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Do any lainons write do not worry, I know some of you do? How about some tips or just some intro on how to get started, as I am interested in writing myself. I am sure I could just jump off immediately and write what is on my mind, but it might not be great or worth my time. Anyway, I need to get started somewhere so I propose this: writing about someone you saw today, like giving then some random backstory and an interesting future.


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Write every day. It's about quantity, not quality. Keep a journal and write. Write about everything. Get a couple stories out and keep writing. At somepoint there will be an idea for a novel. You wont finish that one, you'll get half way then start day-drinking.

Thats as far as I've gotten so I can't help past that point.

Try to listen to as many stories as possible. My best work is not stories I've invented but stories I've been told, or were a part of. People can smell fiction from miles away. Stay true to yourself.

Pic related.


You'll want to find an "editor", someone to tell you whats soykaf and whats not. They CANNOT be another writer. Writers don't get along if they talk about writing.


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Sup Dopie OP.
The advice given here contains a good suggestion.
It is good to write quantity not quality.

How about we do a >post anything you've written (if you consider it "writing") itt?


I'll post something I write itt tomorrow. I just need to write it.
(I'll go for fiction, I tend to get technical on non-fiction)


I started writing a couple of times, but I get stuck after only a few pages every time. I don't have any idea where to go with my plot, that's the main problem. Does anyone have any tips on creating the overarching plot?


I mostly write poetry, but I've dabbled in short stories as well. I think any beginning writer would benefit from the following advice.

Read and write a whole lot. If you want to get good at anything, you've got to put the work in. Our attitude toward writing is a little strange because we've been using language our entire lives, and we feel it shouldn't be that much harder than what we've already been doing. Don't fall into that mindset. Writing is intensely difficult, and it will require of you a lot of learning and practice. Study grammar, study style manuals, study the great writers of the past, and then put this new knowledge to work.

There's a quote floating around that goes something like this: beginning writers have some number of soykaf words inside themselves that must be written before the good ones can emerge. I don't know what the number is—it could be a hundred thousand, or a million. Whatever the count, it's likely to be a lot higher than what you'd expect. So don't worry about quality too much, as other lainons have said already. Just get those words out of you. (And make sure to get critique, too.)

Another common piece of advice is to "kill your darlings," meaning one should get rid of and replace those words/sentences they are most proud of. This seems confusing at first. Why would one get rid of the best bits of their writing? It becomes more obvious once you've had the time to mature and reflect on your past work. To be blunt, the beginning writer does not yet know what works and what does not, or what makes one thing powerful and another melodramatic. The bits that stand out as wonderful to you are probably overwrought, or else will be quickly picked apart by the experienced reader. Every time I have critiqued the work of a beginner, I have found that their most prized sentences and passages were also the most distracting, whereas the rest (which they did not spend as much time refining and fawning over) flowed more smoothly. So yes, kill your darlings.

Finally, make sure to leave some time between drafting and editing. It is easy to view a work as perfect when it has just been completed; you're still running on the rush of creation. That's a wonderful feeling, but it makes for a poor editor. One must be brutal and cold when editing. I will often start another project while I leave the previous to "cool off." Then, once my excitement has moved to the newer project, I am in a better state of mind to perceive the flaws in the older.

Now, get to work. You've got a lot of practice ahead of you.


Podcast on writing, by writers, for writers.


not really sure of this is fitting for the thread, but I recently started https://f.0x52.eu/blog I do writeups of my projects there, but plan on writing general articles too. Any feedback on the content and/or site layout? I'm quite new to writing.


Hiphop lyrics introduced me to poetry. I always liked writing in general, the practice and discipline of it, but never tried poetry. Had some short stories and prose-doodles hanging around, and hiphop got me into writing (or at least try) poetry. Here is an extract of a song i like. Its called "land of the seen"

Blast through
Shine blast through
Eye lids
Symmetric outfit
Crooked smiles
My ragged clothes
Sunlit, submit

Walking slowly in a made up land
Filled with bastard dream dwellers
Moke up man
Emotion standing
Forever lasting
Wave of hands

Understand these beings arent real
Dreamhouse made of paper
Not steel
Surreal, surreal