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what is up soykaf munchers.

This is a thread exclusively for cheery chappies to pat each other on the dick for being great. So leave that depressing soykaf at the fuarrrking door son,
>"boo hoo I don't have any friends"

lets hear it you filthy sluts, why do your farts smell great, what is happening in your life that makes it blindingly excellent.

I'll start

>top marks at uni

>everyone likes me at work
>starting a placement tomorrow
>happier and more confident than I have ever been in my life


I finally got a job and I'm moving to somwhere much less crowded in a few months. I'm jazzed.


nice! I bet things are just going to keep getting better from here.


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Today I decided not to kill myself. Maybe not the best I've ever been but good enough I guess.


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>barely passing marks at uni
>everyone likes me at my house
>starting nothing tomorrow
>happier and more content than I have ever been in my life

bretty gud my dudes


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It's all uphill from here buddy! You can make it if you want to!


Barely passing is still passing!

as for myself

>found a bunch of great new music

>bought a bunch of counterfeit clothes I could never normally afford, and they're just as good
>have a perfectly configured arch installation and working on a gentoo one
>have the bicycle I've always wanted, next up is the car
>have had multiple girls flirt with me lately
>went on a lovely museum date with a girl and didn't get attached
>passing practice tests for certifications I want to take
>been finding new places to explore

things may not be coming along as quickly as I'd hope, but I'm still way young and excited for the present and the future. just gotta make sure I kick my lazy ass into gear occasionally. every day is a step forward, every moment as far into the future as I've ever been. I'll get there.


Things are reasonably nice as of right now.

I'm soon to begin publishing material I've wanted to for a while now.

This material will be stepping stones for other things I very much want to do.


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Installed GuixSD successfully; it's liberating as fuarrrk. I took a nap; was good. I got an almond joy candy bar because they're dank af. My i3 setup is coming along nice. I got a new keyboard that feels amazing.

Not everything is always fantastic and bright, that's not a realistic thought outlook, but things aren't lain-awful for me. Maybe I'll feel like soykaf tomorrow and not like it, but I know to just let it be.


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>Building a house
>Buying land
>Just got a promotion at work
>The land I bought is all woodland, I'll finally get to start hunting again
>Finally having my own piece of the woods, and way younger than I ever thought I would.
>New house has 1 gig fiber available for 75$ a month.


fuarrrk the hell yes they are. The work is hard but the pay is good. I hope things go well for you too man.


I discovered how to be happy :3 It doesnt maters what you have and what you dont have, happiness is just an interpretation of life.

Nothing new happened outside my mind, where is my mind?


I'm happy because ur happy Lain anon :3


>Got a new, better job. Old employer begs me to stay, saying the company is changing and they'll give me a raise
>Cut my long scraggly hair which turned out to make people like me better (appearances really do matter after all!)
>Almost 21 so I can go to bars with friends
>Excelling in the language I'm learning, other students are jealous
>Everyone asks me for help in my CS classes
>Learning to cook, people compliment the food I make

Life is great right now.


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Being too rich or busy just makes you serious and unhappy.

When's the last time you saw a billionaire go skateboarding in an astronaut costume ate 2am? I've never seen it myself


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I can't say I've ever seen anyone do that


File: 1486676664150.png (896.62 KB, 200x134, skatelead.jpg)


i may be the only person who does it

but i definitely don't know any rich people who do


Lucky... Literally my dream.


>Got a job after years of NEETdom
>Job is easy, everyone seems to like me despite recognizing me as being a bit odd, management comment that I do good work, let me do jobs alone because "I know you'll get it done".
>About to have enough money to buy a decent car
>Dad recently got a part time job at the bar on my days off, gives me the complete alone time I love.
>Hole in my time has caused me to evaluate what's really important, threw a bunch of bullsoykaf to the side, feel happier for it.
While I don't really like working it's a necessary tradeoff if I want to accomplish most of my long-term goals.

Overall my life is looking pretty good right now, barring a few issues from adjusting to working after such a long period of neeting it up.


Damn, I'm glad for you, lainon.

Been trying to get a job after years of being NEET but it's quite difficult.
One of my concerns is how to justify the time I haven't been working on my resume.
A friend suggested to lie about my work experience but I feel reluctant about doing it.


>mid-low tier grades at college
>only give a soykaf about myself
>realized there are people better than me at everything thanks to different enviroments and situations
>stoped caring about others and comparing myself with them
>doing my thing because why not
>most probably going to end up working some soykaf job because wow i'm not a genius with impressive academic achievements
i coulnd't care less and it feels nice
a little more time and there wont be anything else than a job and going back home to enjoy a beer watching asian movies


>have good job
>live in the countryside
>everything is fuarrrking great
>biggest problem right now is to decide which motorcycle to buy
>planning long ass road trip with said motorcycle in the summer

Allthough it took a lot of work to get there, it was definetely worth it


>NEET for entire life
>mother getting lots of overtime
>no more father to leech and spend lots of money
>brother looking like he's going to become successful
>years go by and no matter how long I've been a recluse shutin my life only gets more and more comfy
>real estate market sky rocketing in my area
>we own our land
>going to sell in a few years and have more than enough money to have a comfy life
>mfw normal people slaving away for their entire lives just to be able to afford an apartment anywhere near this area
>mfw normal people are fighting over each other for roasties
>meanwhile I'll just move somewhere cheap and get a comfy home and bag my own roastie when I'm 40 and bored

life is good comrades


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>go to the shop
>everything I want is on discount/clearance
>shop costs two thirds of what it normally does


>havent read a book in a long long time
>get reccomended one by mom over phone and started reading last night
>just realized im actually looking forward to reading it again

first time i've looked forward to something in what feels like forever.


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>chappies to pat each other on the dick


File: 1490712521656.png (366.4 KB, 135x200, wallhaven-283489.jpg)

Technically mine is, as I'm blowing through achievement after achievement, but it's starting to really wear me down. None of it is making me happy anymore it's just more work.
I'm in a leadership position so I can't afford to take a break. Other people cannot afford for me to take a break.
However, I've been reading books like a madman and feel like I'm growing as a person because of them.


File: 1490887036048.png (1.99 MB, 200x114, 1446787264719.gif)

i'm gonna ask a girl out for coffee in a few hours because i'm pretty happy with who i am right now.

regardless of how it goes, it will be ok!


well how did it go lain?


She wasn't in the place I usually see her for whatever reason yesterday so unfortunately I'll have to wait until next week. On the bright side, I'm still really interested in her and I haven't come up with any silly excuses to not do it, which is a really nice change from my usual habit of shooting myself down!


If life was great again I wouldn't be hanging around internet forums posting about it, I'd be back living it.


Lain has made my life much more curious and I love her dearly. She is my angel! I am thankful to God for giving us to one another.