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We're playing catch up now?


Read Appleman's news post. Boards are being restored when there are sufficient appropriate moderators (which there were not until today), the demand is clear, and the meaning and focus of the board is well defined.


Piss off m8


at least on jp you dont have to worry about losing your data again.


I hope you're not using imageboards as personal data storage even for your miscellanous ramblings. Sure there can be old discussions with a lot of insightful posts in them on a smaller imageboard like this, but usually the really good stuff gets archived somewhere more permanent. Of course one form of archival could be backups made by the site staff, but I don't see that as a necessary thing.


Broad claim for a chan that will wrap up it's existence in two weeks.


This is off-topic. Please take discussion of lainchan.jp to /q/.