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I wanted to recommend you this book, it may be not well known outside Poland, but in my opinion it is at least marvellous and would fit for lainchan community.
Full of comism and absurdity, but also contains mind-blowing message.

P.S. I am not sure if translations are as good as original book, but I hope so. Have a nice read.

"Ferdydurke" - Witold Gombrowicz, 1937


Thanks for recommendation, reading it now. Being a NEET, it seems pretty relevant to me.


is trans-atlantic translated? If it is, then read it also.
I guess i could recommend Lem's stuff, but i also feel like translation don't do him full justice.


There is translation of trans-atlantic, but one should read it only if he has some knowledge about polish culture. Ferdydurke on the oder hand is 100% universal book.

And about Lem, I am sure that Solaris is very popular book worldwide. But purpose of this thread was to introduce lainons to Ferdydurke, not to promote polish literature (but of course Lem may be worth reading too)


Lem is one of the most universally read writers. I'm sure good translations of his books exist.

Thanks for the recommendation OP, will read it. Yale university press edition is up for grabs in libgen for those interested.


dunno, i had a giggle when english translation of Fables for Robots used "awruk" instead of "kcuf", but it was one of earliest, i think.