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This is my first time posting on lit in an OP so I apologize if I break one of the board rules or this turns out to be a low quality post. I'm travelling later tonight/tommorow and I'm looking for good cyb literature in the format of Reddit sagas.

One's I've read before are:

and a scant more.

I like generally how these stories are longer and community driven but I've yet seen a cyb one or one that was sufficiently cyperpunk. If anyone knows of any good lesser known fiction in this genre on the wired, I'd love to hear of recommendations.



I should have said 'format' not genre. Cybpunk is all essentially scifi, but what I mean was the format in upload-as-finished format.

Thank you.


not to go off topic but how can a cat, even an "indoor cat" have not seen out side before? surely it must have snuck out to take a soykaf at some point or even just seen out a window.


the same way a human being can go an entire lifetime taking some facet of their reality for granted until they're forced to confront the ramifications of its existence. i.e. hearing disembodied voices is not the norm for people while assuming otherwise.


cyberpunk is generally different from sci-fi in that cyberpunk is a inward reflection on society or the state of things (As in today's problems being much worse) while sci-fi tends to be an outward reflection on the future. This is only a rough distinction though.


I think you missed the forest for the trees, no offense.

I really do mean 'format'. If you take a look at those links, I'm assuming you didn't, you'll notice that each chapter is interspersed days apart with comments from the audience being folded into the story as the author writes.

While those I listed are indeed more sci-fi, I was referring to that serial style of writing (like manga) that becomes iterative as the audience grows and the author picks up pace.


several old 4chan stories like that.