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Anyone /deadinside/? I feel like my personality has been erased. I don't have fears, dreams, hopes, things I like or dislike, people I love or hate, values, emotions. I'm empty.
The worst part is probably the lack of emotions.
Does anyone know how to overcome it?


I have never felt like that so I don't know how to help, but do remember, we care, or rather we like you.


go watch Air Doll


You don't want to overcome it, remember?
It's not good or bad, remember?
Don't wake up, everything.



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It's going to sound so trite, but honestly. I felt the exact same way and then fell in love.

I was stunned with my capacity to feel. I think you don't just fall in love, you can find your capability to love growing.
As well as love and joy, you find opposites growing too. Your capacity for hatred grows equally. Like Love and Hate being written on an expanding balloon.

I know this isn't a simple solution, "just fall in love" but I want to assure you that it is a genuine way out of that numbness. And one I hope you can experience in future.

(on a side note, if this goes tits up I have no idea what will happen, this feels like a very effective solution with questionable permanency.)




I don't think I lack emotions. I think ordinary life fails to bring out my emotions. I go into frenzied emotion reading and watching stories, but there's nothing to get emotional about in ordinary life. If anything, what others would say are their "emotions" are just fake moves to enforce their respective egos. The worst example of this is Facebook. Do you believe anyone on FB experiences real sorrow when they post "RIP" for a dead celebrity or their neighbor's dog? No, and if they did, they would say nothing at all.


I'm gonna counter your trite with some more trite:

I felt the same way as you; I fell in love and it seemed like things changed. The thing is, it doesn't last. Things will start to bleed back to grey again, and you're back to square one, just this time someone is depending on you.

The numbness or lack of an identifiable emotional state is depression. You can patch it with other people, but that doesn't solve the under lying issue for most people. Maybe it did for you, but it might not for this guy.

I think you should see a shrink. Not that I'm one to make suggestions like that.


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I appreciate your honesty.
I often do think that even if things continue to go well, there is a high chance of returning to a more numb state down the line. All I can really do (besides actually medicating the condition) is try to be as aware as possible for if/when it does. Whilst not overthinking it to the point of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

No humans mind is ever "finished", we just keep building.


cut all the cords. go out, get invested in the things that are outside. no, you do not need a connection for work or university, that's just your own artificial "rule" that you actively keep in place.


Side note - don't date your shrink either. That was also something which possibly didn't help things for me.


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How to fuarrrk up in many levels.

Op, drink more water, less coffee and get some more sleep.
Try breathing deeply twice or thrice a day; meditation would be ideal.
And after that, work out. Walking, cycling, home routines, any Sport, whatever you name, do that.


These things are basic self care tips but not enough to solve the kind of thing OP is describing. People say you can cure scizophrenia with yoga and giving up gluyen too.

>no, you do not need a connection for work or university, that's just your own artificial "rule" that you actively keep in place.
I don't think anyone said anything of the sort so I have no idea where those second person pronouns are pointed. Where I live though, you don't get a job without knowing someone.


Yes, they are basic. These needs shall be met before other, higher level needs


>Air Doll
Just reading the plot summary to this was emotional. I'm going to see if I can watch this anywhere.

>Side note - don't date your shrink either.
I was under the impression that any worthwhile shrink would never date their patients under any circumstance.


The doctor would lose her job if anyone found out. Still, otherwise competent people make stupid decisions when passion or at least sex are in front of them.