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A thread for sharing/making big collections of ebooks, on topics not limited to literature.

As usual, magnet links and list of direct links for wget are preferred, if someone posts a link to a less confortable host it's nice to reupload it as a torrent, if you can share your collection do so without asking if anyone's interested; someone eventually will.

You can share your experience and ideas on hoarding in general at >>>/tech/29653


Short version of the Data Dumps thread at 8ch (https://8ch.net/cyber/res/25842.html) to this date, just the magnet links.

>/g/entoomen Library:


>the Do/k/ument, found on murdercube.com. Known to stall at 96%



>language learning pack for Japanese, 27 GB


>Assorted Psychology Texts


>Routledge Ebooks


>a couple of archaic torrents on CS and programming from Demonoid.


>some 8chummers' ebook collections





PS: One of the last posts of that thread

>Would you look at the date? Nearly a year since the original posting, this is relevant again. If you are new to the board, let me be completely frank; most of the files linked here are totally worthless. Sure, you'll feel cool having filled an external drive or two, but I sincerely doubt that anyone is going to teach themselves a new programming language from a 500 page pdf file. Switching back and forth between windows and staring at your screen until your eyes hurt contributes to burnout. The weapons stuff is oddly specific and is utterly worthless for anyone not running an armory. Do some calisthenics, get a rifle and go down to a shooting range, that will get you much farther than 200 gb of instructional videos and schematics. The fiction is almost exclisively mass market genre stuff, not at all hard to come by, with the rest being things out of copyright that you could get individually in a wider range of formats from Project Gutenberg. Library Genesis (gen.lib.rus.ec) is the go to for academic titles; everything here is very social science heavy and has been assembled without much focus. While you may be tempted to download some of their database dumps, restrain yourself, as the files are unsorted and unnamed (at least as of writing this). The rest of the torrents here are old infographics (most from the original Info Library) that have been swimming around the chans in some form or another for years. Its a bad idea to assume that anything originally posted on 4/b/ in 2010 is going to be accurate and not just blow up in your face.


Anyone have any resources to use for uploading books illegally? I have a ton of textbooks that I had to buy for non-scomputer-science-related classes (English anthologies, biology textbooks, etc) and they are sinfully expensive so I'd love to make them available to other people. I'd really like to not get caught and slapped with copyright infringement, though


libgen probably has them already. it's known for science stuff but I've gotten loads of theory texts from there. otherwise you could share them on the lainchan volafile, or using a torrent, or IPFS, etc. etc.


I'm building up a library of ebooks to read during some offline months I'll have, I'll share what I find and would appreciate recommendations. Topics are:
>martial arts (and parkour, freerunning, yoga, etc)
>philosophy (from the ground up)
>college level math, physics and logic
>music theory (from zero)
>non-religious spirituality (e.g. meditation)
>general craftmanship and know-how
>tabletop RPGs
>and some miscelany literature along the way


what readers do you guys use? Thinking about getting the Kobo Aura H2O


>"Everything you need to know ever", ebooks and infographics on various subjects (55GB).

>Ebooks on physics (5.5GB) and the "Cambridge companion to X" ~50 books about different philosophers (0.5GB).


>50 philosophy classics, audiobooks (0.4GB).



>/g/entoomen Library:
doesnt that library contain a virus?


>tabletop RPGs, booklets/guides/rulesets for 25 tabletop RPGs totalling 15GB

>The creation of narrative in tabletop RPGs, epub, 1.4 MB



Got a kobo glo here. It's more than enough for me.

Whoever on lainchan recommended me the Calibre software: you're my hero. Calibre + epubs offered by friendly russians = I can read whatever the hell I want on the train without having to drag around books in my backpack. Be warned though: I hear about people wrecking their e-reader when they try to upload too much content at once.


Can relate to that problem, about fuarking things up when uploading 30~80 at once. Also, got a kobo glo too (2 years and counting). Pretty nice reader, decent battery life and sudoku, cuz' sudoku is always good.


put it on libgen. check this post


just change libgen.org with gen.lib.rus.ec I don't know about the infringement thingy though. you can break the drm easily, but I'm not sure if there are other control mechanisms or not.

shinzen young and culadasa have good books that got published relatively recently.

I have an aura h2o. Super happy with it. installed koreader on it.


I have a stock Aura H2O. I'm really happy with it. It was more expensive than the Kindle 3 it replaced, or than the older-model sony ereaders I was looking at. However, the frontlight is great, the screen is fast and high-res, and it handles pdf files much better than the old kindle. Further, it can read ordinary epub files, unlike the kindle which required mobi files for everything.

If you can afford it, I high ly recommend it.


if you\re gonna read pdfs on any reader I say you should take a look at this.



A few hundred books in PDF format. Fiction, nonfiction, paranormal/occult/religion, something for everybody. Updated from time to time.