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For the past years I've built my life around lies to hide my total dissatisfaction with anything. I have not ambitions or anything and feel dead inside. I've stoped creating new lies the last two years but it was hard to come clean of the lies of the past. I'm on my way to start coming clean to my close people and dissapoint many of them, and I really love them. I will lose a lot probably but I may find myself and start anew. Wish me luck lainons and have some empathy for a lost soul. We are all worth of reality and satisfaction.


Good luck! It may not go as badly as you think.


really thanks man. I already feel better with the decision to do so and I have to power up and proceed. I hope the people I love will understand. all my wishes to you for happiness and harmony


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I feel you anon, you basically described me with that post. I had to invent fake identities when trying to make friends since I'm so empty and uninteresting since I have no interest or anything, just to realise later they are not really my friends but friends of the fake me. I came clean with them as well, losing everyone on the way, but is only right. I hope you will have more luck with it, I'm rooting for you anon. Good luck!


Good luck, anon, I've also told a lot of lies, some times to hide my lack of ambition, I've lied that I'm graduating this semester and came up with a lie that the reason I'm attending to just one class now is because "it's an extra course" instead of being in a subject I've failed.

I've also lied a lot on my workplace about having ambition and even seeing those mindset talks while I just don't know what to do and don't know where to head.


Hope everything goes well with you, anon!

I believe everyone lies a bit in a relationship and that really fuarrrks me up because I can never tell if I am changing myself for the other person or if they are. I have never held a proper friendship for more than a few weeks.


OP here!
Oh guys all so sad and gold and trying. I got it all of my chest today and it feels better. Most of my friends were really understanding and they even let out lies of their own. I guess I'm lucky to have them around. I was also alone but now I feel I've found true friends and I feel alive and strong again. Everyone don't let your lives go to waste, I was so sad this last year, now I feel I could have solved this way earlier.
Thanks all for your wishes and I hope you find true friends and love.
Thanks for your support and kind words.


Don't think people want like you because you are think you are empty and uninteresting. Even that your are a lainon is interesting. Let yourself free and let people around you see into you. It may be hard but it's worth!


I feel you so much. Everyone seems so ambitious these days and that is a big pressure of its own.


I used to know that, and it really is like kicking dead whales down the beach. The only thing I can suggest is finding something you genuinely enjoy doing, set an acheivable long term goal and with luck the ambition will come.