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Picture very much related.
This is a thread for new friends. Too many people on this board are complaining about their lack of positive social interactions.

So in this thread talk about what you like doing, what you're looking for in a friend and how you'd like your new BFF to contact you.

> What are your interests / goals / skills ?

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

> How can your new friend contact you ?

I don't know if this is a /feels/ appropriate or if it's breaking an imageboard "taboo", but everyone on lainchan seems cool and unfortunately it seems like a lot of us are also lonely, even though ( I think this is a fair assumption ) we probably all have a lot in common.

One reply per post, if you reply to someone's post it's your obligation to contact them.



Since I made this thread I'll go first

> What are your interests / goals / skills ?

I am interested in programming, I've been a front end developer for a while (to make the $$$) however I'm looking to transition to back end development and/or security because I actually really enjoy learning about that kind of stuff. I think I can write pretty decent code in C and I'm also spending a bit of time learning PHP. Aside from technical stuff I really like movies especially late 80's movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, my fav video game is probably civ 5.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

IRL I don't have many friends who are into programming, ideally I'd like to talk to someone about the projects I'm working on and computers/computer security/programming in general, I feel like I've been learning in a void and I'd love to compare my skills against someone else. Having another person to play video-games with or to talk about anime with is also desirable.

> How can your new friend contact you ?



>I don't know if this is a /feels/ appropriate or if it's breaking an imageboard "taboo"

nope this started as a reasonably happy place and it needs a good happy injection.
problem is there are only so many ways to say "I'm good" and a million ways to explain why soykaf is like kicking dead whales down the beach. So all the happy posts dry up and the bad folk hang about.

Regardless, I hope your thread goes well!



This is OP, if you're the lain who sent me an email thanks, it took me a while to get back because I didn't think anyone was interested in my thread.

If it's not you, whoever sent me some mail, thanks write back soon.


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>What are your interests/goals/skills?
I go to school for computer science, but I've only recently began/kind of a complete brainlet. I read a lot of science fiction and play World of Warcraft/HoTS a bunch. I play in a few punk bands and tour a bit, but other than that I am on the computer always.
>What are you looking to learn/gain/do with a new friend?
Just talk, game, whatever
>How can your new friend contact you?
Junksoykaf@cock.li or Moron.parade on skype


Damnit the board censored my email

Try this one.


> What are your interests / goals / skills ?

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

engage in emotional sabotage and betrayal culminating in a severe deprecation of our faith in humanity and ourselves

> How can your new friend contact you ?



> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
Normally I spend my time seeking for knowlodge and trying to learn everything I can. My major interest is everything computer related, but I'm also interested in politics, history, philosophy and a bit of everything.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

Talk and have fun, code and learn more things.

> How can your new friend contact you ?



I propose a "lain pen pal" system.

Everyone pairs to two pen pals, and they make it known who they're pairing with so that nobody gets too many and nobody gets unpaired. We exchange pgp keys and sign each others', to get a good web of trust going.

Once a week, send encrypted email to your pen pals. Responding to your pen pals' messages is optional but encouraged.

I think this could go places. Here's my key:




also, for this to work, you have to *say* you're pairing with one person, then wait for someone else to pair with you. Otherwise we'll end up with a closed loop, and that's no fun.


This is a nice idea. Might be useful to make a separate thread for it though.

I like the thought of having a pen pal, even if it is through email. The effort required could make it a whole lot more personal than simple instant messaging.


I will contact you if you want


We should probably automate this. Set it up so that if you send an email to lainpals@airmail.cc or whatever, you'll automatically be assigned a penpal.


I like the penpal idea a lot, but I don't know if there's enough of us. I also don't really want to use a mail address that I use for everyday use. While I trust you guys a little, the internet is a terrifying place, particularly when dealing with other lonely people.

With all that said, despite those small worries, I'd really like to do this. Is anyone else currently doing this successfully? How is it going?


> What are your interests / goals / skills ?

My major interest would most definitely be music. My taste is almost entirely rock, although I am open to more, and I took a liking to rap this year. I'm always looking to expand in this regard and build more diverse taste. Obviously rock is very broad, but it seems getting more into that is to much for such a post

I also started playing guitar in the last two weeks, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time. I'm feeling lost there, although I am forcing my self to practice what ever I can every day so as to not give up. I haven't quite learned the basics and I'm struggling and having a hard time figuring out how to move forward there.

In terms of computers I use 'em, I play vidja on them.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

Some one to talk to, I have enjoyed several friendships with people online, in some ways they tend to not be as rewarding as relationships with people I know in person, but they are rewarding in their own way.

Possibly play some vidja, if you're down.

> How can your new friend contact you ?

Email: JGarcia@cock.li


Tox is also a great way to get a a hold of me:


That's probably ideal, should have included it initially.


I would love to!


I haven't had a friend in years. Does anyone have any ebooks about friendships, social skills and that kind of stuff? I'd love to read them before signing up for this.


Winnie-the-Pooh is pretty good.



Hey blud you don't need to change yourself to get a kick out of this thread. Just be you. Tell us what you're interested in.


Leave contact info and I'll message you. >>9279 is right.


count me in


Version: GnuPG v2



> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
I love enriching myself with literature. I also like playing vidya and making tea. I want to major in psychology in college because I find human beings really interesting and want to understand them better. I'm practicing my writing skills, I guess.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

As I said, I think us humans are really interesting, so I love to meet new people. Friends make me happy and I like making them happy. I'll be down to play games or just talk when I'm available.

> How can your new friend contact you ?

Discord: ShoePlastic#6289
email: yogsothoth64@gmail.org (I don't check my email as often)

Hope I get to make new friends


sent a discord request, new buddy.
This whole short body thing doesn't seem to improve anything


> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
I am mostly interested in programming and electronics. I know basics of web, android and embedded development. My other interests include playing around with servers, anime and games (xonotic, stepmania).

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

Someone to do something with. Be it developing software, gaming or discussing about anything in common interest.

> How can your new friend contact you ?



> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
I am interested in computer security, privacy, open source and in how technology affects society and politics. I'm looking forward to learn programming. I also enjoy books, anime, music and many other things.
> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?
Talk, learn new things, share, project something. I am open to everyone.
> How can your new friend contact you ?
tox BAD155FC7B5F30BB2B58F64F5598E4E774875CB26FB38F0C52E2C7CF4B89EC5C58457DAE1738


Nice! Do it! I would love this!


> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend

I am looking for a friend to talk to everyday and night generally 24/7 because I am really talkative. I would like a friend that likes to make things like writing or music or art or critique. I like to talk about lots of things, and always always thing I can learn to improve my projects.

> What are your interests / goals / skills ?

I make music, I write prose, and I write calligraphy. I really like making things, I often have a bunch of random projects in a log that I slowly attend to each day, like scripts and board games. I also like reading a whole lot! My ultimate goal is to learn how to trust in people again. I am certain that the loneliest life is a life without trust in anyone, and SEL has opened up my heart which is in need of a deep cleaning.

> How can your new friend contact you ?

I use Kik the most since it's so accessible
If you would like to approach me formally, I also have an email

Let's all love Lain!


> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
I'm interested in analog and digital electronics, engineering, 80s personal computers and experimental music. I also programm with a bit of Python.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

There aren't much people to share my interests with. Beside sharing ideas and current projects, I could share content and resources I come across.
To put it simple, my main goal is mutual information exchange.

> How can your new friend contact you ?



> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
I'm a Sales Engineer. My best skills are in engineering design, and CAD. I'm trying to improve my interpersonal skills. I'm interested in electronics, and politics.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

I want to learn programming, infosec, and open source in general. I'm pretty much normal person tier in that aspect, just look at my email.

> How can your new friend contact you ?


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a good read.


> What are your interests / goals / skills
I'm trying to enter the security field so my interest vary from crypto to reverse engineering. Also animu and mango of course.
> What are you looking to learn /gain / do with a new friend?
brewing soykaf and someone to discuss projects with
> How can your new friend contact you?
Calily on the Lainchan IRC


Not sure this is the best place to ask but, is the lainchan irc noob friendly?



Yeah if you go on the #general channel everyone is really nice, not too many technical discussions and you can learn a lot.


> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
Not sure, probably space exploration and random geeky stuff. I do geocache and cycle.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

Someone who not easily offended. I want to share random life experience etc etc

> How can your new friend contact you ?

Tox: 88EDBCDAFB11E72D1DA262E5C8431D732AC5192A454BA21E5678D2D4A47C422F0BA540207FBC


File: 1486728065493.png (60.17 KB, 120x200, Deep dream lain.jpeg)

> What are your interests / goals / skills ?

I'm the forever-hobby guy. I'm a musician and a writer and a weapons enthusiast and a weirdo. My goals are to live on the fringes of society because anything else is less than satisfactory to me. My skills are that I'm halfway okay at a bunch of things and I'm almost unreasonably optimistic. I also never hide my power level. I see no point in it.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

I would like to talk to someone about technology and living in a self-actualizing way on the outside of society. Building personal kingdoms in the fringes, as it were.

> How can your new friend contact you ?

Reply to this with your preferred method of contact, supposing you don't think I'm just a dork, and I'll contact you.


hey you sound like me and also not like me! Find me on IRC Lain/lainfriend/lainposter or on kik ala tri4ge :)


> What are your interests
I like music, almost any genre. I also make my own music, both electronic (techno and hip hop) and not electronic (punk and wired hip hop punk fusion stuff. Also electric guitar is electronic so I guess that's electronic too)
I don't really know, I guess I would like to try psychedelics but my anxiety makes me kinda worried about it. I would like to learn how to build DIY synths also and other electronics stuff
>skills ?
I play guitar, I can do a few card tricks, I can juggle, that's about it
> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?
I don't really have many friends so I guess someone to talk to would be nice
> How can your new friend contact you ?

yes that is my real email address


Hey man, add me on tox:

Or email me, but Ill probably not get it right away: JGarcia@cock.li


Are you still alive? I never see you on tox


> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
Puzzling, programming, math (i suck though), hiking
Currently working as a software engineer and studying. My goal is to create something worthwhile.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

Working on interesting stuff, that's actually useful.

> How can your new friend contact you ?



File: 1488863554270.png (201.38 KB, 200x150, wires.jpg)

> What are your interests
programming + compsci in general, OS design, infosec, linux + ricing, skateboarding, most kinds of music, drawing/ art and to a lesser extent photography.
also currently learning about webdev - check out my neocities: https://mainline.neocities.org/
> goals
learn as much as i can, travel, write electronic music in my spare time that i'll probably never show anyone

>skills ?

have graduated from university and have written a few programs. so i guess it means im not trash at programming.

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

chat about anything tech related - current events/news, predictions for the future, software developing, linux ricing.
Also collab on projects.
hopefully we'll motiviate each other to write code rather than lurking all day.

> How can your new friend contact you ?

email me: mainline@airmail.cc
tox (dont check very often): 1622412EFE080B3294FC562FA16559FE4257978179663398E116D8E28661573625D204C5CEE2

I also think we should sort some kind of group chat, something like a discord (because its available on computer and phone so easier access). any suggestions welcome


There's always Club Cyberia.
Discord is lame, at the point of having a discord server, just have a mumble server. And we already do.


Eh not him but id join a discord with you all but prob nothing else. I already use discord, I dont use mumble. If only the more casual lainchan users join it thats fine but I dont think its a bad idea.


The thing about discord group over mumble server is that the fuctionality is the same, except discord is non-free software. Which is why a discord server would just be the same thing with out the freedom. Just install mumble, dude.


> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
My interests are tomboy girls,I love formula 1, science coincidence and lots of facts

Goals become a network engineer and have a really nice job

My skills are not much even talking in person for me is very difficult but I like programming and fighting games even though I suck
> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?
I am looking to learn that if its true that I can find a friend who understands me completely.

I would like to gain confidence on my self and so as well gain the experience to help others

I would like to find new cool chillstep jazz LO-FI music together play online and tell each other our current situation

> How can your new friend contact you ?

Facebook but I am not giving that information here I would love to get in touch with all of you but not exposing myself alot to people with other purposes can someone give me any suggestions


You don't tell imageboard people you willingly use facebook.

Use Tox or email, by the way.

I didn't intend to be mean about the facebook thing, by the way. 64101D7A9BBE279259E8D83C8094F34A65D004CA2350FC191614A0B1F7AA5E6FDCADAABCE06E



make a cockmail fam
cock [dot] li
just like good for a throwaway email you can use for this kinda stuff


Tox(http://tox.chat) peer lookup isnt very reliable and club cyberia isnt all that great tbh, too much politics.
Has its good moments however.

Still tox doesnt require bullsoykaf and mostly works.
Email is clutch, but the standard.
Discord/slack/fb etc require signup while tox pretty much works out of the box.
I suggest using tox as primary means of communication, bit if someone wants to use alternatives too, thats fine.
And dont lose your tox login if you decide to use it, i have like a ton of dead contacts on tox.

Also we have this https://lainchan.org/cult/res/1786.html#6340 for irl lookups, but its outdated probably and seems unmaintained.

Also http://riot.im seems a decent FOSS alternative to discord/slack and even tox group chats but i cant tell how well it works.


File: 1489280954604.png (28.02 KB, 162x200, kZ631I4.jpg)

> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
My interests are strategy also anything related to the FGC because I love Street Fighter

My goals is finish my career as in computer engineering technology

My skills not much I only play web strategy games and watch fact videos and play street fighter
> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?
It would be great to talk with someone who likes fighting games as much as I do.

Talk about anime politics maybe whatever I am very open but kind of awkward
> How can your new friend contact you ?


File: 1489287649049.png (131.27 KB, 200x156, 1420524156634.jpg)

I'd like to make a friend but I feel like this is a very awkward way of doing it.


It might very well be awkward, but that's probably what you need.
We're all mostly awkward people here.


> What are your interests / goals / skills ?
various. i'm not a pro but consider myself a linux/unix poweruser. alwys interested in cryptography, cybersec, cyberpunk, osintel, anonymity in the digital age and everything related. also a hughe follower of industrial cultura and active in the doe network (yes, creepy).

> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?

i'm open to everything. if someone just want's to chat, i'm all in, we'll see where it leads us.

> How can your new friend contact you ?

non606@protonmail.com or via threema BS7FN6KY

i'm a eurolainon, so if you don't bother timezonehopping, i'm all yours.


It's not like you will become the best friend forever of someone but it won't make any harm to you if you try.

It will also be quite entertaining knowing someone who is not in your city neither country who doesn't follow the same trends and social beliefs of those around you.


File: 1489642595341.png (43.55 KB, 200x113, red-dude.jpg)

IM apps to use? I already have kik/telegram/cryptocat though I don't know if that last is any good. Could probably also install signal since I hear that one a lot too

>What are you looking to learn/gain/do with a new friend?

Ho boy I don't know where to begin but it would be cool to lift each other up, have meaningful conversations, and get feedback on ideas we'd rather not share with others just yet, instead of the usual small talk and productivity-wasting activities that we could get from literally anyone

>What are your interests/goals/skills?

Interests: music, graphic design, pen/pencil drawings, and a lot more things I couldn't be bothered to articulate right now
Goals: Getting better at skateboarding, learning new instruments, publishing a graphic novel or two, traveling the world
Skills: Spraypainting, dumpster diving, lockpicking, drinking, being a jerkass, probably more but I'm not sure

>How can your new friend contact you?

Pick any of the above mentioned apps (cause I hardly ever look at IRC/email and therefore can't keep up a conversation through them), contact me at acrosnail@aaathats3as.com and I'll drop my username for the app you wanna use - maybe we'll hit it off, maybe not but it's worth trying anyways


What are your interests / goals / skills?
Interest are post punk music, OSINT collection, talking about video games more than playing them, studying for garbage ass IT certifications, and coming up with half baked ideas for security start ups. Goals are almost as poor as my skills, which are niĺl.
> What are you looking to learn / gain / do with a new friend ?
Talk about why pornography is The Cure's best album, play video games, shoot the soykaf.
> How can your new friend contact you ?
Don't, I'm too boring. It's why I don't have friends already. I have no drive or motivation to do anything.


>posting in this thread with some level of detail
>Don't contact me though
Why do you do this? Reading this I though "Hey, sounds like an alright dude." And you took that away from me.


i'm >>>10900 hit me up if you want to.