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Buying physical books anonymously?

I buy most books secondhand and it works fine until I want that certain book that I can't find. So how do you go about buying certain books you don't want be tracked to you? And yes I really do prefer physical books on pages.

Something like bitcoin/litecoin/monery/+books would be a good step up but I don't know any.

So places where to buy books privately.


Visa Giftcards bought with cash should be fine, no?


I typically walk into the book store, find the book I'm looking for, take it to the counter, hand over some cash, and leave.

For buying books online I guess the methods of payment mentioned by you and the other lainon should be fine, but you still have to give an address to ship it to. I guess you could ship it to your work place but that may end up being a hassle especially if you don't want to use your actual name.


Whatever kind of books OP is talking about that he is concerned about hiding his identity while buying, you cannot walk into a bookstore and buy off the shelf. Unless you have some extremely specialized bookstore nearby in which case they are probably under surveillance by whoever he might not want to be identified by.



I was well aware of that. But I am failing to see anyway that you could be more anonymous.
I guess you could use someone who you can trust completely as a proxy to buy said book for you. Having just read 1984 I can't imagine anyone of that sort exists.

Assuming such a book as one that requires this much anonymity exists the only safe way to acquire it would be to happen upon it by chance and steal it. Anything that involves contact with another person is too dangerous. As is anything that involves delivery to an address. All that would be required is to place the location it was delivered to under surveillance and wait until someone leaves with it.


you seem to be missing the point



Why would you want to own a non-deniable copy (unless you would read it only while wearing your chem/space suit) of something requiring that?

Makes no sense to me.


Wow guys what are you buying? The Necronomicon?


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If I had to guess, radical political texts e.g. Communist Manifesto et. al.


You sure it's not just My Little Pony coloring books?


Why does it matter? We should be able to purchase whatever we want when we want without compromising our identities or being.


'Twas a joke

this body is not too short


If you get listed for the Communist Manifesto, then a great deal of American professors and students are on that list. Economists etc tend to read Marx if only to familiarize themselves with different systems. I was thinking OP was looking more for technical manuals of some kind. You can read the manifesto at the lie-berry anyway.

I really hate to be the Lain who says it but it does apply for once. You must be new here.


How do we know OP is american? There's countries where leftist parties are enforceably derezzed


Fortunately in my country you can go to a library and buy anything you want with cash. Even if the library doesn't have a copy of the book they can order it from another store and you don't have to give them your name. I suppose that in USA the government put your name in a list if you start reading things about communism, anarchism or something related, I really feel sorry for you your country is awful.


I'm sorry you live in a fascist country where you have to hide buying a random book like he Communist Manifesto.

But if you want to buy a new book, go to a book store and have them order it for you.


Is it not possible to just go to a bookseller? Do you have to show your ID to buy a book?

Also it probably depends on the book. You would have to find a community or at least some individuals that have it, if it is a book that needs to be bought privately. For example that you want "Exploit he government for free lolis" you would have to find people that like that kinda stuff, and through contact with them find a pruchase.


You could ask a store to order it in for you then pay in cash


>Is it not possible to just go to a bookseller? Do you have to show your ID to buy a book?
I think the first problem is this... no bookstore has every book ever printed so when they place an order for you, they need a name and phone number to let you know when it arrives.

The second problem would be that whatever OP is looking for, most stores probably wouldn't be connected to a distributor for and wouldn't want to be associated with selling anyway.


You could most likely not give out your name or alternatively just give out a fake name.
As I said, you would probably need to contact the organization/individual responsible for printing/publishing/writing of the book if it is clandestine. Hopefully they're not undercover copper.


I sincerely and respectfully believe that you did not absorb the content of the post to which you reply.


I think I did, these are the points he made:
>bookstores have to order books (usually they keep a name)
>bookstores wouldn't want to sell (resell) that kinds of books anyway
So I responded with:
>not give out your name / give a fake one
>skip the bookstores altogether, inquire about the book with its creator

I might still not understand, English is my third language.