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it is truly a buetiful feeling.


That's all well and good anon, but do they love you back?


>be me
>new at my school
>go to holloween dance
> spend the first like half an hour sitting alone
>i want to dance with someone.
> this girl catches my eye
> i seen her around before, but never talked to her.
>she's standing whereing a blue and white jacket standing around with some of her freinds.
>i want to ask her to dance,
>this guy i know goes up to talk to her
> i use this as my excuse, i go up say hello to the guy and introduce my self to the girl
>her name is kendall
>we make small talk,
>i ask her to dance , she politely declines
> we keep talking,
>i basicaly spend the rest of the dance hanging out with her,
>when the dance ends we ( me, kendall and her friends) are waiting outside the school
> she checks her phone says her mother is her to pick her up. she hugs all of her friends goodbye, i awkwardly hold my hand out to shake her hand, she hugs me instead.

it doesn't read as that romantic, but thats how i met her


i don't know if she loves me back (i never asked)
but i don't think she likes me that way.


this sounds like the beginning of a 10/10 teenage romance novel, lainon.



>not being the type who waves people goodbye
kidding, good for you anon.


Good for you OP, enjoy.


>winter formal dance 2016
>its being held a some private school that let us use their soykaf.
> after getting dropped off, i walk to where the dance is happening
>as soon as i walk up to the booth where you turn in your tickets i see her
>i expected she would look good, since its winter formal,
but she looks.. just amazing.
>she's wearing a black and white dress,
>and an open leather jacket
>her dark hair is all aranged and nice,
>she looks like a 1930s hollywood movie star
> i walk up to her and say hi i also say she looks nice.
>thanks "anon, you too"
> after that we (me and some of kendalls friends) went inside the building where the dance was happening
>i spend like most of the dance sitting around off to the side, wallflower style.
>i was chatting with one a girl named k who's one of kendalls freinds.
>i even danced a little with k
>after a while of wallflowering kendall sits next to us
> after a while of her sitting there i ask her "i if i where to ask you dance but like all nice, what would you say?"
> she says "i would say yes" i say in that case may i have this dance.
>she says yes
>i get up eagerly to walk down the dance floor
>"but not to this song" ( a soykafty rap song was playing)
>after a few minutes a slow song comes on
>so we both get up to dance (i more exited than her)
> as we reach the dance floor i struggle to remember a ballroom dancing class i took in 5th grade, like how do you hold someone?
>i hold out my arms awkwardly, she takes one arm places it on her shoulder and the other arm she slides it so im grasping her hip.
>i don't know how dance very well so i do some generic turning with her in my arms, also some waltz (or was it foxtrot?) steps i know from 5th grade
>"anon, we just turning"," nope your doing it wrong", "okay thats dance" "and we are just turning again"
>the whole time im grinning because for me this is the greatest thing ever.
>man, she looked prettty, especially her eyes
> some guy tries to cut in, right as the song ends,
>and then we went outside.

so im going to skip to the end of this cause theres not much to tell for the rest of the dance.

> so the dance ended, and we are all standing infront of this private school waiting to get picked up

> some other guy kissed her as she's saying goodbye.
> so after that happens she turns to say goodbye to me, she hugs me, i say "im sorry if was grinning like a maniac while we were dancing" she says "anon thats just you"
>then she leaves

a few days after that dance i tried to ask her out but the other guy asked her out first.


I'm so happy for you.


>>she looks like a 1930s hollywood movie star
10/10 would fall in love too.

>> as we reach the dance floor i struggle to remember a ballroom dancing class i took in 5th grade, like how do you hold someone?


>>i don't know how dance very well so i do some generic turning with her in my arms, also some waltz (or was it foxtrot?) steps i know from 5th grade

It's a lot worst when you are latino, man. Everybody expect you not only to know how to dance, but to dance like a fuarrrking pro.

> a few days after that dance i tried to ask her out but the other guy asked her out first.

Well, you had the balls to do all of this, that's a win in my book.

I hope you have more OP, this is like myself if I had studied under other circumstances.


what happend is the other guy, asked her out first. i was going to ask her out but then i found out she said yes to guy no 1


Dunno man, I would have asked her out (is that construction ok? Feels a bit off, idk why) anyway, but nevermind. The thing is that I feel extremely related to what you're feeling, maybe because I fell in love frequently during school.
Nice thread, it breaks a few rules from the sticky, so be cautious about that next time, but really touched something in me.


Its a little long but here is another one
>be me
>early october 2016
>i still like this girl
>joined the school bowling team to spend time with her (it worked)
>its kinda depsressing to like someone and not tell them.
> i want to tell her but i keep making dumb excuse to chicken out
>theres a homecoming dance planned at the end of the month a
>i decide that im going to finally tell her i like her at the dance.
(fast forward a few weeks to the day of the dance)
>october 21st
>that day was finals day so school let out at 12:00
>before going home to get ready i stop by at florist
>i buy a red rose,
> im kinda nervous about this "am i going to far?" "she'll know i like her, then she'll start avoiding me" basically all sorts of bulsoykaf
>still doing it
>i am not chickening out now
>i go home and change, shower ect.
(fast forward to me getting to the dance)
>7:20, 20 minutes late
>i walk into the redecorated cafeteria where the dance is being held
>then i see her standing off to the corner
> she is wearing the same black and white dress she wore last time
>i walk up to her while clutching the rose.
>my hands are shaking,
>i say hi to her, and then stand around for one second before i work up the courage
>"i got this for you" i say holding up the rose
>she likes the rose
>she smells it, and then goes to her locker to put it way.
>after while me and her friends go outside (cause she doesn't like the music)
>i don't want her to go outside
>i requested a song for her
> K (a friend of Kendall and I) starts playing music on her phone
>i dance a little with K
> after a while of straining to hear to music inside, i realize their not going play the song
>i borrow K's phone, and put the song on, and put the phone in my pocket.
>i walk over to her and ask her to dance
>she gets up and we hold each others arms
>i explain to her that requested a song for her.
>i reach into my coat pocket and press play
>after a few seconds of buffering hasleys “control” starts playing


> she kinda jumps in excitement (she loves that song)
> we start dancing
>we both dance rather clumisly , its a miracle i don’t step on toes
>every couple seconds the song cuts out and starts buffering
>the song is also really quiet
>we don’t care
>she starts singing along with the song
>her voice is georgeous
> after the song ends we go both go back inside.
>we sit at one of the cafeterria tables that they put out for wall flowers
>i can’t keep my eyes of her (she doesn't seem to mind)
>after a while she goes back outside (she kept leaving cause she hates normal music)
>i kill some time goofing off with friends
fast forward like 30-45 minutes
>its like 9:30 this thing ends at 10
>the song stereo starts playing
>i want to dance with her one last time before the dance is over.
>i go outside and ask her to dance again.
> we both go go inside with me holding her hand
>we get to the dance floor
>she looks so georgeous
>holding her feels really great
>we both start singing along with the song, while staring into each others eyes
>i’ve said this before but she has very pretty blue eyes
> after the song is over she goes back outside
>they play blink 182
>i have fun dancing to that
>a few minutes later she comes back, to get some of her things out of her locker
>i think she’s leaving so i go up to say good bye
>she tells me, she’s just getting her things and starts walking out the door
>as shes leaving a i decide that this is the perfect time to tell her.( After all she probably knows already)
>we are both standing at the doorway
>”im going to tell you something, and ill probably cringe later cause of the way i told this, but I like you…… alot…… and i have for a long time….
>she smiles at me and walks out the door.
>and thats when i told her
(later i found out she didn’t here all of what i said, but she heard the “for a long time”, and that was enough for her to know what i was saying)

I have a few more stories until we reach present day present time hahaha


shaping up to be a 10/10 story kiddo hope you fugg at the end.


>last week
>talking about her with a friend (he knows her better than i do)
>i tell him "i wonder if she likes me"
>he says he asked her if she likes me
>she said no


I seem to be in love as well, and it's the first time I'm experiencing these feelings. It's someone I met thru vidya online and I've never even heard her voice but just talking to her generates this odd, pleasant feeling. I feel like the thing that makes me most happy is having her happy. She's in my thoughts almost all the time, and I have no idea what she thinks of me

It's such a confusing feeling, both happy and painful. I just imagine how happy I would be to just have fun with her.


yeah its pretty great


just going to jump in here because fuarrrk you all, met a really great girl who clearly has no interest in me. disappointing but I cant blame her if I was a bird I wouldn't touch me with a brick on a thirty foot rope. ripe en pie sees.


File: 1487897347206.png (230.43 KB, 173x200, 1486304910903.gif)

>get back with an ex-girlfriend of mine I have loved dearly
>in our previous time together, I had abandoned her
>didn't mean to but long story short previous traumas did a number on me
>anyways, reconnect with her
>things are better between us than ever before
>she wants to have a kid with me
>asks for me to marry her when we're both mentally sound and capable of responsibility
>she gets thrown in prison

i guess i'm dealing with what I did to her; I just hope she's okay.


>she gets thrown in prison

For what?


I would suggest you get away from her
She sounds like she is trying to trap you with a kid and marriage because she found no better male and its "close to midnight" so to speak


Drug charges. I was trying to motivate her to stay clean.
Maybe you're right. Thanks Lain.


File: 1487956230074.png (537.21 KB, 200x134, ClipboardImage.png)

Got a message from a girl, I panicked, its been 3 hours and I've still not responded. Now I really don't know what to, I'm too afraid to even look at the site in case it gives her a "X saw your message at HH:MM", and if I close the site my active indicator will change and that will imply that I did see the message at that point and chose to ignore it. Every passing minuet makes it more and more awkward.
I cant go for the candid honesty route "oh sorry just got so nervous tee-hee" because I don't know the context of the original message, maybe she was just genuinely being friendly and I also don't want to lie. So in reality I'll just do what I always do, act like I never saw it and hope no one ever brings it up ever again.

Why must I be cursed like this.


you miss 100% of the shots you don't take my dude
At best, something good comes out of it. At worst, it's a learning experience for if it happens again (or if you want to start a convo with someone you like), and considering she messaged you she's probably the one who wants to keep the convo going
(also it's perfectly reasonable to miss a message and reply to it later, just don't reply, get a reply from her then wait another 3 hours)


File: 1487963396188.png (213.51 KB, 149x200, 1485116232634.jpg)

You need to stop being such a bitch no offence

Girls are people just like you and me, they eat, they laugh, they soykaf, piss and cry. Don't put 'em on a pedestal. Its all perspective.. And this was all meant to be fun.

Whenever I have a bunch of stuff I need to write, and I don't feel in the zone to write it, I put on some fire trance like this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCo7VQb7yMQ
Really helps to get those neurons firing.

You know how its really easy to forget something you were thinking about if you start thinking about forgetting it? It kind of works like that, once you stop second-guessing everything and torturing yourself by trying in vain to sanitize and control your interactions things become much clearer and more enjoyable.



I know, I've been trying to be more outward these days. The problem is sometimes my confidence peaks, hence speaking to her in the first place, but then I need to deal with the results as normal weird me. It's like Bruce Banner getting lynched because the hulk was talking soykaf.


>Girls are people just like you and me, they eat, they laugh, they soykaf, piss and cry

I suppose next you're gonna say they fart too in which case you better provide citations.


well fuarrrk, I ended up responding the next day and I've heard nothing back, It is possible she didn't see it but I doubt it.

I guess I'll have no choice but to pursue this IRL which to be frank is absolutely terrifying I've not been in a situation even vaguely like this in over 5 years. Even then I ended up pussing out when it mattered so I'm not holding out too much hope here.

apologies for my personal blogging


I want to be in love. I don't even care right now if they love me back, it is just is a good feeling.

Happy for you, lain :)


being in love just feels like fuarrrking soykaf


>tfw you have your hand deep up your ass and suddenly you have an intense bowel movement

Most beautiful feeling in the world.