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Are there any DRM-free/open-source e-readers on the market? I haven't been able to find any I am really surprised, because I feel like even if it's closed source, DRM-free would be an easy thing to achieve, since the hardware itself is pretty simple.. no?

Just looking for lainons thoughts and if they know of any products similar to what I'm looking for


I fuarrrked with a Kobo Mini and got it to display anything I wanted; just don't link it to wireless.


I use an old Kobo since anything that reads epub is fine as long as it doesn't connect to the internet.

If you absolutely need to go full freetard there's the BQ Cervantes.


you can buy a chip and add a touchscreen to it. or just use a pocketchip but id prefer getting a nice long screen for a chip


not really, although some are better than others. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, you could do something like this:



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pic related might be of interest


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Get an Onyx Book ereader. It is basically an android tablet with an e-ink screen that can be rooted and some of them have custom roms.
However I can't vet any of the roms being completely open source, any DRM-insideā„¢ is removable once you root it. Then you can install fdroid and get comfy.