ass all day" and are still skinny, there is definitely something wrong with your body and your diet. Popping vitamins doesn't solve the problem alone. There needs to be food in your stomach or you piss them out.


>Nobody suggested that
"If you are sitting on your ass all day getting no exercise but not getting fat then you aren't eating right."
You want to at least read the post I replied to next time before saying it's not in the whole thread?
Also it wasn't aimed at me.

Would you like to explain to me how a diet is bad when you don't get fat? And I never said anything about popping vitamins, you just assumed that. My guess is that you yourself don't know how to eat well, or you'd know that you can get everything you need without very many calories. You two seem to think that there's only one universal amount of energy to consume for everybody, there's not. The healthy amount is however much you use (given that you're not obese or megaskelly). If you get more than you use, you put on weight and vice versa.


You said "eating more than you need". Your body isn't a car that uses a certain amount of fuel per mile or something and you can't just conserve calories by being lazy; it just means you aren't eating enough.

>Would you like to explain to me how a diet is bad when you don't get fat?

Malnutrition? being underweight? Just because obesity is so common doesn't mean it's the only problem you can develop.

>And I never said anything about popping vitamins, you just assumed that.

Definitely malnutrition then. Have fun.


File: 1473984853442.png (9.71 KB, 181x200, lJ4CHsn.jpg)

The funny thing is that it actually is. I'll restate this since you've failed to read once again; If you eat more energy than you use, you put on weight. That means if you use less, you need to eat less to maintain the same weight.


I told you it wasn't an issue, I keep track of what's in everything I eat and I get more than I need of everything, it's easy enough. I even each a bunch of calorie dense foods and protein just to get the calorie level up to my maintenance. I can tell you've never eaten healthy because you just assume that everyone who does is on pills, while also failing to understand the second law of thermodynamics. I'd suggest reading up on this topic before you start talking out of your ass about it.


Depends on what you mean by 'life'. My life is home to university/university to home. I know a few people there but we mostly talk about uni related stuff.


>I can tell you've never eaten healthy
..and I can tell you're wrong and are living on processed soy products. Continue to justify your lack of physical activity to yourself however you like, science is not on your side though.


>If you really are as that commented suggested "sitting on your ass all day" and are still skinny, there is definitely something wrong with your body and your diet.
Alright let's take this from the top. Each action the body takes, whether that action is voluntary movement or bodily function, requires an amount of energy. This energy is taken from food or drink, and in the absence of food or drink, it is taken from stored energy in the body. Excess sustenance will result in the storing of this energy as tissue. If one consumes the necessary energy required to match the rate at which it is used, then the system is balanced and the body weight will stay the same, since no energy will need to be taken or stored as tissue. If you literally sit and have no voluntary movement, the amount of energy required to maintain body weight will be related to your metabolic rate. Therefore, it is very possible to maintain a low weight with simple measurement of calorie intake and a knowledge of your own metabolic rate. You do, however, still need vitamins, which I'll explain later.

>There needs to be food in your stomach or you piss [vitamins] out.

That isn't true all of the time. Vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream when they are dissolved in the stomach and digested. The bioavailability of certain vitamins is very high on an empty stomach. Some vitamins which have poor bioavailability on their own can be taken with a surprisingly small amount of food with to achieve sufficient absorption. It is unlikely that you would need to take multiple vitamins which require a large amount of food in the stomach to be digested properly.

Besides the jargon, I'll give you a real-world example of people who eat nutritiously, yet who rarely are active and spend most of their time sitting/laying down, and don't gain weight- people who are hooked up to parenteral nutrition, and also people who are fed through a tube. These people receive the exact amount of vitamins and nutrients required to maintain their bodies. Their diet is, objectively, very healthy. Also, back when Soylent (the food substitute) required you to mix all the ingredients together yourself, you could create a food which was low in calories yet had all of your daily vitamin and mineral content required. Tell me again how sitting in front of a computer all day results in getting fat (and unhealthy)?

Just like >>6011 said,
>I keep track of what's in everything I eat and I get more than I need of everything, it's easy enough.
this isn't difficult to understand.


What life? To do anything IRL you need to get a job somewhere so you can make a pittance while someone above you who got their position through nepotism makes a killing, just so you can pay off your rent, sit in your apartment, and not know what to do with yourself. You can't live without working, but unless you luck out you will spend your life working to live, the entire time at risk of being laid off so the higher ups can save money and funnel more of it into their bank accounts. Everything you do in real life is just a reminder of that, because everything costs money, and the only way you're getting that money is by earning those pittances from jobs no person really wants to work, so you can buy things you don't need that were designed to break so you'd have to buy another one to replace it.
At least on the net you can go where you want, when you want, with nothing to hinder your ability to express yourself as a person and chase what you want to chase. Oh wait, that's not true, because the internet became stale and homogenized when all the corporations came in rubbing their greasy palms turning the entire system into yet another tool to spy on the poor and help the rich print money to spend on material things just so they can wallow in the knowledge that their bank accounts have more currency with imaginary value than most humans to ever walk this planet.


Man, you ultraNEETs get pretty ornery when anyone questions your horrible lifestyles. I suppose if I were you I wouldn't be aiming to increase my life expectancy anyway though.



Life? Outside the internet? There's no credible proof such a thing exists. Sure, lots of science fiction regarding this subject matter exists - but what's lacking is the real proof.

But it's nice to dream, isn't it?

... short answer? No.


I guess it depends on what you mean by "a life". I make music and visual art, am engaged to someone I love, and have friends that both share my interests and are wonderful friends in their own right. I spend a good bit of time on the internet, but still enjoy spending time with my friends, work permitting. I'm not really a go out and party kinda person, so I don't mind spending time at home instead of at a bar or hip club or whatever.



I got people i know in town but i dont want toi hang with them since they're people i knew from my parents or batsoykaf crazy (the annoying kind) people that i met in university.

All my real friends live hundred of kilometers away.


Yes, but that's the other me I present to everyone else. It has almost nothing to do with my real self. I just use the other self to survive IRL, at least until I need this other self to survive.



i do. i'm married with a child, have a full time job and a couple of side jobs. i participate with a charitable organization in a somewhat active fashion. i also have a few rotating hobbies and i exercise regularly.

i've been avoiding marijuana and alcohol as of late. i've also been attempting to maintain a better diet but my commute is brutal and it's hard not to consume terrible food. avoiding those things sends me back to the net as a vice, usually. there is an endless flow of information to consume and it calms my mind.

i'm a programmer, so while i have a life outside of the net, i'm staring at glowing rectangles for most of the day. i try to mitigate this by avoiding my "phone" as much as i can, using it only to take notes and send/receive calls or messages.

in short, i have a life outside but it's consumed by many other things. the internet is my downtime, generally.


A year ago i actually didn't.
Nowdays the internet and social medias are used for me more as a way to hook up with people and plan stuff, and ofc entertainment given i gave up paying for television.
Tinder is a magnificent thing for my sexual life.
The thing is using the internet that way makes me feel uncomfortable too because of the side effects such as giving all my information to the NSA. I can't really find a balance.


Also i'm on arts and design. The internet is such a powerful tool for everything really, audiovisual production wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for it so it's important for my work even if it's not the main subject for it.


I live mostly in meatspace currently as my labtop charger is broken and saudering it back together has proven mostly unsuccesful. it will take weeks for a new one to ship to a place as isolated as canada. I can atest I spend most of my free time intoxicated or cooking food. its a unfulling lifestyle as most meaning is gained from social interations and cooking within it. i hardly see people outside of partying anymore. im not sure i would have anything to say to anyone i met on the street today.


File: 1474863833357.png (40.27 KB, 198x200, rin's book.jpg)

>If you're not STEM, you can understand every idea presented in any course in under an hour.
Well yeah but you would still fail hard because you havent learned what you must learn: the dumb facts not the concepts.


i think the term loser applies to very little people.
you'd have to try very hard to be a loser for me to think that of you.
i think what you said - you aren't a loser if you don't feel like it - is pretty accurate.
i think if you're pissing your time away on stuff you don't particularily enjoy plus leeching off resources whether they be societal or economic with some other factors in. i don't think it really has much to with toxicity or talking negatively to others... if that's their biggest sign of being a loser i'd guess they were a loser through all the other things they do (or lack thereof)

as for the OP... i go out to my college classes, go out to study since i can't focus well at home, go out once every few months to see my best friends when our schedules let us have a few days to spend together. obviously go out to buy food when needed... i wouldn't if groceries didn't rip my asshole in two from the shipping costs though.


>>4316 Excluding school, friends, and loved ones, I have no life at all. But that's okay, I'm content unless my anxiety acts up again.


File: 1474913019147.png (10.63 KB, 200x133, allnight.jpg)

I like going to all night raves and dancing all night

Usually I meet friendly accepting people that are cool with weirdos like me


I kind of do. I am not a social butterfly, but I like to go to local alternative culture and hang out with punk rockers, goths and metalheads. Even better if they are geeks and have a hacklab.



Yeah a local hacklab definitely increases my nightlife


File: 1474936055969.png (330.89 KB, 200x110, vlcsnap-2015-03-28-02h59m42s205.png)

>i think if you're pissing your time away on stuff you don't particularily enjoy plus leeching off resources whether they be societal or economic with some other factors in

I'm only alive because I can't imagine finding a home for an adult male cat in this town. My sister-in-law would take him except her own cat would murder mine. Literally, the only thing stopping me from killing myself.


i don't have much of life inside the internet either. it's mostly just me programming at work or at home. not sure how to get out of this situation


>i don't have much of life inside the internet either. it's mostly just me programming at work or at home. not sure how to get out of this situation

if you have friends, you can start a project that involves meeting up?

If you don't have friends, why not learn how to hop trains and make friends with skids :]. Not paying rent is nice af and there is free wifi everywhere.


If Lain has no friends he's not likely to get into train hopping. It's not something you do without a guide. You can't just walk up to some street kids and say "hai guise how dose I into train?" It'd be like when people turn up here and ask the same thing about hacking and security 101. Even the friendly hobo types who will talk to literally anyone will still turn him away, thinking it's for his own safety.


What's a hacklab and how do I find one in my town?


I dont have a life on the internet or irl. My social phobia prevents me from participating in forums or irc. I sometimes talk to people in a dead afps i play but thats only because ive been there for 3+ years.


Yeah, me too. I only use chans and the like. If I really want to go on a forum I make an account and throw it a way after a short period.


I spend almost all my RL time with the girl I live with. We go out sometimes, mostly on weekends, but she and I are both pretty wired for the most part. I work from home as a web designer, she works from home as a commission artist, and works tech support at a call center three times a week. For both of us, aside from each other, our closest friends are on the other side of the planet. We're hooked in a lot.


I'm a software engineer, and I live with my partner. Prior to her, I occasionally dated, and had two friends I occasionally hung out with.

My life, since moving in with my partner has been mostly less social. We mostly just hang out with her friends; our home time is somewhat of a minefield. Either I'm numb and keeping her company, or she's having aniety issue due to her job, and I'm helping her out.

There isn't much time for a life outside of the home; these days, the life thats my own is mostly via the internet.


Get into cooking.
Cook while on alcohol.
soykaf's cash as fuarrrk.


They say that if you can't make somebody else understand an idea, then you don't really understand it yourself.

That being said, you can't just present an idea in one lecture and expect everybody to understand it immediately. Ideas (I'm thinking about philosophy, which is something of a special case) usually need to be developed to really understand the inner workings. You might need real world analogies, examples, exercises. Meat needs practice before it becomes good at something.


I live a very active life offline. I think people who live very isolated lives just happen to dominate message board conversations.

You're an idiot. You won't integrate into the real world well at all.


File: 1481315096268.png (1.94 MB, 196x200, cyberSkull.gif)

I've got a not-so-soykaf life. Still live at home, wageslave in a bit stressful but actually okay job, go boozing & clubbing with a friend (I live in a capital city in Europe, btw.) on weekends. Hell, yeah.


None of my friends ever want to hang out, besides maybe one that will rarely like to play a bit of Basketball outside.

Other then that I only really hang out at the park or anything if I am gonna smoke Weed or something.

I don't go over to friends homes, I don't party, I don't like having friends over (Besides my Cousin I guess) I don't talk to girls (Just a couple and that is because they are my friends)
I rarely hang out with as many people as I used to at School, I have a lot of *friends* but they aren't people I hang with or talk to much.

I have been spending most of my free time on the computer.

I have been realizing how soykaf and untrustworthy a lot of people are.

I can't wait until I can leave Miami and go somewhere I would enjoy more.
I want to go hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, exploring, and etc.


File: 1481754792239-0.png (776.04 KB, 200x134, weini.jpg)

No ;___;


None at all?


Is that a surprise?


of course, i play in a band and i have a lovely girlfriend and many friends who like to do a bunch of stuff together.

also, i'm an active member of my community, while working as en engineer i also teach.

why would you be so dumb and childish as to NOT have a 'life' outside of the internet? i don't know what i feel most about your question: cringe or sadness


i only smoke blunts with my pals every night. that's all. i do nothing more than smoking that soykaf in my pathetic life. i tried to quit it but i cannot deal with depression without the green.


Yeah. Wife, kid, and job.


File: 1482646747010.png (14.4 KB, 175x178, matt.jpg)

I personally do 200 Hindu squats, 40 Hindu jumpers, 30 jumping lunges, 20 seconds of mountain climbers, 10 seconds of grasshoppers, some crisscross thing with my legs I don't know what it's called with deep breathing throughout. I also do as many pushups as possible on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I plan to eventually move to 5 reps of 100 Hindu squats and then everything else I mentioned every day eventually.

Look up Matt Furey he has a great workout video and it includes all the things I mentioned. Leg and Lung is what I do now but eventually I'd like to move to the upper-body workout too.


that's a lot of squats.

Personally I like doing lots of burpees. More than about 20 can really get the heartrate up, and they get a wide variety of muscles.


besides work? no.


No... Not at all.

Well anyways, would you like to be friends? Would be nice to play some games sometimes.


File: 1482734524800.png (622.3 KB, 138x200, 1276015312588.jpg)

Squats and oats my friend. Squats and oats....

Any freeweight exercise is usually good. I like squats and pushups, myself, because it's kind of the "all-in-one" general workout.


I have a normal life. I attended university and have friends, as well am generally well liked by my peers. I have very few people that are truly my friends. The rest of the people I know I see the flaws in, and I feel hatred for. In my eyes, for most people I know within my life I only see their motivations and their negative traits. I do not relate to most of society and realize that I am different, an outcast of sorts. But somehow, I am an outcast that has managed to slip between the cracks and exist in the limelight.


File: 1482995702635.png (181.6 KB, 140x200, aBrVQE2_700b.jpg)


File: 1483003357831.png (128.09 KB, 200x112, BARGAIN DAY!!!!.jpeg)

Haha, I love One Punch Man. Glad they are getting a second season.


Of course! I have gf (actually not really). I often get lovey dovey with her (she's 15yo loli)

I also have great relationship with people around me. I never talk about my hobbies though. I prefer to talk about my hobby in Kitsu.io, Lewdsx, and Lainchan.

Although, I can talk to most of people outside, I still have anxiety towards them. Well, I am introvert person.


you can't say something like this and not expect people to ask you to tell more. Tell more.

dunno if i have life outside of the internet. I mean, if you look from other perspective then i most certainly do, because i meet with people quite often, i have friends who have similar hobbies, kinda-lover and stuff. But i never felt like i have normal life.(teenager syndrome much?)


Work in IT, eat, use Computer, sleep.
Don't really see my friends often anymore.

Atleast, I can go to the Military for some time.

I love raves, I really enjoy hakken and love my fellow gabbers. What are you listening to Anon? I like Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore, Frenchcore, Terrorcore, Speedcore and from time to time Goa/Psytrance.


Never been to a rave, is it true that the vast majority are on drugs during? Is it any fun with out? Do you do 'em at raves?


A lot of people don't do any drugs, you don't need drugs to have a good time mate.


I agree with this anon. Tonight I'm just going through some tunes I like and drinking tea but there's a party on tomorrow that I'm looking forward to


File: 1485695798114.png (50.59 KB, 155x200, 1418940126681-2.jpg)

I sort of do in that I hang out with a friend and do urban exploration stuff once a month. Otherwise, no. I spend all my time at work or being a hobby-obsessed hermit on the internet.


Raves are awesome. Go.


Urban exploration is awesome, just somewhat dangerous and illegal in some situations.

What hobbies do you have?


Working as a Sales Engineer, and spending time with my family after work. That's it.


>My other friend is imaginary. We hang out, watch movies, sleep next to each other.

Is it fun to have an imaginary friend? I can never imagine a realistic personality ;-;



Not that lain, but I think you have to have a bit of a predisposition for it to start feeling real. It's not fun for me. My imaginary friends have taken over my life. :(


>Urban exploration is awesome, just somewhat dangerous and illegal in some situations.

>What hobbies do you have?

Is it fun to explore alone? I want to explore, but I have no friends.


>Not that lain, but I think you have to have a bit of a predisposition for it to start feeling real. It's not fun for me. My imaginary friends have taken over my life. :(

That remembers me of Fight Club. Can't you just stop imagining them?


Never done it before man. Although I would really love to do so.

It could be but I wouldn't recommend it. Could be dangerous.


No-Life here. Without my job as a Backend Dev I'd be an absolute outcast. The only reason I ever go outside is to earn money.


Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!

90% is high as fuarrrk, the other 10% can't anymore cause they have fuarrrked up their heart


File: 1486057816573.png (230.06 KB, 200x150, 1469820484818.jpg)

Nope I have friends but I have not talked to them in a long time like 3yrs or so. I stay inside all day. The last time I left my house was about 4-6 months ago.



How do you get groceries and such? Amazon? Hope you don't mind me asking. My wife is my only friend and the only person I ever see. She works from home, and I am unemployed. Neither of us ever leave unless it can't be avoided. We want to hermit for a long while, but a few things we are stuck on


>Employment for myself

Any tips for how best to do this?


File: 1486066452356.png (445.12 KB, 143x200, 1475478234376.png)

I don't eat much but when I do its canned food/noodles/jerky/snacks. I do snack on seeds so I sate my hunger.I only drink green tea and water not hard to stock up on.
I just go out 2-3 times a year and just buy a fuarrrk ton of that soykaf.

>>Employment for myself

Not sure what advice I can give on this but I work for a customer service kinda like tech support. I don't work much like 20hrs a week if that.


Not sure what you mean. I'm not ill at all so I don't take/need any.


Well how about that....................................................................


Not him, but may I ask what kind of seeds? I like to snack on nuts but some types are really expensive where I live.


File: 1486150018700-0.png (237.25 KB, 200x139, theartofSK2.jpg)

File: 1486150018700-1.png (91.13 KB, 148x200, large.jpg)

The internet is humans collectively realizing we are all connected. There is no life outside of the net
Life without the internet is like kicking dead whales down the beach. Out first you think you may be wasting time just lurking and lurkinh all day but after being off my pc for month i start to feel stagnant and like im not being exposed to enough information and am not getting a better view of the world and that before i would be able to learn from the world and internet in an integrated was that allowed be to learn then observe learn then observe and learn and observe


File: 1486351900159.png (399.81 KB, 158x200, 1461586865575.png)

Mostly sunflower seeds I do eat pistachios as well.


My life is a loop between house and university. I just have my parents, my brother and maybe two close friends.


Azusa is so cute it makes me feel weird things.

On topic, I've been asking myself that a lot lately, maybe its because the only interaction I had on dailybasis was work and uni, now that I've graduated and moved onto home office, I take days without properly taking with people.

Sometimes I wish I could do more with life than just work and play games, I wish I had some other hobby, or even the will to do some, since there are others I could do indoors.


File: 1486466356084.png (192.99 KB, 142x200, 1486452906886.jpg)

>I take days without properly taking with people.
Same I spend most days not talking to people I feel no need to.

>I wish I had some other hobby

I've got very few hobbies as well it feels kinda weird some times. But then I just drown my self in my game and other hobbies to forget about it.