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A new year is coming

Do you remember something good that happened to you in this year?

I made a friend.


My year was pretty chaotic and turbulent. Finished my degree, got a job, moved across the country, bought my first car,.... Life is fuarrking great at the moment. 10/10 would do 2016 again


I found this site with people more or less like me. I found a few things that keep me busy and I have fun doing them. Definitely better than it used to be.


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2016 was mega soykaf, but I learned a lot. My skin finally cleared up 2, people think im kawaii it's neat.


I have finished my degree and started PhD but apart from that it was probably the worst year in my life so I am very happy that it's finally going to end. I can only hope that 2017 will be better


2016 kinda felt like another year. Although i plan of meeting some online friends near Christmas so that's pretty sweet.


It was alright


File: 1481118272545.png (69.07 KB, 200x105, ITGijinkaKeikaku-Girl-Cast.jpg)

I made a few friends, and lost two. Normally I'd just lose friends so it has been a good year for me in that regard.

It has been a rather quiet year otherwise, which is nice for a change.


File: 1481118845648.png (401 KB, 200x191, haruhi wot.jpg)

Formed a group of online friends with ones I already had and met two new ones, got a better rank in my job, watched a lot of anime that was on my watchlist, bought a ton of books, hopefully will finish my bachelor.

On the other hand, financial crisis hit my family hard, had a relative pass away, got tired and was so busy I barely saw the time fly.


I had a summer job and I was so very glad when it ended.
I am still breathing. I can still feel. What else does a person need?


I hacked my 3DS
Otherwise nothing really happened, I had a sort of anxiety attack and became a shut in for some months, I guess.
Also the internet in general seems to have become soykaf, with everyone being all about politics.
Maybe I should just drop imageboards.


I finally got started on a few projects I'd been meaning to do. I got a whole bunch of books.

I intend on getting some friends. I should stop waiting and just visit one of those meetups or hackerspaces nearby, but I feel that I'm not skilled enough to not make a fool of myself.

Ah and on a less positive or hopeful note, I discovered that most consumer-grade laptops are atrocious scams.

You might be disappointed to find that it's not only imageboards, the difference is mostly the kind of arguments and on lainchan, the quality monitoring.


I met some of my resolutions for the year. I fulfilled one last year and increased it for this year, which I now realize was largely too optimistic. I largely meet it if I use last year's.

One resolution I'm beginning to seriously start now and another I forgot about and didn't pursue at all, which I'm not happy with.

Anyways, I continued posting here on Lainchan, which is something nice. I'll try harder next year and try to do some work left this year.


I'm on the same boat with you about leaving imageboards and really social media in general. I mean, besides the usual issues people bring up here with privacy, I think the magnified tribalism that comes from people being able to build new social platforms when another rejects them or something similar just leads to these annoying hugboxes where buzzwords and emotional kneejerk reactions are acceptable. At least in meatspace, any emotional outburst is considered unacceptable no matter the topic and is laughed at for not adding to discussion.

So, my plans for next year is to reduce my use of unproductive social media (should just be called social hugboxes, tbh) and just get the fuarrrk out more. I just hate that this is something I've been attempting off and on for a few years now, it's like some people who want to lose weight and all that, you know?


Oh, almost forgot, I finally made my own imageboard. It was way easier than I imagined, but I deleted it afterwards when I decided that maybe I should stay off the computer unless it's for productive things.


By no longer being exposed to much computer culture, do you not expose yourself to the risk you will not find something productive to do because you'll be out-of-the-loop as it were?


Yea, I guess you can put it like that. It's not like I'm going to throw out my tech or anything. But at this point, most of my productivity is off the computer. I tend to do more work with physical items rather than digital.

It does make me wish I had more skills with computers beyond simply building them and troubleshooting because I'd love have a nice stream of income from the Internet to help me quit my job. The imageboard thing was really fun, but that isn't going to help me pay a house off. But I suppose it would have been a nice hobby to admin an imageboard if all my other needs were met.


It has been a good year for me and I think 2017 it's going to be even better.


I got a nice mp3 player


File: 1481138117747.png (1.68 MB, 200x113, dogo.jpg)

My less than 1 year old dog died and then a few weeks later my cat of 3 years was hit buy a van. He lived for a month in
my friends vet after being hit but died as well. I broke my phone 2 days ago. I got a speeding fine back in January.
General smaller depressing soykaf that piles up and hurts. Generally this year has been a real soykaf show.

Though it has proved to me that karma is real. Just after new year I acquired £12 000, so I guess I had to be hit with a
real soykaf show this year. Next year should be looking up though :D It's also really nice to see other lainons having great
years though!


I had my first child.


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A grill fell for me.


2016 was pretty cool I lost some weight , I got a girlfriend, I am going back to school to finish up my degree and I am thinking about joining the militray to be an officer. Overall I can't complain about my life so far.

I wish good vibes to all other lainfolk and have a good rest of the year.


had to drop 2nd year of uni due to anxiety attacks, finished a 2y relationship with gf, started attending therapy recently. super guilty about being dependant on my family at 21 but at least i'm not on the streets


Built a tiny CMS (bad coded, etc...) for managing my pr0n collection.


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I got a big boy job, so that's nice. Dark Souls 3 came out, which was also nice. I finally moved out of the town I grew up in, too. For the first time in my life I'm living somewhere with a population about 10k


above 10k*


File: 1481219987741.png (712.75 KB, 178x200, CRUMCH.png)

I finally started a career I know will remain stable for the rest of my life. I no longer have to scrounge for food, work 15 hour days making $200/week, etc. I get along with my co-workers, which is nice I guess, but I definitely still feel like an outcast on the inside.

I can also afford to buy hard drives now, so my anime/ROM collection is becoming a hoard. It's a good feeling.


I got a good internship, moved in a flat with two of my best friends and learned a lot.


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Getting invited by Ubisoft to go to San Francisco and Seattle for Watch Dogs 2, and I met absolutely awesome and incredible people. Proof attached...


I guess I'll update what's going on.

I decided to learn HTML in depth, it seems really easy now that I've dicked around with some of the source HTML of some homepages I've found over the years. Really, this is something I should have done while I was in high school. Might try to convince my brother to learn with me so he can have a skill that isn't just video games. I doubt he is ever going to make a career out of Youtube at this rate.


Any good moments that I did have were quickly dampened by other forces.


I consider a friend to be someone I can call and hangout with, and I made one, too, as well as a few good acquaintances. With that I've expressed myself a bit more and even went out of my way to say hi and have awsome conversations.

I'm beginning to try to be nicer to myself aside from the ocassional suicidal thoughts. Screw the "new year" resolution. I make one now.


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I foolishly attempted suicide and recovered when everyone thought I was going to be braindead, and I also bonded very closely to someone I have strong romantic feelings for (but not quite to the point where'd they like me back.).
I hope next year I actually do something productive like not trying to kill myself. Or start a homelab and
create an imageboard.


Yeah I bought a couple of neat devices.
Also some nice clothes recently


I burnt water. Literally. On one hand I'm proud of proving my hypothesis, but on the other I really need to chill out with the explosions.


File: 1481925755360.png (121.27 KB, 200x138, 53146537_p0.jpg)

I didn't like 2016 overall too much.
I had to confront a massive amount of difficult situations and many of my friendships deteriorated.
My self confidence dropped tremendously as a result. Don't want to feel like I am useless and unattractive anymore.
I'm hoping that next year will be much better for me. But there were a few positive things that did occur..I met someone who I admire very much and aspire to be like. Plus I realized that I want to major in Information Technology since I began uni a little while ago. I'm going to pour my heart and soul into studying as much as possible when the new semester starts.
I wish everyone here good luck!


greek fire?
DISCLAIMER: googling said phrase may get you a visit from the police


Aluminium shavings, caustic soda, and Polytanol. I went all the way to ensure a reaction. Now I need to isolate which chemical reaction caused the fire.
Warning; It is dangerous as hell, don't try unless you have an isolated area with no living beings around, nothing burnable, and so on.


Could you please briefly explain it so I don't have to search it?


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This year has actually been the worst in my life.


met this girl, i could enjoy some laughs with her and stole some of her smiles, but it's over now what a shame,
got a new external hardrive and college was ok, yeah it's fuarrrking boring, life is such an illusion isn't it ?


I dont want to gush, but I will.

- I was proposed to.
- I moved to an awesome city.
- I came out to my family and was accepted even by my religiously inclined members. (We just avoid the subject but they haven't changed how they act around me).


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Started learning bass and guitar. Finished another year at school, (hot damn this kinda stuff is relflective), lost a lot of hours of sleep, broke a computer screen, got 3s on APs, restored partitions, set up an audio setup. Overall, not the best year but still fine.


File: 1481959037111.png (1.47 MB, 200x200, 1331093848706.jpg)

2015 was really bad, only job i could find after graduation was hell, office politics were basically high school 2.0. my grandma died on my birthday and then my dog died a month later. dad lost his job at the company he worked for for over 15 years. broke up with my girlfriend and she became a mean and unpleasant person.
but i put my head down and did work to get a better job, applied to grad school, reconnected with an ex who i hadnt spoken to in years and found something i could be passionate about that turned out to be a good mix of my interests and skills.
idno, becoming emotionally detached made me think more rationally about what i wanted to do and how i could accomplish it.
job turned out to be stupid, lack of peers my age wasn't as fun as dicking around at old job (it was awful but so beautifully stupid, we had to run winxp virtual machines in order to use some proprietary software that had been written by another company for ours years ago and no one knew how it worked or had the source code), very little social life so i just coded all the time.
didn't get into the grad school i wanted to, got in somewhere else so at least i can try again in a year but was able to work remotely and keep my job.
went on a date with my ex (who made the trip from several hundred miles away) to the aquarium, finally kissu'd her but inevitably fuarrrked everything up between the 1st and 2nd date (cancelled lol). this time i didnt cut all ties with her, turns out she has her own problems that need to be dealt with.
school is tough, combined with work i have 30-60 hr weeks. semester is done, i'm exhausted but feel accomplished, still have lots i want to do but didn't have the time/energy for.
gotta stay on my grind for 2017, i dont feel sad much at all anymore, only lonely sometimes but i've crawled out of my shell a bit here to fill that need. can't say i'm happy either, but i'm optimistic about the future. i hope my efforts are recognized as i continue to inch closer to achieving my dreams.

> 2015 really bad
> 2016 not so bad
> 2017 maybe better
> 2018 ??


I had the easiest year of my life tbh. I started to actually make friends that I'll keep for life instead of people I hang around with because it's convenient. Had the smallest possible work and school workloads. And I know it sounds corny, but I think I found a little bit of inner peace. I really figured out my place in the world.


I experimented with new drugs I guess


got into 40k and find some who sorta-is-my-boyfriend-and-really-cares-but-at-the-same-time-cant-tell-this-because-he's-too-shy-and-straight-about-it


File: 1481976112162.png (245.65 KB, 200x143, 1454916385434.jpg)

Well, early 2016 was hell. I absolutely hated school life and would do nothing but sulk and doodle. Then I started studying to prepare for the SAT equivalent here and took the test last month.

Few weeks later I got the results, and found out I got horrible marks. So I was depressed for a while then just a few days ago I found out that I was actually accepted into a pretty good uni. Whats more, the competition was 45:1 or something(1086 people showed up, and they only picked 24 I think) and I miraculously made the cut.

So right now I'm feeling real good. I'm also really looking forward to 2017, since it's gonna be a radical new step in my life. Hopefully it won't suck that bad.


i joined my local discussion club


My 2016 wasn't too bad.
I had a rough start and I had to move out from the city where I lived, came back to my parents' to try and get better (learn skills, develop self discipline, save money, etc) so that the next try I'll be able to do better. I've been working on that, with somewhat decent results in some areas, though not by far what I expected because of my character flaws (and possible ADD, I gotta see some professional to assert that).
Besides the problems here at home and my incapacity to do as well as I know I could, I'd say that overall the year has been on the positive side.


I quit my mid-level management job because it was clearly causing me to age rapidly. I haven't gone outdoors in weeks. This is paradise.

Maybe next year I'll get a job at McDonalds or something.


2016 was... interesting, to say the least.
I had some medical issues and recovered from those, sorta. I had my first ever relationship (emphasis on the "had" because she broke up with me in the summer). Got back into uni in the fall; just finished that semester, and I think I did well. Strengthened a relationships with some of my friends. No females have been interested in me as of late.
So, I guess 2016 had both its share of soykaf and gold, its ups and its downs. I'm not sad for it to be over soon, and I am hoping for a better year next year.

Please post about this on /sci/. There's a chemistry general, but you can decide whether to post it in that or as its own thread; it sounds magnificent either way, and I'm really interested to read about your hypothesis!


nothing good happened this year
bad stuff still happening
i didn't even realize it was december,i think i'm disassociating


It was nothing out of this world; It started as a running joke that, since I was so careless things used to explode in my face all the time, every-time something caught on fire it was somehow my fault. A friend joked that probably I would be able to burn water, and I took it as a challenge.
First, I though about how to split water chemically (there would be no point in burning something ON TOP of water, like greek fire), so I first looked up alkali metals, acids, and other substances that would strip H2O of either H or O. Caustic soda, Aluminium (if stripped of its outer layer) , and Polytanol all react with water causing the release of Hydrogen, or phosphine gas in the case of treated Polytanol.
I mixed all of this hoping that at least one of the many exothermic reactions would be able to light the released gases on fire, since I wanted it to be an spontaneous fire and that meant I needed to be very far from it.
I used a 50mt long to drop the mix into the water( it's almost part of my usual procedures), and it indeed caught fire for a few seconds.
The aluminium did not work as intended, since it never caught enough heat to shed its outer layer. But the caustic soda and/or the raticide did react, causing a short bust of burning gas. I was not able to test the remaining water to check for further chemical changes, since I don't have the equipment for it. If I were to have it, then it surely would merit its own thread on /sci/.


2016 started off as my best, and is coming to a close as my worst. Summer was amazing, but when school started once again things went really down hill, everything that made summer great with my friends went away, nearly all friendships were lost.

Got my first GF, how ever. that's still pretty cool. Also got my first job, that's good.

2016 has been a very mixed bag. Looks like 2017 will be all uphill, here's hoping, anyways.


Caustic soda eats Aluminium really bad, with intense heating. Polytanol just caught fire from heat.


Oh. I assumed that since most of the shavings were still there, they were unaffected.


File: 1482555942280.png (85.13 KB, 200x174, 1478666728855.jpg)

hope all you guys have a great year 2017.


>2016 started as my best, and is coming to a close as my worst

Me too anon, me too. I started out getting a rad job as a rocket scientist and now I'm unemployed. RIP firefly space systems, you suffered the same fate as the firefly TV show.


File: 1482571420422.png (9.74 MB, 200x200, Yagya_-_Walkman.mp3)

Mostly quiet. Completely finished off with imageboards and social media, and increased amount of some tech news and audiobooks. I can't say it made me more productive though. Rather it changed context and made my thoughts more closer to the area I'm planning to move.
Next year will be chaotic due to changes should be made. Hope there would be enough energy to continue with my tech hobbies.


File: 1482576156467.png (982.3 KB, 200x180, 1477607391122.gif)

I fuarrrked 4 girls, and discover that none of them really cared about me.
And after all I'm completely alone.


This is a strange year. I gained freedom and control of my own life just as some of the things i enjoy and rely on started significantly going to soykaf. I'm not looking forwards to the next year but i'll run towards it anyway; i won't lose anything else.



I became more depressed but also learned much more.


I learned more this year than any other year of my life thanks to some encouraging lainons.

I also got to say goodbye to a soykafty helpdesk position to boot.


I had a friendship with a psychotic person online. It was sort of painful but also fun. If not for him I'd write off the year as a complete waste.


I realized that negative feelings like sadness and anger are really important and shouldn't be tossed away pretending they weren't there. It felt really good to be finally able to cry myself out and I did it a lot this year.

I kissed a person of the same sex for the first time and discovered that gender isn't that important for me.
Also, I made a friend.

And by writing these lines, I am realizing that this year wasn't that bad as I thought. Thank you, OP.


I actually installed addons to block the Facebook feed and Youtube comments so even when I do go on social sites I don't have to see the bullsoykaf. If I want to see what someone is up to, I'll go directly to their profile. I don't want Facebooks curated news feed.


I was go too much partys with my friends like a god-tier normal person but Im happy talking with theys
To other part, my mother lost shes job and i obligate to take a job in a liquor store, stealing wodka and beer in the night.
And finally, i lost my virginity with a prostitute in one of thats partys
But is fine


I learned how to whistle.


Same. Last night I needed to call one of my pets to come home, so I tried whistling, and there it came.


>in meatspace, any emotional outburst is considered unacceptable no matter the topic and is laughed at for not adding to discussion.
you sure about that?


I quit meds for my depression in the beginning of 2016
I discovered that some people that I look up to held me in high esteem, which feels really good.
I've built up enough confidence to stop my therapy a month ago.

so I guess 2016 was actually a great year for me !


I hit both the lowest point and the highest point of my life this year. was homless at the begining of the year, and very depressed. however just one month ago I landed a job at an engineering company making $17/hr.


File: 1483497524646.png (47.29 KB, 200x144, mariari-flyingkiss.jpg)

As with most people, it seems, my year was less than ideal. Even living to see 2017 was not a certainty, and there were many times I found myself wishing that I wouldn't make it, but OP asked for something good that happened, so good things I shall relate.

First of all, dear lainons, I made a friend.

It's a mystery how I didn't make this friend sooner, actually: in one conversation after another, we came to realize that we had seen the same corners of cyberspace, been part of the same communities, even read pseudonymous but otherwise deeply personal accounts of sickness and trauma. To my recollection, I first really opened up to her while coming down from a ketamine trip, suddenly pouring my heart out - something I'd continue doing in all types of catharsis, with keyboard-soaking tears, hysterical laughter, burning passion - because I had finally found someone who understood what I was experiencing in my mental illness. I had someone I could talk to about those things which had alienated me from everyone I knew in meatspace: my family, my loved ones, even my best friend... but I have a new best friend now.

And secondly... I fell in love.

We met in the Wired. Both of us were on a misguided search for emotional validation, thinking we could substitute the romantic affection we needed with the lecherous advances we knew we could get, if only by debasing ourselves a little further. We were resigned to being used, abused, discarded; we were ready to surrender our dignity in hopes that someone would entertain our sick, shameful fetishes; we were so, so lost... and yet, together, we had been found. Slowly, surely, we began to reveal our secret selves without pretense. Every word brought us closer together. Every lonely, agonizingly repressed memory was an echo of our partner's past. Every jagged void where we were missing some part one's self could be flawlessly filled by a salvaged shard the other. I love him, and he loves me.

Our first anniversary was just recently, and the occasion just inspired me with all the magic we've made together in just one year. We have plans for the future, as frightening and uncertain as it is, despite the fact that my only plans for much of the year involved a tall bridge or a great deal of fentanyl. Between my boyfriend and my best friend, there's finally a glimmer of hope in my life.


File: 1483946167043.png (932.06 KB, 200x149, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm glad you're still here lain. I hope you feel the same way. I'm also happy to hear you've made a friend and found a lover. The wired works in mysterious ways.


File: 1483948389516.png (154.58 KB, 200x105, 1482294865902.jpg)


I made a really good friend as well. We don't have everything in common, but I get that's okay. Because we like chilling with each-other the differences in our hobbies and ultimately in our goals make for good conversations and good male friends are hard to come by.

I got out of a relationship that was in retrospect really bad for me, and after I left, I discovered a much greater clarity of purpose. Now I feel like I can really invest myself in the things that matter to me, and I have a group of friends that support me now too. It's weird that I laugh more on my own than I did with her, that except for a few rare occasions where I just want physical intimacy, I go to bed more satisfied than I did before.

I learned a lot after I got out of that relationship too, I taught myself C and x86, two things that I didn't think I'd ever learn. As a result I feel like my knowledge of programming has gone a little further than the superficial stuff I did in school. I'm really proud of myself for that. Some days I actually feel a real desire to make things again, and I act on that desire.

Things were still kinda soykafty this year, but I feel like I learned a lot too. And right now I feel like I'm at a turning point of my life, I've hit a low point that might have been lower than anything I've experienced before, but I know that from here it's all going to be okay. I know now that it's okay to be alone for a while.

fuarrrk this self indulgent trash though. I'm glad this place exists, my life would be far worse without it.


File: 1485194327105.png (738.75 KB, 141x200, __mika_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_senaya_eru__42db200c8f00b67569b7edd889a41f13.jpg)

I'm interested on those addons, can you name them?


I found a well-paying job - which I had to leave within 6 months because of excessive unpaid overtime and intolerable stress.

So, no.


I finally figured out who I am and where I want to go in life. I'm the anon who was talking in another /feels/ thread about having figured out how he wants to live and what he wants to do in his late twenties after a lifetime of generally doing little of value for himself.

Feels kind of good to get going properly.


I lost all but one of my friends. It was a painful year for me. But at the same time, I met someone who loves me, and who I love in return.

Things have been going well.


You must be American. There is no pressure to move out immediately anywhere else in the world. I, like many others, am 22 at home with my parents. All of my friends who've moved out live with like 7 other people and hate it. I'll do this until I become a TA.


You are entirely correct. Burgerland's libertarian fetish extends to a societal stigma against living with your immediate family once you're an adult.


I'm a burgerclap and I find it bizzare. Though its funny as hell wen someone says what amounts to "I'm more mature than you because I hated my parents and wanted to get far away from them as soon as possible"
Though people also talk about it as though living with your parents means living under their authority as a child. Maybe most other americans parents are controlling authoritarian fuarrrks.


I found lainchan, that was really good.
I got a girl friend
Conncted with old friends
I got a car!
I got pulled over!
I learned cops are lying cunts.
I made it through, that's always a victory.

I gave up on a lot of things, I learned that there is no winning in a lot of situations, and the best thing to do, is just steer clear, I gave up on keeping up with polotics, I gave up getting invested in what was going on, I just have had enough, and I'm through with it, there are better things to spend my time on. This is not good for every one, but for me it was a positive realization. In the words of Billy Joel, "life went on no matter who was wrong or right".

As for positive hopes for 2017, pretty much everything. I ended 2016 pretty rough, but things are looking good, I'm finally making some good life choices to help move forward, I am learning to get over loneliness, I am building new relationships. I'm also fixing some old broken ones.

Everything should be moving up from here, I hope every one has a great 2017!


I think there are a lot of bums who just sort of leech off their parents, and that's where the stigma comes from. Like, I know a guy who lives with his dad, he's in his twenties still using his dad's credit card and blowing all his money on weed, and he doesn't even have a liscence.


there are useless bums who live away from their parents on their parents money and blow it on drugs and soykaf, though.


Well people don't like them either, I was just explaining where I thought the stigma came from. I didn't mean to say I think it's bad to live with your parents, I think it's completely fine so long as you aren't a worthless leach.


File: 1485698823546.png (18.92 KB, 150x200, evil creature moving at incredible hihg speeds.jpg)

Got through basic, got dumped in Halifax and now they're teaching me to fix things. West coast is still best coast but it's not bad here.

Nothing really changed in my life except now I live on the other side of the country, get paid to exercise and wear a different uniform.


Put ransomeware on few jewish computers because I hate jews and extorted a lot of money from them


Exactly. My parents make me food and give me a room and that's about it. I pay for just about everything else.