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I'm planning on using the latex skills that I've been practicing in vim to the English classes I'm taking next semester. Have you lainions tried that for your college classes?
Also how should format the bibliography to adhere to the mla standards of today.


then RTFM.

Whatever you want, there's a package for that! TeX/LaTeX is a huge ecosystem, and everything that can be done has already been done.

The only issue is, each package has its own quirks and dirty hacks are needed if you need to various functionalities.


LaTeX should work fine for basically any sort of writing. Although, if the structure is not particularly complex, I would be tempted to just write in Markdown or something and use Pandoc to render it to TeX or PDF. Pandoc even lets you embed raw TeX in your document and it will render it just fine,

>Also how should format the bibliography to adhere to the mla standards of today.


I dunno if it's totally up-to-date, but the top answer there (as of mid 2016) suggests the biblatex-mla package


>just write in Markdown or something and use Pandoc
this. If you don't need complex bibliography or mathematical symbols, there's no need for LaTeX.
Things like presentation slides can be easily done through markdown.
But, if you'll use, at least enable the microtype package for good typography rendering:


You can also use Beamer to do the presentation, although, as I said, it's simpler to just go with markdown.


using a new implementation such as XeLaTeX/XeTeX is helpful too.


While my knowledge of LaTeX/TeX is not vast, it's usage during college was my life basicly. What other Lainons said, you may want to use Markdown. I gave three talks this year (6 hours in total, all done in Beamer) to introduce my peers to the TeX world, and my longer essays in Latex. However, Markdown will always be easier, and if you plan on writing your work with others, Markdown won't scare them.

As an idea worth sharing. I know you used vim and tried to get used to it, I am not trying to change that. But Emacs/org-mode is fantastic (exports to latex, markdown, etc). And the writing setup in it is much nicer (due to the ui) than in vim. Don't get me wrong, I use vis (vi improved improved, still under heavy development) to program, but org-mode/Emacs feels better for writing, especially with more complex documents, and you can always go the evil way.