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I've become totally enthralled in this book. I listened to it twice on an audiobook and bought a paper copy so I can reread it arbitrarily.

I feel like I don't get it somehow. What does it all mean? But it's so beautiful, in a way I can't even describe.

Wikipedia says it was originally meant to be way more convoluted - if only I could read that original. I'd be searching for its meaning forever.


don't remember it being especially convoluted. simple unreliable narrator deal. the prose was a big step up from the previous two books, though (despite the kind of cringey title moment). definitely worth the read overall, but not "great"


It really spoke to me, personally.

Wikipedia says it was originally supposed to be "only comprehensible if you think in six dimensions," as it was it was just Mementoish in presentation.

Maybe I'm just a pleb.


I love the title, btw. Perfectly captures the concept the book is about.


Also, he ISN'T an unreliable narrator. if you read carefully, you can see him allude to "the real Zakalwe" a few times, and some Zakalwe moments like blowing up the summer house aren't narrated in flashback, but in simple third person.

I think originally, it was intended to have them both be the same and different people, across the Realities, but maybe not


do you have the pdf/ audio?


I've heard the series is really, good, but somehow I've never read it.

Need to make a library run sometime soon, this lack of books in my life is getting to me.


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>ian m banks

i've only ever read one book by the guy but i fucking loved it.

he's literally the inspiration for the Blame! manga(one of the bigger ones anyway) which is why i bothered but serehfa fastness is probably the most magical place in all of fantasy.


How is he the inspiration for blame? That seems strange to me, maybe it's one of his books I haven't read.


maybe you should read it then.