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Hello from brazil, lainchan!

Why cyberpunk is dead? It's sad like "rock is dead" written by kurt cobain...
Reality frustrated me because I can not improve the situation of my country. I lost the purpose of life and I'm sad now. I read neuromancer in my 14 years and since then dreamed of being a good programmer. I believe the principle is the philosophy, right? Is there any book about cyberpunk culture for me to read? The first thing to learn is logic programming? What is the best order of books to read? I want to be sysadmin and understand computer networks.


it sounds like you are looking for meaning & purpose in life anywhere you can. let me be the first to tell you that computing is a means to an end, and not a means unto itself.

here is a list of fiction: http://archive.is/uOeS2

programming, sysadmin, and networking are all three separate specializations.

my advice is to start by doing.


Look for "Gentooman's library" if you want technical books, either way your thread seems more appropriate to /λ/ or /tech/.



You can get the gentooman's library for free btw. You don't need to download the whole thing either.

If you're looking for an answer there, read SICP.


>Why cyberpunk is dead?

Depending on what you consider cyberpunk, Neuromancer was written 30 years ago and a lot of the science fiction concepts in it have either become reality by now or seem, almost quaintly, to have fallen far short of where we are today.


>Neuromancer was written 30 years ago and a lot of the science fiction concepts in it have either become reality by now or seem, almost quaintly, to have fallen far short of where we are today.

Well, i don't really agree with you on that (i'm not op btw). The concepts in neuromancer are still far away from us, i'm not sure if the book is set in our future or in an alternative reality, but to me it looks like the latter. His whole interpretation of the internet is alien even for us today, and it's not as if the book w ere written so long ago that he had no basis to draw inspiration from, he just decided to use something else entirely. When the book was written the concepts of internet connection were the same as they are today, after all.

Not only the internet really, but everything in his world is far from ours, they have synthetics almost as advanced as in deus-ex(games), and fully functional IAs (which isn't so far from us that it's unimaginable).


I didn't say we'd surpassed that fictional world entirely, just certain parts of it.

Speaking of cyberpunk in general, and I can't remember how phones work in his novels, but in other "cyberpunk" works, that is the one thing that always breaks the spell for me; seeing people still using payphones.


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A lot of the concepts in cyber punk did come true, the corporate consolidation, only 6 corporations run things you know, and as time goes on it will probably be whittled down. The government is an oligarchy, they are controlled by corporations, wall street, lobbyist groups. China is rising, although its not Japan, the importance of an east Asian culture is also rising. You look at groups like Boston dynamics their videos are pretty much the robots that will be normal in everyday life 50 to 70 years from now.
The government has developed exoskeletons and high tech iron man armor to make future soldiers more powerful. The corporate government is in a constant battle with elite hackers from outside and inside the west, wikileaks, guccifer, anonymous, lulzsec, etc.

Look up something called "the internet of things" , soon everything will be powered by the internet, and that will be exploited by governments and bored 16 year old Russian hackers.

Think about the near future, what happens when 3d printers are ubiquitous, what if you printed out your own solar panels and didn't have to pay an energy bill anymore?
Think of video games, they started out as pong but now they are hyper realistic, now think of VR now, how will that be in 50 years?

Think about self driving cars, think about being able to call a self driving car with your smart phone and paying it with bitcoins.

Right now there are giant metallic birds called "Drones" that are used to kill terrorists and are being experimented with to deliver pizza.

Look at these videos, we are getting so close to perfecting robotic prosthetics


A lot of what was written in cyber punk stories came true, some didn't. And as time goes on maybe more of it will.

Science fiction is supposed to be about the future, well the present seems to be increasingly a cyberpunk nightmare.


Funny you'd mention phones, because in the preface to one edition of Neuromancer, he regrets not having seen phones coming.


ha, I can honestly say that is not the version I read. It really changes everything in fiction, doesn't it... I've noticed that a lot of successful dramas of the last 10-15 years deal with times and places without cellphones; either in the past, in a fantasy world, or in some post-apocalypse. I believe those worlds are interesting to viewers because as the story takes place in different places at once, quick solutions that might be available if you could phone someone wherever they are become impossible.

The dramas that take place in the present or near future on the other hand are extremely dependent on instantaneous communication to drive the stories. Texting, skyping, even just looking on the internet when the characters (and therefore viewers) need some exposition.


cyberpunk is far from dead. only those who have a fetishism for decadentism would state that (not that I would mind, I appreciate decadentism myself). we're living in a world that is getting closer day after day to the worst cyberpunk's wet dream. so yeah, cyberpunk is dead as a literature genre. but it's alive and well as everyday reality