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Have any of you read Elliot Rodger's manifesto. I assumed it was a few paragraphs long until a few days ago i found out that it is 141 pages long.

If you have read it, would you recommend it, and what is the manifesto really about?


I'm not really in the habit of picking through the ramblings of the mentally ill.


I haven't read it but your post reminded me of this which I read recently.


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I recently rewatched all of his videos, that are on Youtube and I can really relate to him and know exactly his feels. When he sees a young couple kissing and asks himself, what he has done wrong, so that he was never able to experience the same feels.
I will turn 22 this summer and I am an unkissed virgin as well. Life really is unfair and I wish I was not mentally ill

y ;__;



You are free to do whatever you want. But, if you are going to spend it reading at least read something useful.

Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOY-jJeOeBk


I went through a phase of being an edgelord and being obsessed with school shooters. During that period I read his manifesto front to back. I can tell you, it is boring as fuarrrk. It's literally his life story from birth till death, but it's not well written or anything it's mostly pretty boring. 2/10 would not recommend.
>what is the manifesto really about?
the main thing I got from it is that he had a very overprotective mother, and that there was no one event that made him snap but rather a build up of many things. Plus he was very egotistical and always seemed to blame others for everything that went wrong. Overall i was surprised that he doesn't seem to exaggerate the actual events that much as far as I could tell, rather he would exaggerate how they made him feel. He had a very normal life as a well off middle class kid in America, he was just pretty autistic is all


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I cant change that thing. The last year was the worst of my life. A bad thing about mine and Elliots Status is, that most people do not even notice this suffering, that is why i believe Elliot gave his life for the good thing of showing people this unfairness. And with the same strike he ended his suffering. It was the best thing he could do in that situation.
If my life continues with this suffering i will just end it silently tbh


Don't beat yourself over it, my friend. I don't expect you to believe me but: relationships really aren't worth it. It forces you to change to much, finding someone who is compatible with who "we" really are is near impossible. Just life your own life, be happy.


Does anyone else think that Elliot Rodgers would have changed if he got a good dicking? It seems like he would have better luck getting a guy at a gay bar with his way of picking up girls. For those unaware, his way of picking up girls was just dressing up nice, sitting in a public place by himself, and expecting girls to approach him and talk to him.


>his way of picking up girls was just dressing up nice, sitting in a public place by himself, and expecting girls to approach him and talk to him
in other words, he expected if you dressed the part that the opposite sex would somehow be automatically drawn to him.
srsly, you can be the avg of normal people and still get pussy if you just dress casually and are prepared to make the smallest of small talk.

this is why one night stands and polyamory are a thing.
how tf anyone thinks its sane or rational to be assigned to one individual for however long is limiting both mentally and physically.


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good article