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I'm writing this, because I simply don't know what to say anymore. Well, perhaps I do, but I feel that there is no longer any point.

The short of it is, I am a writer. And I am someone who has actually written multiple books, pamphlets and documents, although I have never been officially published and I fear that I never will be. Many people have told me that I am a decent writer, but I don't know if they really understand the things that I am trying to teach them. That is the important part.

I haven't written anything of serious note for about a year. This is an absolute disgrace to me, since I am on SSI and can't really do anything else with my time. I've just been having to deal with multiple psychological problems while twiddling my thumbs, so to speak. I think that what holds me back from doing anything with my writing, are these things:

1) I have already written many things, and have gotten little to nothing from it.

2) My thoughts change too much and there are only so many words to convey them; with the fact that people can only understand so much is added to the mix, what motive do I have left?

3) Nobody fuarrrking reads anymore. Libraries are being shut down and stuff, and it is an absolute disgrace to humanity while the real human world starts to become flooded with chimps.

Maybe it is my fault that I can't bother anymore, I don't know. But the problem, is that I really do want to write again, but no one is going to read it! And out of how many that would, how many would really get it? I don't know anymore.

Has anyone else been through this anymore?


Well, anon, you could share what you write with us. Maybe you are one revision away from publishing.

Also, you should notice that people are reading less PHYSICAL data. With the ease of smartphones, tablets, e-readers and internet, there are very little reasons to access a library.

Share your feelings if you want to.


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>Nobody fuarrrking reads anymore
You see, people are fuarrking dumbing down. Twitter has 140 char limit because that's your average fuarrrkers attention span. If you want more eyes reading your magnificent, superb writing, make it concentrated and short like oleum, yet powerful like fuarrrrking dynamite. I'm not saying to start twitter account, though - fuarrrrrk that.

> with the fact that people can only understand so much is added to the mix, what motive do I have left?

Maybe you should prioritize, what things would you rather convey? Is there one idea above all?

> I have already written many things, and have gotten little to nothing from it.

Writing, as it stands, is about giving and not asking anything in return. Do you like giving or begging? Do you enjoy writing?


Why don't you write for Lainzine, or at least submit some of your unpublished work? They're very eclectic, and you know that by being in a collection with all the other stuff, your work is always going to circulate in a way it wouldn't if it was by itself.


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Okay. Here are my documents on Academia.edu:


I recommend reading "Secrets of the Universe: A Brief Discourse on Human Existence".


Yeah, digital dementia is a real thing. People just expect the truth to be summed up in a witty one-liner. Perhaps it was always like that, but it is moreso now.

I'm not writing for money; I just want to mean something significant to the world. I do enjoy writing, but when most people don't comment on it, that sort of burns out.


I should. I need to investigate what I should write for it, though.



You can write for my website if you want lain. You're here so you're qualified enough hit me up at the email address on the about page.



This is why I draw instead. I found writing to be limited, or at least my skill in it to be limiting. And I disliked the strictness and rules I must abide by. I don't care if 90% of people get what im trying to teach, I just want the 10% that do to see it. The rest can interpret it however they want.

Words fail to describe the dull headaches of plants growing out of a human brain and forcing up the skull like weeds through pavement, or the fear and paranoia in someones eyes witnessing a bleeding living building, or the disgusting nature of hair. And nothing else can convey with pace the exploding vague expressions that fill me with energy and calm the irritation and frustration.

I suppose this isnt good to say on lit. Im not dissing writing.


that all depends on how you write. there aren't any "rules"; not really, and each of those things can be conveyed; just takes some practice