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We've been accepting submissions for lainzine 4 for a few weeks now, there's currently 6 articles. If you would like to make any contributions, email junk0@openmailbox.org.

This is the time to finish up the lainzine articles you've been working on for the next release. We are also accepting any artwork you create, and are looking for people willing to contribute to editing, illustration, or typesetting of the zine. If you'd like to help in any way, please get in touch.

We are also creating TXT releases of the first 3 lainzines, as well as HTML releases. The site lainzine.neocities.org will soon be active for downloading your copies of the lainzine.


File: 1465795662709.png (417.02 KB, 188x200, 1367105047.png)

Awaiting number four, feeling casually excited.

Also do you guys need an actual site to host it on?


There's https://lainchan.org/zine/ already but it only has the first two issues. I think it used to be next to /rules/ in the menu and got removed at some point.


And the linked files 404, at least for me.


Is there some kind of deadline?



not yet. contribute as soon as you can


Might try and work up an article. Thanks to everyone who has submitted in previous zines though.


Person who did the front and back cover for lainzine 3 here. I'm up for more graphic design if you want it. Additionally I'm working on some possible articles.


Last zine was good, but could you have more technical articles then stories?


Does Lainzine accept academic paper submissions?


sounds great! you did amazing work on those, what kind of article are you working on?

if we get more technical articles then sure.

uhh, is it one you wrote?


provided you wrote it
most of our articles are technical so far


Okay, so I complained about my trip report not getting published on Erowid for unknown reasons, and someone suggested that I submit it for the zine.
I am posting this in the thread because I don't have a Tor friendly email service to use.
Here it is if you're interested.
The password is "luvlain"
It's pretty long. If you want me to chop it down I could try to do that.
I don't have a title. I'm terrible with that sort of thing.
I do have an image that I think should go with it. I feel like this is a near perfect representation of some of the visual effects I experienced.



Recycling and scavenging articles plox.


I asked Junk about writing either an article on firearms basics(safety, choosing a firearm, training, etc) or an article on operational security. Also working on a few illustrations, glad to hear you liked the covers.


I'm going to write up a document on "what to submit to the lainzine", and put it on neocities. stay tuned.

Also, I got an email the other day from the lainzine text releases guy. Expect lainzine #3 .txt Soon™.
do you think you could write one?
emailed you back, did u get it?
It's not the shortest, but we've had pieces longer than this. I'll let you know if we need any revisions


I don't have an article yet, but would anyone be interested in a walk through coding a chaotic simulation?


I don't currently have access to junk0@openmailbox.org, please email your pieces to the following:



How long can a written piece be if one was thinking of writing a story?


I'd say 3-4 pages max. How long is yours?


File: 1466455404153.png (210.23 KB, 200x125, back.jpg)

I know, I know, you wish you had half as much skill as I do


http://lainzine.neocities.org/ is featured front page on neocities.org !


dude what
okay who here is a web dev we need to make this thing sexy


What do you want to change? It's perfect.
The true value is content, not presentation.


thats true. I guess I feel nervous bc its on the front page of neocities where everyone can see it but I suppose our content speaks for itself on this one


File: 1466664340733.png (153.73 KB, 156x200, robot-rights1.jpg)

Perhaps you could feature an 'advertisement' advocating for robot rights? Thought we might as well prepare people for the day when we really have to confront these ethical issues. Just an idea!


So I have a few ideas of where I can take an article I want to submit, but I want to know how interested you guys might be (they're sort of heavy subject). So before I submit I'd like to know which one would be received the best?

1) Tutorial on OpenCV + Python object tracker (intro to object/pre-facial recog).

2) How to create a javascript bot net (arpspoof, privoxy, iptables, apache + mod_expire)

3) How to create a usb file scraper (your friend plugs their usb in your laptop) (Udev, data exfiltration general).

All of these are partially completed and rather lengthy, is there a limit to the article lenght?


how do i contact junk? i'd like to know if i could submit a short panel strip with the potential of an ongoing update...


I'd appreciate the first one.

You can always split into multiple parts if it were to be too long.


Shit I want to read all of this. Programming/technical tutorials are always my favorite articles in the zine.

On another note, it would be cool to see some fictional advertising. Maybe some shady products like hacking software, botnets or maybe Celts Radio Stream. Would really add up to the /cyb/ feeling. I would love to help but I'm pretty shit at writing.


email junk0@openmailbox.org , or set up an account and upload it to this bad boy:
I can't log in to anything until monday night, after which you might be able to catch me in the irc. I won't be able to check junk0 until I fix my laptop, which is tuesday at earliest. for now we can discuss here
all of them? maybe you could send us the one you're closest to finishing for now and we can talk about the others once that's in.
we've been discussing ad-like content since the first lainzine release, I can see if any of our illustrators are up for it but it would be neat if someone sent them in. is that image the PSA?


shit, someone already did something mathy and they did it better than me ;_;


junk post your pgp key ffs


dude your submission is going on a public git server as soon as junk receives it, who cares if it's encrypted in transport.

but I agree he should publish his gpg key


that's actually a good point, we started using the public git because nobody seemed against it, but if someone doesn't want their work to be shared before the release we can make it private

my key fingerprint is AECC30E3


>who cares if it's encrypted in transport.

I don't use pgp for encryption I just use it for signing. (mostly)

plus he signs his messages so...


>we started using the public git because nobody seemed against it, but if someone doesn't want their work to be shared before the release ...
Kind of takes some of the fun out of it, don't you think?


USB file scraper sounds really interesting,


It'd be great, if someone will write about what math good for, practical math in CS/electronics/music and so on.


The best example I always think of when someone asks such is DSP. You can't really code any effect without math unless 99% of the work is done and you are only using a complete framework. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxWwb-b9LnpBlOOvwGRpymL09j08lFARb


I wrote an article on increasing lock security for cheap/free and sent it to the junk0@openmailbox.org but I haven't received a reply yet. Should I assume he hasn't gotten it and try to send again, or should I just wait?


Hey, I got this article a while ago. Sorry for being silent on you guys, I've been waiting for a few more pieces which probably aren't gonna come in at this point.
Maybe I'll make the project private until release. Anyone against that?


File: 1470074589763.png (632.03 KB, 200x200, electricdefense2.pdf)

Not sure if my article is among the accepted ones for Lainzine 4, specially since it's the first article I write and it could be improved in many ways.
Anyway, I'll post it here just in case it doesn't get's published so any of you guys can read it.

My article is about how to create a homemade stun gun, this is the stun gun I built using the instructions provided in the article:



>Maybe I'll make the project private until release.

Do it! (can you make just an open upload only folder, no downloading?) if people want the info they should wait for the zine!

Or else the zine brings nothing if all have read the articles!


Would you be interested in an essay about decision theory more on a practical level? Something about how to decide what to do when the shit hits the fan and maybe how to proactively keep the shit from hitting the fan? It is not directly tech-related, but useful knowledge in a /cyb/ context all the same.

Is there a deadline set by now? I have some stuff going on in meatspace, so i don't know when i will be able to write the essay, if there is interest.


Can't speak for everyone, but I'd definitely be interested.


I'd appreciate it a lot, too. Please write.


Go for it sempai


I wrote what was supposed to be a blogpost about reverse engineering a particular website to build a scraper for it, and uncovering its horrors in the process.
Sadly I never found the willpower to write a static site generator, nor the money to rent a server to host a live blog, so it's been sitting there for a while.
Would it be good material for the Zine? I was thinking about cleaning it up and submitting it for this issue. It contains some images, but with the new layout it shouldn't be a problem, right?


sounds perfect. Send it in!


Update: lainzine 4 now has at least 14 separate pieces included in it. Because this is a lot of pieces, we -might- have to hold off on some and put them in the next zine. If any, we haven't decided what pieces those would be, but if you're an author we'll get in touch with you about it.

We will likely hold off the latest submitted pieces, going backwards in time. If you submitted before LZ3 got released, and didn't see your piece in LZ3, we will definitely put it in LZ4.

Thank you for all of your hard work and for sticking with us!

I forgot to reply! We would also love to have this piece, please send it in if you've written it.

It was, we're currently revising it.

Gotcha. Heads up for anyone who's working on git, I'm gonna do that.


short keyids are trivial to spoof, post the fingerprint or long id


nobody's going to try generating 2147483648 different key pairs to spoof Junk's id


Now that your doing printed version group buys is there a specific page range you shooting for?


are their any plans to do an ebook friendly version of the zine? pdf's can really suck to read on kindle.


Why not convert it yourself? There's plenty of programs for converting different ebook formats. A pretty good one is Calibre.


I would love to write something about pirateboxes and the uses of them. Is there any interest?


What's the status of epub and friends in 2016? I remember playing with it in ~2010 and it was utter crap. Although, if I understand correctly, it's pretty much just compressed HTML+CSS, so if there's demand, we might do it.

Also, there's a text release of the third issue if that makes anything easier.

Yeah, definitely.



Is there a guesstimated deadline for LZ4?


Can 2 page spreads be avoided? Since this is a digital magazine, it doesn't make much sense to have that type of design unless readers are expected to print out color copies of the zine just to be able to view things.


Actually I really enjoyed the two page spreads, and not just for physical copies. Makes it look like a lot of work went into it. The zine would be shittier without them


Are there any restrictions on the number of pages our submission takes?


All future submissions will go into lainzine 5
4-5 pages


> 4-5 pages
Whops. I get 12 pages (if i render my markdown to pdf) and my article is not yet finished. I have a lot of code pieces and don't know how to throw that away.

What do?


I'm in a similar issue and my plan was to split the article across Lainzines contiguously or as I finished them.


I can't split my article. Its just like how-to - from simple lines of code, to some more complex stuff. It's just a problem with listings - they take more than the half of all pages. Maybe i just need to restructure that. Otherwise i do not know how to refer to code i trying to explain.

From the other view my article now contains just 3530 words. Maybe it is just markdown2pdf who renders it to 12 pages?



Then how do you view the spreads? Because if I go into the 2 page view on my laptop or phone or tablet them I can't read the text. "It looks nice" is not a good enough reason to make something unreadable imho.


Currently it isn't unreadable in one page mode, nothing preventing you from using it like that. The spreads should stay


I'm on it... sorry been a troublesome time...
(Junk - I will have something soon)

It can - view as single page... :)

Yes a lot of work! - thanks for the like!

Use a real screen?
Its 4K ready.... are you?

Personally I feel having strong print issue is a must - it makes it a tangible physical item that works without hardware!

Easy to leave and spread, also brings it an easy to recognizable style and strong presentation.

Convert to any and all formats, for sure, but I'll leave that to other Lains.


Does that mean what i'm late with submission for LZ4?


You are just in time with submissin for LZ5!!!


Ok. This means I have more time to finish my work. Something like 3 more months, right?


File: 1473249538339.png (87.75 KB, 200x200, 57422419[1].jpg)

Hey would anyone be interested in an intro article about FPGAs and digital logic for the LZ5?


Of course.


So sorry for the delay - I'm trying to get the first draft done in the next couple of Hrs - emails to Junk to follow very soon!



Can I get a list of people for the thanks/back page page?

known: Junk0, kalyx(?) アウト.

also if anyone can speak Russian we wish to share this message Благодаря от наших российских друзей!


> Благодаря от наших российских друзей!
If you want it to be "Thanks from our Russian friends!" then it should be "Спасибо от наших русских друзей!"
If you want "Thanks to our Russian friends!" then it should be "Спасибо нашим русским друзьям!"


I would also like it, please be kind and do us the favor.



>Use a real screen?

>Its 4K ready.... are you?

Seriously? Sorry, I thought this was a cyberpunk forum where not all of us were rich and could afford the latest hardware or carry around large iPad Pros.

>Personally I feel having strong print issue is a must - it makes it a tangible physical item that works without hardware!

....so not for the wired then, eh?


>not all of us were rich and could afford the latest hardware

It works fine on a normal 1080HD monitor.
And works fine on the wired, as well as offline...
People are spending $ printing this!

Ok phones are not so good... but then they are phones... and you can zoom and flick around well enough, just about.


>a normal 1080HD monitor
Hey, everybody! Take a look at Richie Rich over here!


File: 1473917417224.png (545.22 KB, 163x200, 1363439772199.png)

what about audio/music contributions? is the zine audio-friendly?
it is possible to sync a piece of music to a written piece of text.


Sync audio with reading? - i guess its a bit dependent on how fast you read?


File: 1473967797521.png (163.5 KB, 160x200, 1459578109379.jpg)

ill just leave this here for material. Its from metal gear solid 2, kojima's prophesy of modern world,

Phantom pain tells same story, with more details of how modern world destroys culture of second world countries, by replacing language, you alter very meaning of words, you alter way how people think. These people lose what is most important for them as a race, its new way to win war without shooting a single bullet.

"It is no nation we inhabit, but language.
Make no mistake; our native tongue is our true fatherland"


Better idea could just be to give away music with issues.


Reminds me of e-zines from 90-s. With their own shell what plays music, lets you read articles and sometimes shows nice stuff from demoscene. Extensive tracker music OST with dedicated track for each article.


Hey I'm the guy that owns Syscom Industries. Just wanted to say that I love the zine and am looking forward to the next issue. Hell might even write something in the future.

Proof if that's even necessary or important: http://syscomindustries.neocities.org/update.html

I still need to find a purpose for my site.


>v0.1.0 - Caught Somewhere In Time
Maiden Fan ?


Been one for years.


Holy fuarrrk I loved them!


Any news about LZ4?


Ok so I've done a first draft - as in all the layout of all the articles to a high degree - I'm just waiting for any edits, the editors note, a few credit updates and some small bits - but in essence it is ~97% done! - - more tech than Lianzine 3 but still got plenty punk - 4 has some medium rare meat - You do do math... As soon as I receive edits I'll try and turn it around ASAP I know this one has been long in the making - but it will be the largest yet (from my very soykaf mem (as its been a few weeks since i did the draft) its a 60+ page count).

I should think 4 will be hitting the wired very soon.


Very good to hear, looking forward to the release. For a while, I thought 3 would be the last we heard of the publication.


I agree, I'd be interested in the USB file skyscraper.


pls senpai notice my email


looking forward to it lainon


Well, personally I hope lainzine will also have web edition on media like Medium.


will we be seeing Lainzine 4 soon...? :D


Its so close - Junk has had no free time for edits recently - but has promised to deliver very soon... it should only be a small job to implement edits - in essence its done.

I think we will miss Halloween release day, but maybe we could do a Guy Fawkes release- remember remember the 5th of November! (fingers crossed).


>5th of November
hey that's my birthday


I'm actually gonna be at a rally november 5th, but maybe I could put some time in, finish it up this week? I'm really sorry for neglecting you guys like this. college is hard kids.


aw whoops, I messed up the reply. I'll try to finish it this week, but I also want to get a different cover art before its done. mostly because OP was a quick preview nildicit made in 10 minutes and I wasn't really planning on finalizing it as the cover
I'll give you a shoutout


will this number have a physical copy too?


Woosh, seems the deadline you set yourself has passed. Is it out yet?


I've gotten around to messing around with gopher protocol mentioned at the very beginning of the first Lainzine but I'm having problems using netcat on OS X. first of all the command "netcat" is not found but "nc" is though using nc leaves me with this problem: echo "\n" | nc sdf.org 70
Error: File or directory not found!
Gophered by Gophernicus/1.5 on NetBSD/amd64 7.0
Anyone find a solution to a similar problem?


echo -e '\n' | nc sdf.org 70

the manpage for echo says that the -e enables the interpretation of backslash escapes.


It worked, thanks man.


where da zine at?


Well it was a maybe deadline I placed in... hoping Junk would be poked...

Well I am ready (the zine is ready) save for the editors note and cover art + any feedback... lets put this one to bed Junk!


So do you guys still need cover art or is that one final?


Personaly I don't mind the running cover (as per the top of this thread - flaming Lain).

But Junk said he wanted another one... I don't know if he had one in mind or if we are open to offers? - gonna let Junk call it!


I'm on the edge of my seat!
I appreciate all the works you guys do.


I've got the new cover ready. Could you give me the page dimensions (bleeds, etc) and where I can upload the file? (you can reach me via my email as well)


Size of Lainzine single page is A4 portrait. (210mm wide by 297mm high - Target resolution is 360dpi, this will yield the highest quality print on any home or commercial printer. But obviously we publish low res images as applicable).
Please supply images with an extra 3mm oversize on each side. (216mm wide by 303mm high) Do not have critical info within 6mm of any A4 edge - so as to avoid loss when printed on home printers.

email junk0@openmailbox.org , or set up an account and upload it to this bad boy:

N.B. Talking of Junk - hit me up dude...


Thanks, I had it set to something similar so it was a really minor tweak. The low res (web) version is now in git and I emailed a link to the print file as it's too large to commit. (10 mb limit).


Get hyped.


i got an ink commission of lain in a similar pose to the ed, i can scan it and send it in by the middle/late middle of december if the zine is looking for art


File: 1480843244536.png (14.67 KB, 200x156, 20161203143851.jpg)



So.... When?


I will also shamelessly bump. I need my dose.


I too will bump in anticipation.


Encode it in base64 and print it


Will it be out this year? 2017 approaches at pace


Can we please get some kind of update here? Thanks guys


Don't hold your breath. We're aiming for late 2018.


Please let this be ironic.


knowing junk, it will be awhile, college and what not.


This is more similar to release schedule of Phrack, actually.


File: 1483106986989.png (53.69 KB, 200x134, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

OK - I only just saw junks email from 10days ago - I don't always check this account daily especially with xmas...

But It is ready and he has time to do the final bits now i think... so I will parrrrrtttttyyyyy the NY then hope to get the final out shortly after that - its only been an editors note and credits away from perfection for some time now.


I'm excited!


...5 days later: Nada. Nothing. No new issue.


Easy man. It's been only five days.



>its only been an editors note and credits away from perfection for some time now.


what's sarcasm?

still, there's nothing to do but wait.




File: 1483907591578.png (218.93 KB, 200x125, serveimage.jpeg)

Seriously the main layout has been done up for ... time... Junk said there are a fair few edits people keep going over - no instruction on this front as yet from him, but as soon as I do I will try my best to implement edits and package for publishing in a few days of receiving needed info.

Its hot - But it needs getting finished - cus there is good stuff for issue 5 already! And I would like to try and keep something like a bi-yearly publishing slot alive... ;)


fuarrrking 'ell, I'll put on my editor cap and give you guys a deadline to shoot for. Completely voluntary but still like holding your feet to the virtual flame. How about next Friday, the 20th? Let's try to have it out by then or before, okay?


I can only guess what's happening there but please don't let this project die...


File: 1484097644967.png (86.6 KB, 200x200, serveimage.jpeg)

I will not let this die, have no fear - I want to make this as good as possible! I've much much time invested in this. As well as the layout I also have written articles for the last one and this one... and already have another 2 issues worth of articles done up!
If Junk needs/wants to back out at any time, I will gladly keep the Lainzine going - with a little help from willing Lians.

As far as I know Junk is dealing with the editing issue... If any change with situation I will take you up on that offer!

All i can say for now is it will be worth the suspense!


This actually makes me feel better so thank you kindly for the reassurance. I am willing to help out if you have to make the call. There was a bit of an incident on that happened today on lainchan.org which would have been really bad for Lainzine... If worse comes to worse, please have some sort of emergency release plan in place.

Dear Junk0, please hear us!!! Let's get this zine out there while Lainchan is still "alive"


>There was a bit of an incident on that happened today on lainchan.org which would have been really bad for Lainzine...

Did I miss somthing? - please elaborate on the issue...



Appleman thought removing the board directory would increase the post quality by decreasing the number of new users.


Thankfully the decision was reversed as you would only know /lit/ (and the zine) existed if you're already familiar with the boards. The zine is symbolic of Lainons and is affiliated with this site so it may attract new users but, when they arrive at lainchan.org they would have been met with a closed gate.


Are you sure that using gitla.in is a good idea? I mean, the owner of the site has only three rules and the third one is not break the server with huge files. And the Zine repos have a lot of images. Why not Github? They don't care about that stuff.



fuarrrk I've said I'd help with this project before and I've always really wanted too, but I didn't have the time. Now I've been re-reading old issues, and I really want to give it a go.

I'm a p-good designer, but it sounds like you're all struggling with formatting and 'pre-press' stuff. I can help with that.

It'd also be really neat if there were a digital version of the zine some day. Maybe when the time comes I can help with that too.



File: 1485298589722.png (174.65 KB, 200x190, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

Many thanks, but the design, layout and pre-press is sorted, its an editorial thing.



Alright but I'm helping with the next one!


Any ETA on Lain 4?

Would anyone be interested in actually creating an alternative zine? Similar in content, etc.. just more frequent.



You can contribute to a little project I'm working on: myself and the other guy involved could use help tbh, http://interfa.su


Well do you guys have any teasers or some sneak preview we could ogle until it's out?


there's a git repository.
you could take a look.
it's been mentioned in this thread.


File: 1485388804031.png (5.04 KB, 200x75, serveimage.jpeg)


Ok - i'm gonna pressure JUNK further and if no action I will do the front note and edits... then release very soon!

In future I will make this move faster - I want to aim for a quarterly release and am prepared to keep up with all the layout and type setting for the print edition.

Have no fear when I say I have a very nice and very very very near complete PDF of issue 4 sitting on my drive :) its been that way since - fuarrrk knows - sept/oct!!!!


According to >>>/q/ IRC seems like the best place to contact him. Apart from that, well I think you're the man for the job.

I don't know about what's all happening behind the scenes but it's gotta come out sometime guys. Right now it's like seeing a progress bar stuck at 99.999999%


So boys, where and when is this coming out?


I LOVE THIS! All I thought I was getting into when I put on the first episode of S.E.Lain was a good anime, but it has become more than that and what it became has now become even more than that! I love this place! Never would I have thought such a band of Lains would make a home for die hard obsessed fans of S.E.Lain. This is an experience and I thank each and every Lain that put their time, presence, and work into the making of this. I love you all-- I love you Lain! Thank you for this, this is a gift greater than the dreams of my heart of hearts. I hope you all can feel this same cherishing love that I feel right now, someday, somewhere in your lives. Let's all love Lain!


>progress bar stuck at 99.999999%
I don't want to release without Junks OK - but if nothing emerges soon I will...


Is he incommunicado?


hey, I'm making edits as we speak. email me


Is there any help you require besides donations? I would like to help you in anyway that you need... granted I do not know much about anything about coding.This project is too cool to just leave it be.


What kind of things are published in Lainzine?


also, p sure I said email was the best way to contact me but I did say I could be reached via IRC so I'll try to be more active there for you all
the easiest thing to do is make an account on gitla.in and submit revisions to the articles from there. Me not having time to edit, or prioritizing editing is probably the #1 thing slowing down zine production. I'm especially interested in people willing to edit closely, as in get in touch with the authors and offer a critique of their piece / suggestions on improvement rather than just correcting typos and grammar. If there's something else you want to do or think you can do, get in touch with me personally via email with your idea or a list of any skills you consider relevant.
you can check out past editions of the zine on lainzine.neocities.org, you can also look at lainzine.neocities.org/submit to see what kind of content we're accepting


File: 1486702376625.png (1.86 MB, 200x124, 1484066532333.png)

hello Lain this is >>5073 speaking

i would like to help you with your edits. I write prose by hobby so this is right up my ally. Find me on the IRC as Lain/Lainposter/Lainfriend especailly in #lainchan room. we can exchange emails through IRC and go from there!


Sweet, I might start thinking of something to write for you now. When I checked the other day, it was still down. Glad it's back up so I can see exactly what is wanted :D



This is the direction I'd like to see the zine going. Reminiscent of 90's 2600 publications before they got PC.

A Free Kevin anniversary piece would've been hilarious, It was 17 years recently. I still have my bumper sticker.



>If you would like to make any contributions, email junk0@openmailbox.org.



If I were to write something for Lainzine, would it be alright if I reproduced the work on my own site, while of course linking it to Lainzine?



Do you respect copyright system? Maybe.

Are you going to sign a copyright transfer to Lainzine? Unlikely.

So, should anyone care about that? No.

Also, did you read previous zines? Several authors did exactly that you're asking about. Junk's stuff comes to mind immediately.


Contributors retain their copyright.

I'm already doing this, so feel free.


File: 1487628004359.png (222.77 KB, 200x139, tumblr_mp8tf2gUGB1qmt85zo1_500[1].png)

How's the zine going?
have you made any progress into publishing?


So, uh, what will come first: the end of the world or issue 4?


That's the twist, Lainzine 4 WILL be the end of the world.


this is why we need it now.


The Void does not deliver. The Void never delivers.


File: 1488250375758.png (173.96 KB, 185x200, 1483660906174.gif)

I really want to read it. I needs it. Needs it I tell you!


File: 1488285823257.png (58.18 KB, 200x200, 930039004287.jpg)

What can I say - I have been the delay this time for the last 2 weeks - but i sent update to junk just a few hrs ago!
So sorry about delay, as I have also been right in the middle of the largest work project of my life to be completed with the least amount of time ever allotted to a project of this kind - hence my stillness recently.

*its now got an extra spread! - we are talking 64 pages of power!

I will rush to get this out ASAP... my work has started to chill now so I can get back on this.


>we are talking 64 pages of power


Do you have some approximations about when it will be released ?


File: 1488605600660.png (157.95 KB, 200x153, tumblr_mtwlgcjF1H1sxudx7o1_500.png)

>What can I say - I have been the delay this time for the last 2 weeks
> delay this time for the last 2 weeks
>2 weeks
>thread dates back to the middle of last year...


File: 1488621545666.png (64.46 KB, 200x109, image.jpg)

It is probably close to just being able to download most of what is ready... I was working on a back cover though am now confused as to whether it's for LZ4 or the anthology or if they are now the same thing?


I get that this is unpaid and time gets scarce but if another one is planned I hope there is some kind of editorial calendar to follow? I would like to contribute art based on the articles but I need to know how much time I have to make it.

Mind sharing what the anthology is? This is the first I've heard of it.


File: 1488853800399.png (360.28 KB, 200x150, 1931_001_persistenza_della_memoria.jpg)

Yeh I know this one is loooong... seems things went still on this one for about 4+ months - I took about 6 weeks from the point Junk has gathered the articles and then passes them over for layout. (i procrastinated it out for 3 weeks, then the maths setting is rather slow going in scribus, 1 page took 8hrs of work!) This gets us a full first draft - then edits, edits and more edits and we publish - this time we stalled after first layout for quite some time...
I should hope 3-4 times a year would be a nice future target .


as in three to four zines a year? that's a great target! nice dubs by the way. I asked this in another thread which was poor in choice: what language are the articles in the GitLain written in? I have no idea what I"m looking at and its the only thing keeping me from lending a helping hand to this wonderful project.


>what the anthology is?
Compilation of Lainzine 1+2+3 in one printed and bound megazine.


If it's like Lainzine #3, then the language is LaTex, the wikibook is great to learn it: https://en.m.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX
Though I recon they take articles in all forms, e.g. you can send them a txt file.

Someone may come that will inform you better, cheers.


Any good news? Is it time to start warming up the press yet?


File: 1490794308827.png (462.91 KB, 200x133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)


We have had everything compiled into LaTex.
But since we now use Scribus to publish LaTex is not very useful, I have to reset everything by hand anyway! - it is still valid if someone were to make an online version?

I don't mind I will take anything I can at least copy and paste... LibreOffice files are fine - if there is a special math font required you have (and is free) you may also want to upload or at least give a link to it.

Always nice (essential for maths setting and programs) to have a reference PDF so I know exactly how the content should read.

But happy to take .txt files too... although all will be formatted to "lain" style.

Images can be nearly any format... but don't make me chase some obscure 1994 sgi propitiatory 3D vector file!


File: 1490819085165.png (2.91 MB, 150x200, serveimage.jpeg)

Junk - Lets see it sail... do it!



This is pointless unless the issue actually comes out. It's already Spring. Should we expect issue 4 to come out this year or will it take another year or two before it's finished?


Who's still working on it? Should we trawl for volunteers?


i think we need typesetters


I would be more than happy to help in any way possible


email junk0@openmailbox.org


Just fuarrrking release it. It's been ready for almost a year.


I thought you were exaggerating but no... thread started June 2016.


Are we printing copies? If there was a first round I think I may have missed it/should get a free copy/will donate my copy to Appleman... [spoiler][/spoiler]


Just read through the zine today.. it's good and it's better than 1/2/3. It'll come soon, it's definitely ready.


There was a group buy thing for the first three issues but I've no idea how that really panned out. Probably another one will roll around soon.

You can always print it yourself at your local print shop.

>( ° ʖ °)