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Would you upload your mind to a computer?
Would you join the singularity?

I personally would upload myself to a computer, but I would never join a singularity. I would also probably just reupload myself into another body and hopefully have that kind of semi immortality.


I'm a romantic so fuarrrk that. You can experience the wired without losing your corporeal body.
Not to mention that we don't know how that entire system would even work, would our memories be transferred over? Our memories are what direct our stream of consciousness, so without our memories within the "singularity" we would simply be floating command lines


Dont forget that it would only be a copy, your physical self wouldn't disappear in the process.

Thats also why i wouldn't do it, can't deal with another soykafhead of this sort


No. I like the idea of vanishing one day from earth surface. The results of my actions though will always stay in this timeline. I'm pretty much immortal just by my bare recognition of anyone. My existence will always be a part of this world, even if it's meaning and influence will decrease in time.


It is implied that all data in our brain would be transferred over.


i would as long as i could still interact with the non wired world.

(btw,i hope my grandma reaches the singularity, she's cool,i hope she sticks around.)


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>Would you upload your mind to a computer?
Yes, as long as there isn't any strings attached, would suck if my mind was edited by government or something.

>Would you join the singularity?

No, the fusion of even just two minds is the death of two minds, just have a kid or something. Joining a singularity would be even worse, there would be nothing left of me.


No, death gives meaning to my life

fuarrrking post length filters


>Dont forget that it would only be a copy
YES! There was a cool cartoon about this but I don't have it at hand. Basically, your stream of consciousness will start inside the machine from nothing which looks an awful lot like just creating a copy rather than transferring your physical self, so then destroying your physical body looks a lot like murdering your physical body.

Food for thought. Also related soykaf below
> CGP Grey - The Trouble with Transporters


What you could do is change brain anatomy to computer-like anatomy, basically changing your brain neuron by neuron into bunch of transistors that can communicate with computer directly.


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>Joining a singularity would be even worse, there would be nothing left of me.

There is nothing left of you now.


TBQH I don't care about the whole 'to teleport you must kill yourself but recreate yourself' issue much. Things like that are still very practical. I mean considering how much cell death happens every second in us, aren't we already dying each se3cond and being reborn a new?
Am I not a different person now, when compared to yesterday anyways?


read "Dialogs" by Lem. I don't have anything else to add, I mean it's kinda like Lain(i mean lain, noticed the dangers of internet when people were still in "wow" phase), and Lem does the same with cybernetics


other anon.
and how computers transfers data? They create a copy in new place and deletes data in the old place. No thanks.


>how computers transfers data? they create a copy in new place and deletes data in the old place.
but we're not bernards lain.
the pink matter can deteriorate, memories fade/new memories are favored over others resulting in fragmentation/loss of past memories, but we don't just purge data like machines.
take note, for machines, most information is discarded in an unsafe manner , so data recovery is a pro in that respect; we homo-soykafiens can't come close.


This brings up the question as to whether not your consciousness continues if you reconstruct your thoughts, DNA, memory, and all such things to a T. The idea is that there is nothing physically attaching you to your consciousness. If you accept that as truth then in theory you would just continue, if the consciousness is moved at the very end of your current one, that is. If you continue after dumping your self in then you split, you would continue in both places, from your perspective you still live on, and you die separately, and that's it.

If you have any religious/spiritual belief then it gets a lot more convoluted, as there is more at play.

The catholic church believes in the physical resurrection of your body, in this case dumping your self would create a separate you completely, but it would lack an immortal soul, it would be unable to experience God's love, heaven, or the lack of his love, hell. Or maybe the consciousness would be in hell? The idea of hell is not a place full of fire, it's not some where God puts you. To be in Hell is to reject gods love, Hell is your immortal soul living in a state where it rejected his love. So maybe with out his love if you believe in God you are fuarrrking this alternate self.

I my self am heavily agnostic. I go back and forth but as of right now I lean towards religion. So I would say no, I would not put my mind in a computer.


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One is very, very gradual replacement. The other is complete, instantaneous destruction of one body while instantaneously (or delayed) assembling of another body. Your consciousness doesn't just teleport through space and time. The copy will have all of your memories and personality intact, but you did not become them. Does that make sense?


Different guy, but your consciousness is not a physical thing, it is the result of several things in your brain coming together. Your memories, your thought process, there are physical characteristics in your brain that lead to it.

So, if your brain is properly carried across that space, and reproduced perfectly, say there was no flaw, then it is the same consciousness.


...and if it's just duplicated and not replaced? What then? So if you die in the process, your consciousness is magically transferred to the new body? If you don't die, you're still in the same body? Just want to get that cognitive dissonance straight.


Who ever said a consciousness necessarily resides in a single entity?
Of course if those two entities are incommunicated, then there are two practically identical (up to the point of replication) consciousness, independent of each other.
As a consequence of this dissonance, I'd suggest that for a consciousness to be the same as any instance of itself in the past, it has to be continuously active, and in the process of replication the necessary delays make the copy a different consciousness altogether, making only the personality (so to speak) and not the "soul" persistent in such a replication.
I'm not the same guy you replied to btw.


You'd need significant computing power, a broad platform and a business model to keep it running. So yeah, virtualized minds will first run on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. You consciousness will be stored indefinitely, but it will be injected with wishful thoughts about products from your memory. You'll be immortal, but you'll always think about spending money.


I explained this in an earlier post, see:


Your post made me think of cephalopods who as most people know are quite smart. Their nervous systems are not as centralized as a mammal's and an octopus' limbs are capable of some degree of independent action while reporting back to the center. That's how they acheive that coordinated nimbleness.

Transhuman theorists have much to learn from the octopus.


WTF does DNA have to do with consciousness?


Why would i subject a digital self to have to live with itself for all eternity, its already bad enough as it is.
What i perhaps would do is live in a virtual world i design with npcs who i design and even a copy of myself.
The singularity is bullsoykaf imo, life is only about satisfying needs, at that point you could just force your digital brain to shed out dopamine constantly.
Death, life, personality and existence are merely abstractions, we change constantly.
Uploading a copy of yourself and thinking you wont die is just masturbation.
What would be more interesting would be imortality due to body replacements.