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don't unthink
it's dumb to even try
ya can talk soykaf
look too deep into it
it's the kinda soykaf you don't want to talk about
it's too hard
it still gets out
in everyday conversation
you let it slip that your sponge makes your cup smell like wet sponge
your teeth are crooked
or not
there is a twisted story behind it
shoot for the deepest stars
just do yourself one fcuking favour
if it scares you
hold on as long as you can
before you have to turn around
go the other way
because you die in the end
cliché, fun, just okay
but for now the power is on
it doesn't have to be anything but on



That first pic uploaded sideways in the thumbnail for some reason. It looked like a view Batman or Motoko would see right before taking a flying leap. Then I looked at it full size and it was right ways up. Very odd.