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Another month another failed semester.
jammit I used to be so productive in my work, now I have zero drive to get anything that really matters done and it's F after F. How the hell do I shift myself back into gear?


You don't. And there is no reason. Everything is vanity of vanities. Dust.


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Don't listen to this asshole.

I tried this a while ago and it helped kick me into shape a little more.
> Open up a word doc and list your beliefs, why you think things work the way they do your politics etc
> Write down your goals, even if they are really nuts, just write down everything you'd like to accomplish in your life, keep this by your bed.
> Read through this book, 1 day at a time, I fuarrrking hate this sorta self help bullsoykaf but it helped me

Lain, we're rooting for you, you'll be alright. If you haven't read goodnight punpun yet, read it, it'll help you.


I'm hesitant to recomend this but stimulants can be a big help if you just need to get soykaf done. Modafinil or anphetamine can be helpfull but it's important to remember that these are not long term solutions. However if you just really need to get something done (clean your house, write an essay or whatever) they come in handy.


On a bit less of an extreme note than amphetamines, you could try caffeine pills. Just don't take a whole bottle at once or anything.


Amps are a short term boost, but they will destroy your ability to be motivated without them.


yeah no, you have privilege of saying that when life sorta works for you. It's not something you say to someone who needs fuarrrking help.



But not because it always is

But because the era we live in is one of extreme perversion and degeneracy

We must yet go deeper. There is only one meaning left - to destroy every value held. Then finally the land can be purged and righteousness restored.


2016 i achieved nothing but failure, OP.
As a computer science student, i skipped so many classes that i failed without even doing the tests... I'm drowning myself in debts while wasting my parents money (because i study far from my hometown) without they even knowing whats going on...

what made me open my eyes was when i realized i've had played 1600+ hours of dota 2 alone in 2016, i felt like i was nothing, that after that i wouldn't be able to achieve nothing in life, i think it was one of my most profound sadness after my depression years in 2011
i used to even dream about dota 2,

its been 2 months now and i have played no video-games, i can't prove you it has any benefit, but for the first time in a long time i stopped and think about me, because i've been running away from myself for a long time

if you play too much video-games, i recommend you to stop doing it, it may be ruining your life as much as it ruined mine, by anesthetizing me of reality
another thing that helped me was start lifting, i feel my health improving (i wasn't able to carry 20kg before starting lifting and now i can)

Monday it'll start a new semester for me, i really hope things do well for both me and you. I am definitely afraid of not being capable of keeping it up, and as a very anxious guy the only thing i can do about it is stop and meditate until the anxiety goes away, because i've got no selfsteem.


Op needs direction not some half cooked idea of destroying perversion and degeneracy. This just feels unrelated.

Take things a day at a time op. Revaluate again and again. Check and make sure that your doing something with your time. Might be school work one hour, might be reading one hour. But keep at yourself to keep doing things. The thing that bugs me the most is when I waste time. Directionless time use is such an easy way to waste the time you do have. Put some real direction and check the time, over and over make sure your doing things.

You have to basically rewire the way you think a bit, and that's going to take time and habit. But you have to go back over it over and over again. Cause you can do this, you just have keep at yourself to be driven. Divide up your time into the things you like doing and the things you need to do. Keep an eye on the time a bit, and keep making progress. Eventually you get a groove down and you'll start feeling a little better.

And you keep at it. You'll keep getting better and better. You won't be an expert at this quick, but you can relearn how to think about these things. Be persistent and don't get upset if you have a bad day at it, that should only bring you back to it make you work a little harder.