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Hey lainons, I've been put into this stupid situation and I am just curious to hear some other people's ideas/thoughts..

I went to high school with this dude, was kinda cool with him back then, but he got into heroin/did a bunch of soykafty things, went to jail for awhile, and is now out on parole..

He moved to the city I live in recently and then texted me randomly tonight (not having talked in years) asking if he could get clean piss from me because he broke parole for "smoking weed", and that he needs it tonight or he's likely to go back to jail for parole violation.

My piss is clean because I'm straightedge, I don't trust this dude at all and don't really want to see him, but I definitely don't want to see another drug addict end up in jail.

What would you do? What should I do? I'm pissed I even received that text and have been put into this situation, annoying as fuarrrk.


Prison is soykaf for addicts but that doesn't mean your obligated to piss in a jar.

Let 'em hang. He doesn't need to be in your life.


That's how I'm feeling but I also feel a bit of guilt if he does end up going to jail.

Are there any risks? If they found out the piss was fake would it be traced back?


I don't actually know if DNA survives in urine, but it probably does.

I'd give him the urine and tell him that he needs to get better if he wants to be friends again, letting him know I wouldn't do it again.

If it's somehow traced back to you, you can say you were coerced, which is the truth.


He doesn't deserve your piss, like you said, it's a soykafty situation he put you in, obviously he doesn't give a fuarrrk about you, or he wouldn't do something like that to you. Just ignore it.


I wouldn't do it personally. I'd tell the guy to fuarrrk off and stop being a fuarrrking druggie and start being a person again. It's harsh and I don't necessarily even believe that marijuana is bad at all, but it would give this guy a message. He can't lean on you for soykaf. He can't rely on you for support because you aren't his keeper.

Do not let a person with this sort of weakness latch onto you unless you have to. They will soak you. Next he'll be asking to "borrow" money. Good luck.



Couldn't he just go into a truck stop or a family restaurant or whatever and requisition some urine?


no, unless you mean asking a stranger to pee in a bottle for you
they check the concentrations and if it's too diluted you have to take another test later or you fail.
plus, some places measure the temperature so assuming the poster is in the northern hemisphere it kinda has to be more or less fresh piss to be warm enough