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I have always been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, which I have (shamefully) only played all of the games lightly. What I always thought was interesting was how many books are in these games that were solely written for this purpose. There are hundreds of them over the entire series, with each covering different topics and in different forms. When I say books though, these books are more like short articles, of which a few longer ones and even short novel length exist.
When I played these games I was more attracted to punching chickens then reading, but now that my interest in these games was sparked again, I came across these books once more. I have only read a few of them so far, but one stands out as well written to me: "The Real Barenziah". It is the tale of Barenziah, an heir to the throne of a kingdom that falls, which the story covers the adventures of her life. While it is not necessarily a book that contains an abundance of moral themes or similar, it is certainly a fun tale. Here is a link to the "revised" version found in the later games: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:The_Real_Barenziah
What other texts exist in video games, and are they worth a read?


Morrowind world was, in my opinion, one of the best open world games ever. No annoying destination pointer, objective tab, it was all immersive. yet reading books did not get in the way of story-telling.

I don't know any other games with as impressive libraries as TES. I liked Gospel in Primordia, but it is really short.


I'm starting to think that no game with an equivalent amount of text exists. To be fair, I can understand why. Because the creators of the Elder Scrolls games pretty much got the idea from Dungeons and Dragons, they also took with it the very deep need for a story. I also assume that instead of pumping all their effort into pretty graphics in the early games, they took the time to flesh out the story by means of writing stories. I can't say that I have seen many other games with such a background.



More recently than D&D, books in computer RPGS go back a ways. The Ultima series had a pretty extensive set of books in it, later in the series. Most were a few paragraphs but it seemed like quite a bit to put in a game at the time.


One thing I really missed from Diablo 1 was the lore.
There were all these scraps of books you could read scattered throughout the game that gave the backstory in bits and pieces.

I also liked all the little articles and book excerpts you could find in Deus Ex.

Horror games usually have more lore, like Slender 2 and Kraven Manor.


Yeah, I like the journals telling the backstory in Resident Evil and Sweet Home. Itchy. Tasty.


The Neverhood has a long, expansive, wall of text that's basically a revised, humorous version of the bible that informs the player on how the Neverhood came to be.

It takes ten minutes to walk through in real time, without reading it, so I'm assuming it's a lot of text.


ah, was about to mention this, yes. you can find it online here: http://doo.nomoretangerines.com/nevhood/nevhall.htm

have read the whole thing, and it has some fun bits.

also, the myst series had plenty of text, progressively more as more games were made. uru has books and notes strewn everywhere, as they're sort of, along with looking at pretty things, the point of the game. and the three novels build on things even more.

another, more recent thing that comes to mind is Defender's Quest, which has stories / background text / random thoughts from the developers unlocked as the game progresses.

but yeh, game lit is usually written pretty poorly but full of fun ideas, and it can feel like a more intimate connection to the developers themselves, which is nice


Within the Elder Scrolls series is another text written by the same author as The Real Barenziah and its about at the same length. I would say its also very well written.


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The Lusty Argonian Maid


Nier has some absolutely incredible lore backing it up. But the trouble is that most of it is hidden from you for the sake of telling the story (this might not make sense if you haven't played the game). The released lorebook (which may have been Japanese only, I'm pretty sure selected translations from it exist though) is full of all kinds of crazy soykaf.