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anyone know of a reliable source for DRM free audiobooks? I'm currently looking for return to the little kingdom: Steve Jobs, The Creation of Apple and How it Changed the World but can't find it anywhere other than audible


I don't know what your stane on piracy is, but I get all my bootleg audio books from audiobookbay.me. Roughly half of the stuff are rips from Audible and the other half, strangely, are recordings of old 90s-era cassettes.

It would be super convenient if lain had a huge collection of cyberpunk audiobooks or the like, but the bandwidh and storage nees would probably overwhelm this server.


It's not there ;-;


librivox.org is a good source for public domain audiobooks


there's a cyberpunk ebook collection torrent floating around here somewhere, wouldn't be impossible to get an audiobook one, if people are into that.


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If you want a great collection of audiobooks as well as a good intro to the private tracker game, check out myanonamouse. Just read the rules and do the interview on the IRC, and soon enough you'll have access to a great community that specializes in audiobooks. Be prepared to seed and contribute back to the community though.


downpour.com is free of drm if you don't do the renting. If you are outside the US then it is probably worth convincing them that you are not.