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I really like SEL
It's been a long time since I was here
I was browsing the catalog and I felt... a little sad :c

And I felt like meeting new people, so
I'm thinking about leaving my skype (I know that for some people Skype is very personal, but, anyway) charlie8_6. (I'm a nice guy)
We could be friends or just talk, I'm thinking about a cyberpunk related group.
But also
In this thread we could talk about everything that is happening to the imageboards, nostalgia, what do you do to keep this fun "wired" feeling?
"Kalyx sold lainchan" what does that mean, how does it affect us?
What are some of your nice/interesting stories on online communities?
What's on your mind, lainanon?


>"Kalyx sold lainchan" what does that mean, how does it affect us?
only that the new owner is a no-fun-allowed guy so we have to be on our tiptoes.


Alright, thanks you.


>I'm thinking about leaving my skype (I know that for some people Skype is very personal, but, anyway) charlie8_6. (I'm a nice guy)
This isn't what you meant, but you should leave skype. It's a horrible service.

>In this thread we could talk about everything that is happening to the imageboards, nostalgia, what do you do to keep this fun "wired" feeling?

I do things I consider interesting away from the imageboard and then discuss them here. These discussions are fun.

>"Kalyx sold lainchan" what does that mean, how does it affect us?

It doesn't. The new owner can program and so fixes issues, among other things. The rules are being enforced about as much as they previously were, but there aren't any irregular disruptions from Kalyx anymore.

Read this thread for more information: >>>/q/11628

>What are some of your nice/interesting stories on online communities?

I came from a different imageboard. Lainchan is much better.
It can be interesting to stay in some of these communities as events that are remembered are unfolding and compare the recording to the real memory.

>What's on your mind, lainanon?

I'm starting a website of my own soon, but it's not a website others can contribute to. I won't link it here.

I'm inclined to inform you that it's not so much Appleman1234 being present so much as it is Kalyx being gone.


Woah, so, that's how things are...



Why don't you stick your email/skype/whatever in the vastly superior lain-friends thread. =D


It just won't feel right until the new guy jacks off for us.


he has a tradition to honour


pls explain anon :3
(im not visiting this boars often)



Here's a nice story about an online community (its kind of "rude" or "funny" depending on how you look at things)

I was once a moderator (co-owner) of a Dubtrack channel. The owner was rather odd, and kicked / derezzed people for not liking Yung Lean or Death Grips. He also tends to spam things like "AESTHETICS".

One time I was being harassed by a member for my moderation, was threatened to be swatted, etc. I didn't pay it much mind, because I consider my opsec / infosec to be very good. Obviously I derezzed this person.

But, he went to the Owner of the dubtrack channel, complained, send I was "abusing my mod" among other things. He ended up de-modding me. After I explained to him these threats, I was told that he was "just joking" and that "spam was okay" (despite him banning other people for spam before)

He modded this person, (immediately after I was derezzed) along with another person. Both of them working up to co-owner.

I did manage to get a lower-tier of mod back, so I waited. After "Movie Night" was to come, I skipped the movie half way through. Got derezzed, drama ensues.

All in all, I still get along with the owner of the channel (but I don't speak with them anymore). They're okay.

I haven't spoken to the swat-threatener in ages. I'm pretty sure they got de-modded eventually.

I love to run and have a part in online communities.

I'd say I'm a drifter, I don't have much purpose I guess.

My XMPP is swedish@creep.im. I like OTR and OMEMO. I hope to speak with you all soon.


File: 1484357646704.png (13.51 KB, 155x200, 7869038d3587561be9e4994315d863d39db61ff297512a7b7ecd086d4d5f614e.jpg)

You sound like a glitterboy with no friends IRL


What's the context to that?

That tinychat room seems pretty much the exact same as the masterchan one when that was a thing.

I guess it's an image board thing.


To hi-jack the thread just a tiny bit, whenever I see people propose to randomly talk on skype or whatever I always feel like there's no point in me doing it because I'm so bland and two-dimensional that I'm just going to have the exact almost copy pasted conversation with them about the main aspects of my personality. I feel like when I meet new people this is all I do, and then things just die or go roughly down the same path based off of thoes things I say that they always do. I rely on the other person to actually form any interesting or new conversation, because I'm just bland and not smart enough I guess.

Idk, does anyone get what I mean by that at all?

>In this thread we could talk about everything that is happening to the imageboards, nostalgia, what do you do to keep this fun "wired" feeling?

Image boards are dying. 4chan is soykaf for obvious reasons, 8chan has turned into 4chan but with even MORE stormglitterboyry across the site, mchan is dead, I'm way too normal person for wizardchan (but then again who isn't), the other small chans are usually cancer for their own reasons or are just flat out dead as well.

I only recently found this place so I'm a bit of a new user but it seems nice, so that's something at least.

Just a shame places like these are a dying breed.


You sound like an autist though


What makes you say that?

I mean, I'm as autistic as you can be without actually being autistic but, what gave it away?


You acting like a piece of cardboard on a windy day


I don't think that's autism just low self-esteem.


File: 1485456965249.png (77.75 KB, 200x113, DeadMayuri.jpg)

I don't have anything to add or respond to your post but I just wanted to say that I read it and agree with it and it's kind of saddening


>Image boards are dying.

What happened was that certain political forces realized that they could use places like 4/8chan to manipulate others politically. In retrospect it should have been obvious when GG was happening, maybe as far as chanology was a thing. You can really no longer consider something counterculture when they are un/ironically rooting for new President.

Who or what these forces are is another topic for another time, but the thing I've gotten out of it is that all of the places I thought were above mainstream influence weren't. Maybe someone smarter than I knows the true answers, if they are any.

But I think the simple solution is that they just changed into something I could no longer fit in, and I saw no benefit in trying to change or even pretend I could get into brewing soykaf. Or maybe it's because I'm just too old for this soykaf.


I compietely get what you mean by that. All I'm good for is a sounding board (if you're even the "right" type of person).

And you brought up *chans. Woohoo! Here's my analysis:
4chan - friendly because of /cyb/ general on /g/
8chan - hostile for obvious reasons with the exception of /cyber/
Masterchan - hostile to Outlanders
Wizardchan - hostile (Lainons are late-blooming glitterboys)
It's always funny what users with different *chans think of each other - invariably one is met with "go back to x, loser." There's a lot less fun on the internet these days.


What about 420chan?
The body was too short or empty. Thanks, Appleman!


File: 1485510247558.png (603.24 KB, 200x106, image.jpg)

I also enjoy SEL perhaps you should consider submitting to the zine if you haven't already drokkerz


You know, this rule exists to avoid thoughtless posts. Take an extra thirty seconds to write out a question with better wording, and be more specific, what about 420chan?

It's a good rule.

polite sage for offtopic


And how was my post thoughtless?
I clearly linked back to the previous post, I would have thought it obvious that I was soliciting his opinion.


File: 1485559847435.png (13.34 KB, 200x114, Screenshot_2017-01-27_17-29-35.png)

No matter what I say, I am denied due to an "automated looking" post request


Personally I am anti-drug so I never had reason to frequent 420chan. Their mascot, 420tan, is cute though. They're frequently cited as an example of a thriving niche board/alt chan with its own unique culture.


Nice try NSA, I'm not buying it tho


whatever happened to that tinychat room?
I miss the big archive of cyb stuff that it had


I feel this too. My sense of home is never actually where I live. I can see the memories floating just beyond the tangible around my old homes but they never ever resonate to me as "Home." I love this place, and I love these people, because I love Lain very very much and so also love people who enjoy SEL or lainons in general. I am very grateful and lucky to have found a place like this. But I know exactly what you mean when you say you're a runner: a drifter. I don't know what you need in your life the most, maybe you don't either, and I hope for you that your life finishes with completion and peace. I love you, Lain.


Salas, are you still alive? Come back :'^(


File: 1489845563460.png (140.66 KB, 142x200, TDq0Afn.jpg)

I want to help so badly with the Lainzine; for Lain and Lainchan both. I don't know how to use git at all and the entire thing is on git which is very intimidating...

I would love to do it: for Lain! But I don't want to ruin anything.


It's easy enough, at least for something like this.
The only things you need to know are clone, pull, commit, and push.

Clone is what you do first and only first; it gets the repo set up locally and pulls all the files into it.
Pull is what you use to update your local copy to the latest code on the remote.

You make changes to your local copy, and then use commit to ... commit them, to the local codebase.
When you're done, you push it to the remote and there it is.

There's a few more things - I see they're using a hosted gitlab, so I don't know how they do pull requests really, but usually you just use the web interface to make a fork, then clone from your fork, commit changes, push to your fork, then submit a pull request.