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I recently wanted to work on a paper on Fake news and online propaganda and how to spread it. This is in order to challenge it. What would be some recommended points Lain would like in it?


Do you own work , writer for Salon.
Stop bothering people on internet to do your work


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>I recently wanted to work on a paper on Fake news and online propaganda and how to spread it
All news is "fake news", OP. It's the perspective of the audience that's changed.

"Fake news" is a misleading term contrived by authoritarian elites. Really, it's just information without convincing source documentation. The vast majority of "news" stories and most publicized information can be considered "fake news" if convincing source documentation is not provided.

Sourceless information (nearly all news stories) are easy to spread because they don't require documentation. Sourceless information requires emotionally charged subject matter, a distrustful audience who can be goaded into emotional reasoning, and an information distribution platform that censors or hides opinions to the contrary. Mainstream media satisfies all of these conditions.

To challenge it, you need information distribution platforms that challenge emotional reasoning, promote contrary opinions, and facilitate widespread distribution of convincing source documents from "trusted" non-establishment sources. Most importantly, you need to provide the information that is most critical your audience's objective understanding of the "story" without resorting to emotional sucker punches in order to create clickbait and drive advertising revenue. Can a "news" agency sustain itself without that? Highly doubtful.

But senpai, are you really going to challenge it? Do you have the resources? Most importantly, how the fuarrrk do you plan to build a trusting audience? My gut tells me you're more interested in creating "fake news" and spreading propaganda than challenging it, because that is what's most lucrative. The picture you attached to your post demonstrates that you've already taken to this strategy.

Trust doesn't just evaporate overnight. This is a massive societal change driven by the greed of the globalist elite who are exploiting a ridiculously disproportionate share of resources and an overworked population that is systematically denied basic human necessities. To re-establish trust, resource distribution needs to work for those who work. Wealthy globalist elites would need to be forcefully taken out of power and survival resources need to be redistributed. State power and the power of elites must be diluted.

"Representation" doesn't even come close to being accurately representative or capable of solving real, current issues at a global scale.

The globalist system is undeniably corrupt and "counter fake news" is not the solution. Good luck wasting resources



Thanks lain, i will take it into consideration


an older book I've seen is "trust me, I'm lying" Look it up maybe


Not just information without a source. Omitted information is the key thing, or sensationalised conclusions to particular details of the source, warping it.



#fakenews is a propaganda campaign started in October 2016 to discredit online conspiracy communities. On the surface, it was targeted at the pizzagate conspiracy. Many in the conspiracy loop, with regard to DNC/Podesta/Hillary/CF specifically, believe pizzagate itself is part of this propaganda campaign to discredit legitimate inquiry into DNC/Podesta/Hillary/CF and is part of a two pronged approach. The combination of injecting a fake pedo ring conspiracy into the community, while simultaneously discrediting the conspiracy had the effect of making the conspiracy more credible to theorists because it is receiving such action from the powers that be. It is widely viewed to be a successful propaganda campaign.

More recently, Trump and his cabinet have latched on to the term and are using it as a label for any negative press or scientific study. Media outlets are also using it to lash out at other media organizations. Similar to the way the term Denigration has seen an increase in use in media (https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=denigrate Aside from a spike in 2014, the only sustained 50+ in the chart is after Hillary used the term.) since its use by politicians, so to is the Fake News term being used frequently. (https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=fake%20news)

The timing, being immediately following the election, is also suspect. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=fake%20news,Pizzagate,Clinton%20Foundation Look at what happened on Nov 6. CF searches stopped, pizzagate spiked.


Its super important that we have this discussion on a Lain board cause Lain is all about this!

Hear me out.

In the documentary episode they talk about the roswell crash, nobody knew what it was but it BECAME a alien crash through enough people believing it was, "speculation became fact and rumor became history." And the whole "what isn't remembered doesn't exist.

Lain is all about information and memories activly shaping our physical reality. You can view the anime as a warning that information and communication (such as the internet) can be used to maliciously shape our reality.

Enter fake news. It doesn't matter that planned parenthood doesn't sell baby parts or that it isn't gov funded when it comes to abortions. because speculation became legislation.