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What are some essential books to read if you are a revolutionary, anarchist, activist?


'Tragedy and Hope' is what separates the casuals from the real deal.


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Anything by Noam chomsky
The new Jim crow by michelle Alexander
No label by Naomi Klein.
Tavis smiley and cornell west, anything really.


Animal Farm by Orwell


like >>4348 said, anything by Orwell is a good bet. Not very heavy content-wise, but it's great for getting your hopes up(even 1984 is quite insipirational).

I also recommend The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists, it's very informative for someone just starting out and also has some content for people already fully convinced.


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Revolutionary Self-Theory by Larry Law


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Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky
What Must Be Done by Hans-Hermann Hoppe (AnCap)
The Prince by Niccoló Machiavelli (you know you have to read it)
Anatomy Of The State by Murray Rothbard (also AnCap)

Also, access: https://stw.darknedgy.net/index.php?title=Main_Page


I'm reading "Anarchism" by Daniel Guérin right now and I think it serves as a very good introduction to anarchist thought. I don't have an electronic version of it though so I can't share :(



Yeah that's it. I like it so far. Has anyone else read it?


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The Open Society and Its Enemies - Karl Popper ( 0415610214)
Essential Works - V.I. Lenin (0486253333)
Data and Goliath - Bruce Schneier (0393244814)


Has anyone read any of the books mentioned in psycho pass, besides the basic ones like the bible and 1984?

I started to read Discipline and Punish. It's pretty interesting how it takes a deep view of how the prison system was created.

here's the list:


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What should you read if you limit yourself to things written in the last 25 years?

I think a quarter of a century is as far back as you can really go before things start to become only relevant historically.


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>anything but a liberal wage slave


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The entire anarchist library can be torrented. A good place to start would be Rudolf Rocker's Nationalism and Culture, assuming you have a basic understanding of European history. Godspeed comrade.


This one was too big to post, so I'll link it.


Is OP still here? What have you read? Found anything inspirational, motivational, informative?


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What a madman. What was this guy's deal anyway?


I'm still alive

I've read some of the books on here and some from the Psycho Pass anime. I like the books from Psycho Pass since that list is more about understanding the way society influences us and how to bring those theories to light.

I hate preachy books, and I find a lot of communist and anarchist books to be just that. Hell, I disliked the communist manifesto the second it started soykafting on Socialism. I can't stand the all or nothing strategy in politics.

That is why I tend to like fiction more, mostly science fiction. It gives a better view of how politics today could shape the future, which I'm more focused on.

I wish there were more technical books on economics of the future. Player Piano got me hooked on the idea that eventually the middle-class and poor may not even have a viable job market within 50 to 100 years. The fact that no one talks about what we will do once majority of tasks are automated bothers me on a daily basis.


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You mean Homage to Catalonia, don't you?
His essays are also good. A great journalist.
This. Also Bakunin's brief case for anarchism and against communism/the state, and Emma Goldman's work.
And this. Masterful case for a personal anarchism. Easily misunderstood and subject to poor translation. I need to reread the newest version.

We all live in this prison, son.

A lot to pour over. Thanks.

>The fact that no one talks about what we will do once majority of tasks are automated bothers me on a daily basis.
Some are trying to advance the idea of a basic income, or "mincome". I support it as a transitory phase. The sooner people realize money is just a game and there's no reason we need to force people into poverty and resource wars


There's a new translation of Stirner?


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File: 1476248553241-2.png (75.56 KB, 200x200, catechism-of-the-revolutionist_sergey-nechayev_1869.pdf)

I never would have guessed Nechayev would be in a meme. Anyway, that's the soykaf translation you've linked to. Here is the better and expanded translation attached.

To answer your question, there is a little bit known about his life prior to 1869. It is thought he resented the life his family lived, as his father was not a wealthy man but made money by some sort of work that involved subserving himself to them. He himself worked as a busser as a boy, so he probably dealt with a lot of rich assholes. I can't remember too much about it. He felt like a slave, I think. He was a peasant, and the feeling of being oppressed impelled him to hate the ruling order and to care nothing for its members. All in all, he seems to have been motivated mostly by personal vendetta rather than by concern for the well-being of others.

He was also a skinny manlet.

If you want the source of the translation, letters Nechayev wrote to various people, and an article he wrote for the Narodnaya Rasprava, you should see if your local library has a copy of Daughter of a Revolutionary by Michael Confino.

I find Nihilism far more interesting and sensible than Anarchism, by the way.


Strange that we were both talking about basic income and automation crippling the job market and they literally talk about it with Obama a day or two later.



I've read Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent, so I can at least recommend that much. People in a hurry can watch the documentary on yootoob.

Can anyone here tell me what is must-read when I want to look into Rosa Luxemburg?


Murray Rothbard, For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto