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/lit/ is for the discussion and sharing of books and other writing.


-/lit/'s slow, yeah? Please bump threads rather than creating new ones. Nothing is dead until it's off the last page.
-there's a 30mb filesize limit
-pdf, epup (decentralized electronic puppy format) , and cbr are all supported.
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>what should I read today?

Books on all kinds of topics

huge list of cyberpunk literary resources. whole site's good if you ask me

>Can I write?

The latest lainzine thread will be stickied on this board. E-mail me for more details!

>looking for books?

project gutenberg : all public domain ebooks, all completely free.
bookzz.org : source I use for a lot of cyberpunk books library. you're limited to 7 downloads a day, but they have a huge collection.
http://libgen.io/ : millions of non-fiction books for your education
#bookz : IRC channel on undernet that serves a huge library of e-books. More on https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Bookz
http://sci-hub.cc/ : to remove all barriers in the way of science

>I need to change the format of this ebook


thread unlocked for feedback
I go by Junk in the IRC, and you can email me at junk0@openmailbox.org


Thanks so much for these, I have been looking for some new reading material for some time. I just finished the first Mistborn trilogy and had nothing else planned for afterwards.


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anywhere here have any project management course books? I am looking for one out of personal interest. Need to learn how to manage projects and people effectively.


'Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams' is pretty good.