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Can we talk about the lainzine real quick?

Junk hasn't been finishing the lainzine 4, Which makes you think it might need new people for publishing.


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>Can we talk about the lainzine real quick?

Yes, Junk started the zine, and has done a great job up to, and throughout this point. lainzine 4 is already out, and the physical copies are nearly ready to be shipped.

If you could read and form complete sentences, none of this should have been difficult to figure out.


Ironically, as the site was being deleted and this was being discovered, the fourth Lainzine finally released.


Since when are there physical copies? Is this a limited thing or can anyone order?


and it's fuarrrking S C H W A Y


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However, it took more than a year.


Lainzine 3 was released in May 2016, so it would a bit under a year actually.


Where can I get it? I didn't see anything at https://lainzine.neocities.org/ or at https://gitla.in/lainzine.


It was on neocities earlier ...
I could swear I downloaded it but it's not on my computer either.
Looks like Lain is rewriting reality again.


speaking of neocities, hows 1998AD going?


Yeah, I flipped through it at work around 6 hours ago, but now it is off the noecities page. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer before I DIY a taser.


Lainzine 4 is released. Go find it, dummy.


I can confirm that the zine exists, mabe it was removed for editing in the wake of the purge?


Does anyone have the ultra rare lainzine 4 misprint?


I have one, but the site won't let me upload it. I will try putting it on mega.


My upload speed has gone to soykaf, so I can't upload it to mega. Someone who doesn't have Australia tier internet please help.



Was it written by Tolstoy?


I think that Lainzine 2 is the benchmark for a good issue. I appreciate the culture of code-monkeys and tech junkies, but I am seeing the Zine turn into a tech magazine with a Lain mascot rather than a Lain magazine for techies. The second one had a good narrative piece about Lain and compiled with the other articles on this-and-that I believe it to be the best Zine yet because while it maintains the technology pieces, it does not lose sight of WHO it surrounds and dances with: Lain.



well it is like double the length of 1 and 2


Thanks lainon, I'm downloading right now.


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Was this changed? It should be (2x-1, 1/2y+1/2), right?


>It should be (2x-1, 1/2y+1/2), right?


When are we taking articles for #5?


File: 1492012561323.png (146.8 KB, 200x158, head-asplode.png)

Is this issue taking up a lot of cpu usage for you guys? It us for me. I've loaded it in evince and in firefox


Try mupdf. Works well for me.


what do you use to compile the ezine?


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I would also be very interested in physical copies if they're still available in any way.


It's compiled/published with Scribus.


fuarrrking takes up 1 core
And it's 50mb?


Is this the official release? It's causing me problems to read


tried pulling cache !1 got it. !google, !wayback et al


it was on lainzine.neocities.org for a day or two. I can verify that >>94 has posted the correct one.


0x0.st link for the noided: https://0x0.st/wkA.pdf


all lainzines in one torrent https://laintracker.org/torrents.php?id=545


File: 1492466478982-0.png (5.85 MB, 200x200, Lainzine 1.pdf)

File: 1492466478982-1.png (2.88 MB, 212x300, Lainzine 2.pdf)

File: 1492466478982-2.png (14.49 MB, 212x300, lainzine03.pdf)

Let's see if this works. If it does, does anyone have a koala-T copy of LZ4?



It's fuarrrking 54 megs.



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Yo lets talk zine...

With all the recent soykaf hitting the fan I don't know what has happened (did junk sabotage lainchan?)

But with regards to the zine - I have been doing the donkey work on the last 2 issues.

This can and will live on regardless of what has happened.

I am now making the last few edits fro issue 4 (the Chaos article has some errors in the formulas - I am sorting this now...)

I will run the edits past Junk first but if no reply or response I will publish what I have. within a few days - this will be the FINAL issue 4!

I will work on future issues and will keep it running at a more intense pace than the current release scheduled.

I honor Junks position and drive in starting the zine, but am willing to take on the project if Junk falls back.


I think he literally wants to run with peoples work from lainchan. Glad someone is stepping up.


Whatever happen in the future, I hope all those who love Lain can work together on the 'zine, without regard for intra or inter boards politics.
It already took near a damn year for this issue, I don't want to have to wait even longer for the next one.

(Complaining without contributing, I know, I'm sorry ...)


I respect Junk - but if indeed he is messing around, I will stand up to the plate and take the zine further! I would be happy to lead all zine work - I will take articles and do all the layout - All i will need is proof readers - if/when the time comes I will make a thread to sort out issue 5 working structure.

N.b. I have many years experience in publishing, especially with physics and astronomy... (I have worked with some big names and projects) so please rest assured while i'm not perfect the zine is in good hands - I am trustworthy and true to my word.


Issue 5 will be MUCH faster... I estimate 3 months - not 1 yr.... this issue 4 was held up in editing for agggggeeeeesssss.

I might set up a different proofing structure for future issues.

But until I know otherwise (did he really sabotage lainchan?) I honor junks work and position as the Zine starter. And so will follow his game.


he said in the lainchan.jp IRC that he wants the zine to be more "Independent". I.e. not connected to the website of the people that created it


>did he really sabotage lainchan?

He was the one that abused his power (edit laincha.org top bar links) to promote his chan where he is one of admins and made a thread that he will publish lainzine there. Idk if that counts as sabotage.


If APPLEMAN can PERSONALLY confirm this for me (in no uncertain terms - I need HIM to say Junk did it!) here, I will exclude Junk from the process and start issue 5 myself. I will also release the final Issue 4 on my own.

Otherwise I will honor Junk.

If Junk did this he has lost my, and many others respect. This site means so much to some of us.


I am no Appleman (he's currently asleep), but I can confirm it was Junk's account that was used to kick this whole thing off. See the news entry "The lainchan.jp Incident".

Neither Junk nor seph have been talking to us since that happened.


N.b. I am determined to make Lainzine whip ANY other zine produced by any other competing site.

I saw his editors note was a little dismissive and also promoted another project - not too happy about that but felt there was room for a "mag" and a web zine.


>Idk if that counts as sabotage.

>If Junk did this he has lost my, and many others respect. This site means so much to some of us.

They went a little bit further than just posting links to their new site. It's a dumb idea (how long did it take to revert?), but I don't understand what the fuss is.

You call that sabotage? You guys have some low standards, lol. They were an administrator here you know? They could have wiped all of the boards all over again.


The act of betrayal is what's important IMO. It doesn't matter if you stole 5 bucks or killed my mother, i trusted you and you betrayed that trust.


Just to clarify - is it:

Klayx deleted all, then after some amount of restore Junk changed the headers?

is that correct?

N.B. Junk defiantly did some soykaf (not exactly sure how much) - I got an email from him stating his reasons.
He wants to take the Zine over to his site and continue it there.

I can't allow him to take issue 4 exclusively - I will release it in final form here regardless.

I am loyal to Lainchan so if Junk is out I will be the maker of zine 5!

Messy way of stating your thoughts... its like a relationship that just goes wrong... I feel communication would have helped massively, and may have stopped the brake up!


This - so much this!


I don't know about trust being so important here. Just that lainzine was supposed to be lainchan thing, Something of quality to promote this site. I can't be exited about it if it's going "independent" or pandering to their aggresive clone.


Guys, I don't like this talk of loyalty and betrayal one bit.
I think it was a big mistake to fork lainchan, but as far as I can tell it stemmed from good intentions and genuine frustration.
And really, redirecting the top bar to .jp was a bit trollish but absolutely not destructive.

Stopwatch doesn't want to work with Jubk any more ?
Fair, especially since, according to the other thread you shouldered quite a bit.

But acting as if there had been those morally monstrous attack lainchan is really blowing things out of proportions.
>It doesn't matter if you stole 5 bucks or killed my mother
Really, come on ...

We're gathered here by common interests, and it does not appears to me that anyone has any moral obligation beyond his own interests.
I don't think acting as if we did is in the spirit that I (we?) would like this place to have.
(This does not extend to accepting degradations, but don't think Junk is guilty of that, only Kalyx a few days ago.)
I can only see this kind of loyalty lead to open war, and that would be the worst thing that could happen.

sage cause that's /q/ material, not /lit/.


I will work with Junk - as long as he works with me - I had no knowledge of this and thought I was doing this for Lainchan!

Bit miffed... but I wont rule out Junk.

So Klayx killing all content was not related to Junk redirecting? - seems a bit like a double stab!


>fuarrrking takes up 1 core
And it's 50mb?

Thats why you got a pc with more than 1 cpu core... and with more than 256Mb of RAM.... am I right?


Glad to hear you say that cooperation is not out of question.

>So Klayx killing all content was not related to Junk redirecting?

First Kalyx wiped the whole server, expecting that it could be restored from backups ; good joke, the backups were on the same server.
As far as public statements go, it was only intended as a very bad prank.
Then there was a lot of talking on what to do, which boards to recreate, restoring from old backups etc ...
And then Seph and Junk and maybe others ? And maybe Kalyx himself ?
found that the whole process was too slow, and decided to just make lainchan.jp.
Inthe process redirecting the top bar to over there, which was undone by apple-kun after a few hours I think.
I also heard rumours of trouble between old and more recent admins which could have motivated this along the lack of reactivity.

You can read most of it on /q/.


File: 1492483050986.png (19.98 KB, 200x41, ClipboardImage.png)

murmerings on twitter suggest kalyx had nothing to do with .jp


/lit/ is for literature, if you want to continue discussing lainchan.jp and today's events, please take it to /q/


What about the continuation of the lainzine in a post fork environment ?


That's fine, but posts like >>142 >>143 >>152 >>156 are more about recent events than they are about the zine.

Rule of thumb: if a post doesn't mention the zine or Junk, it's probably more like /q/ material.


Hey Stopwatch I know you've held it together this whole time for the zine and I'm really happy you're willing to step up for future ones.

Let's just wrap this up as a final release of Lainzine. You know, for posterity I guess. Keep all the editorial stuff intact regardless of what's happening now. Think of it as a way to remember Lainchan before well... it's current state.

I had a feeling junk wasn't on board anymore (there's only so many delays you can make) but I feel worse for contributors who have been strung along this whole time.

Apart from that, let us know your plans for future publications. Even if it's not Lainzine anymore, I would still trust you to actually execute and deliver. Thanks for everything you do here man, just know your work does not go unnoticed.


File: 1492510917970.png (490 KB, 151x200, 1491978778381.jpg)

Love you man


why would we stop using the name lainzine? I say we give all due credit for zine 4, and then just continue. just because junk is gone doesn't mean the lainzine is done for


Junk is wanting to make a zine over there...
And I still want a zine here!

But I don't want to miss content as we are all Lain... So I have proposed to Junk we collect articles from both sites and publish the same zine on both sites so as not to miss out any articles, devide the community or double up...

I hope he agrees - as the zine can be a site independent production - soykaf we could take contributions from /g/ if we were brave enough!


The lainzine neocity site is now linking to lainchan.jp

All this drama is just childish


It's really tiresome. Hopefully the zine will continue tho.


This wasn't linked ITT but I think it should. Here's Junk and the zine4.


please, please don't say anything there X_X


What was the link to submit content for zine5?
The best way to keep it alive is making it


from my chats with junk, he didnt want to steal the lainzine or anything mentioned here.
he wanted to make the work more decentralised; the lainzine is a magazine made by lains, for lains, not bound by any chans or forums, anyone could contribute and anyone could access.

before this mess i was proposing giving junk a hand with receiving articles and working on the lainzine more collectively with a dedicated email account for receiving contributions.

i think junk's side has been greatly misunderstood, and he should write to the lains to clarify his intentions with .jp

ps. sorry for namefagging

also: for those interested in the lainzine groupbuy with physical zines, the current run is over with the zines at home waiting to be shipped out; i will consider doing another run for lainzine 1-3 after my exams.


No you can't. The reason it was pulled was because it had typos and accidental errors in two of the articles. The correct one is being released as soon as junk gets his soykaf together


>No you can't

I just did nigga. This is the lainzine04 I read, flaws and all.



Tested out on multiple core pcs. One a Thinkpad (though the education edition so with a quad-core Celeron processor) and tested out on 2 Macbook Air laptops. If I remember correctly, they had an i5 processor. The macbooks start heating up. This is a 50 meg pdf. Normally 50 meg pdfs don't display such a large amount of cpu usage. Something in that file is fuarrrked up.


junk is still using adobe products to make the zine? that's why it's 50mb big. should be writing with markdown/pandoc or latex and let the fancy images to rawtherapee/gimp. It's a fuarrrking cyberpunk community and it's zine use adobe products, what a joke.


junk doesnt actually ''make'' the zine, he puts in a lot of work but the person who makes it is stopwatch.

previously indesign was used, now scribus is used

dont spread misinfo.


That's because the new typesetter is an incompetent jerk. See >>154


that's rude.
if you can do better, contribute.


>new typesetter

the one circulating now was typeset by Junk, iirc.


Junk was never a lainzine typesetter, he organised the articles, stopwatch is the typesetter.


I don't want Lainzine to disappear even if the original author wants it after switching sides. I also don't really want to read or contribute to zine with people sabotaging and stealing others' people work.

I would be very much alright with you, Stopwatch, taking charge. If Junk isn't interested in cooperation - and accepting your articles but my site points to ".jp" anyway isn't cooperation - I would recommend not forcing the issue. From what I've seen, Lainons here would be enough to make issue at least every few months.

Thanks in advance.


Hey stopwatch, when will you begin accepting contributions for lainzine 5?