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Hey lainons. Do you know any good books about transhumanism? More like ideology and philosophy stuff than some fiction stories. I wouldlike to know more about those thories and attitude towards life but don't really know what is worth reading


I'm also pretty interested.. hope something good turns up in this thread. Thanks for posting.


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Highly recommend




All these are good sources. Transhumanism is broad and deep, and is possibly the sole most important philosophical outlook that exists today. All currently existing philosophies fail to effectively consider or relaize the power that technology brings and are not equipped to handle the results of deus en machina, that is, when humanity's technological prowess effectively bestows god like powers on itself, and results in fundamental alteration in our physical makeup(including neurochemical and informatic composition). When trans and post humanity controls every aspect of the physical universe to levels unimaginable in the present or in any previous age, god like may become an understatement.




Of course, such ambitious goals do not come without some significant risks. But no great story is ever told without conflict.





are there any literature concentrated on the broadening of human mind (consciousness, perspective) itself not just physical "improvements"? Or do the works you quoted cover the change of mind while dealing with mechanical improvement?

I'd like to read everything but would like to start with the one that poses challenge to current psychology and stuff.


Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna were the guys for that.

For the rest, Hans Morevec was the OG of transhumanism.

Orion's Arm is an intersting setting for trans- and post- human fiction.

Eclipse Phase is a similar tabletop RPG.

Dresden Codak is a flawed but ambitious transhumanist parable.


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Not a book, but liked this doc a while back

' Technocalyps examines transhumanism. Experts and scientists discuss whether human beings will use discoveries in genetics, robotics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence to enhance their bodies and minds beyond their current physical and mental forms. '