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Anyone read any good superhero/villain fiction recently? Here are two I can recommend.

>Devil's Cape

This is a more realistic gritty novel that has a bit of a crossover with an organized crime/mob novel. It follows the establishment of three heros in a Louisiana town that has become infested with crime and corruption.

>Soon I will be invincible

This follows Doctor Impossible, a longtime super villain as he escapes from prison and tried to take over the world once again following the death of his longtime hero opponent. It has a second protagonist in the form of a cyborg hero who joins the team assembled to stop him. It has a more traditional comic book style universe with tons of heros and all the usual trappings.


George R.R. Martin's Wildcards was good. So was Neil Gaiman's parody, Temps.
Superfolks, by Robert Mayer, is an old one, but a good one.


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Just finished this one.


Not so much a superhero/villain novel as a powers novel, as most of what you expect from the classic capes world is missing. Very interesting characters and how they react to gaining powers. Everyone falls pretty far over the villainous side of the line.


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Finished this series (the dire saga).
The first book is strong and I like the setting. More of a traditional style of superheros combined with a world where Tesla's inventions worked and are everywhere.

The second book is a nice follow up that expands the world. The third one throw a real twist at the end that I assume is capping it off as a trilogy.

Good reads for anyone with kindle unlimited.