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What are you currently reading?
Do you prefer physical or digital copy?


I have never read a manga before but thinking about starting. Where do I start? Where can I torrent some? I'd only want to read digital


You should probably start with Ghost in the Shell. Like, why not?


Not currently reading any manga.

I was about halfway through Akira and slowly lost any resolve to finish. I mean it's well drawn and the story is okay but it's way too long to justify, especially if you've seen the movie.

Aside from that, I plan on waiting about five years that way there will be at least three whole Berserk chapters to read.


the gits manga is literally porn


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like, actually X_X

and doesn't really have much to see, story-wise

if you've never read any manga before, try starting with https://myanimelist.net/manga/4/Yokohama_Kaidashi_Kikou


I use Manga Rock on my android tablet. Although I have an idea for a manga reader for android full GPL I hope I have a beta version by the end of the year.


I just started Barbara by Osamu Tezuka. It's obvious he was trying to be "literary" and it makes the first couple of chapters kind of hard to get into, but it's very good. Anyway, Tezuka's one of my favorite mangaka and I'll read anything by him.

No out isn't. It's a sci-fi cop drama with a couple pages of orgy. That being said, I was mostly underwhelmed by the manga. I think I like the movie better.


I tried Manga Rock, and didn't like it. I tried a couple other manga apps and eventually settled on Tachiyomi. It does everything I want, it's lightweight, and it has an independent brightness control, which it had never occurred to me to want (but it's great). I'm really surprised more book/comic reading apps don't have that.


Just finished Giant Robo. It's like James Bond with giant robots. So much fun. The Sixties had the coolest action manga.


Dang loving the sound of that. Going to have to check that out. I do like something about the art from that era, its got a very different quality. Thanks for bringing that up though, looks really cool.


I love pre-Eighties manga art. Everything's drawn and shaded by hand, and it looks awesome. Shinji Wada and Riyoko Iikeda are a couple of my favorites.