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Not sure whether to post it to /cult/ or /lit/.. but, here I am.

Anyone got any INTRO/must-read for beginner books on HAM radio/shortwave/anything radio related? It's a subjected I've always wanted to learn.


also interested in amateur radio

where to begin if I want to start broadcasting and recieving on shortwave


Tech would be more appropriate i think. At least more likely to get you answers.


File: 1477225765188.png (1.61 MB, 200x200, guide_to_ham_radio.pdf)

This will get you going (probably)
Then just search "ham radio guide .pdf" and dl everything
Then buy Baofeng radio and start messing around.


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I'd say /diy/ or /tech/
Anyway, don't you need a license to broadcast through radio signals?
I've heard it's a felony to do so without a license