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I really enjoyed Jacques Vallee's 'Messengers of Deception' book. It was very interesting to read a book by an accomplished scientist, that was not pseudo skeptical (i.e., not written to support the authors initial conclusions) and discussed counter theories to what exactly is happening with the UFO phenomena outside the two of 'nothing is happening, except people seeing, or lying about seeing, things' and 'aliens are visiting Earth in physical space ships.' Anyone else know a good book that discusses the UFO phenomena in a open minded, yet not also desperate to believe, way?


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I hear this book is a good one.


I recommend UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry. It sticks to just facts and manages to paint a good picture of all the effort the government puts into shutting down discussion about UFOs.


I liled his other book called 'Passport to Magonia', in which he examines and compares reports of UFO sightings with old folk tales about fairies, boggarts and other brit-centric mythological creatures. Turns out there are many overlaps in their common tropes, interesting stuff