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Any good lainchan manga?


I've heard the Planetes manga's pretty good and atleast somewhat /cyb/. While the anime focuses more on politics and human relations, the manga centers more on existential concepts and humanity's relationship with space.


this is an obvious answer, but Ghost In The Shell had a very good manga
do try to get the uncensored edition


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Not a creative answer but Alita.


Eden: It's an endless World? Haven't read this one yet


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Would Hotel count?

Definitely read the original manga if you haven't yet and enjoyed the other iterations of GitS. You'll see similar events from the SAC TV series but it manages to stand out from it by going more in depth into the underlying concepts that make GitS what it is. And the art is good too.


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Not really manga. This is my favourite graphic novel ever made and I think that every lainanon would enjoy it.

It's called Kabuki by David Mack

"Set in an alternate near-future Japan, a young woman codenamed "Kabuki", acts as an agent and television law-enforcement personality for a clandestine government body known as "The Noh". In the first volume of the series, The Noh's nature and background is explained."

It's a beautiful piece of work.


Got a link to some scans? Couldn't find it in the usual spots



I got tripped up at first too. It's a comic, not a manga.


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Surprised none has mentioned Inio Asano yet.

Oyasumi Punpun was a great bildungsroman, and Nijigahara Holograph is turning out pretty good as well. His current work is a bit more lighthearted in comparison, but still good read.

A hidden gem is also Caramel Kitsch Yuugekitai


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I'm very much looking forward to the next scans

Cheers, i feel silly for not checking the bay' myself



Well, the original manga run and perhaps Human-Error Processor. But Man-Machine Interface was basically softcore porn and technobabble. Not much was there in the way of grand /cyb/ concepts.




Dead Demons Destruction is fuarrrking awesome.
With some people you really do feel a kind of connection through their work,
and I do so with Asano.
Across those thousand miles disconnecting our physical bodies,
I can still feel that in some sense we are the same.

The Introduction of these new characters, just as this whole political aspect of this work is handled rather well.


Watamote, since most lains are socially awkward NEETs, its style of humor will be appealing.


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y-y-y-you m.. m-mentioned... eh- m-m.. m-me... ehh..


What a wonderful world

Biter-sweet stories about life.


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Yeah, beyond Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - politics are usually handled pretty hamfisted in Japan and as someone living here now I can tell it's because people don't give a soykaf - even here at Todai they hardly watch the news. So it's nice to see someone stirring the pot once in a while - and this time from the other perspective.

I also really need to finish Nijigahara Holograph and start on Solanin, or maybe some of the less famous work's by Nihei.

Last, mandatory mention of Douman Seiman.

Tomoko a qt.

For less high-brow (for deep and mature people like myself) manga I'd recommend Zai x 10, +Tic Neesan, Ryuushika Ryuushika, and Keyman - The Hand of Judgement.



Life, love and being a teen.


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Spaghetti-tan <3


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>not describing the manga's relevance to lain or anything beyond the title
>not attaching any pages for preview
>not providing download or link to scans

Awful recommendation etiquette lainons


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Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko

Near-future. Peaceful, melancholic slow-paced/non narrative slice-of-life following a robot maid who's been left to run a rural cafe in a recovering low population, post-ecological disaster japan. Really special, light-hearted but highly recommended

TCJ review at the bottom of the page:

Recommended scanslation (complete):


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>the anime focuses more on politics
only with regards to human relationships


I just finished OPP last week. I am really happy with how it ended, even though it was kinda surprising lol


maybe Aria


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>Caramel Kitsch Yuugekitai

I enjoyed it very much, but, well... hmm.


YKK is beautiful. I wish it never ended. But it would be against the point of the story.


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forgot to add images


Wow. It looks really beautiful.


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I'll pimp Appleseed, Akira, Goku:Midnight Eye, and Silent Möbius.

The anime of Black Magic M-66. The manga is more fantasy/cyberpunk.

Western comics I'll mention are Shatter, Donna Matrix, Iron Man: Crash, Cyberella, Slave Cylinder, Transmetropolitan, Ronin, and Frame 137.

Maybe the first series of Tank Girl, before everything collapsed in a Jhonen-Vasquez orgy of self-hatred.


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Shameless bump. I just got here an I'm looking for more manga to read.


Milk Closet. The mange Yumei Nikki should have been. Ironically the same artist made the official Yumei Nikki manga but I heard it 's soykaf.
Also Alien 9 form the same artist


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Sorry,forgot pics


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So good at the start! But feels like they went off the rails near the end!
Punpun is a roller coaster!

Not very lainian but Takemitsu Zamuri is too good.


Everything by Taiyo Matsumoto is great, definetely my fav mangaka.


Woah! How did I forget Black and White? That's more in tune with this chan.



lol i forgot that one too, but to be honest I only watched the movie, and at least in the technical part, it's fuarrrking brilliant


that is the saddest manga story i read


But there was the episode about the inventor who came from some third world nation and wanted to test his space suit (more like a 2001 Space Odyssey pod technically), and then the space cops arrested him during his successful EVA because of the political situation on the ground. The whole terrorism story and the dialogue about wasting trillions of dollars on space exploration while people starved vs. using space exploration to solve these exact problems.

There was corporate politics as well, with the neglect of the extremely important debris sections, and the class discrimination against the debris astronauts by pilots and others higher up the food chain.

The anime was full of politics.


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Voyeurs and it's sequel was good, underrated too


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File: 1480259517244-3.png (743.95 KB, 134x200, ClipboardImage.png)

I recommend Keiichi Koike's 'Ultra Heaven'.

Beautiful trips all set in a future drug bar

Readable now on kissmanga


I enjoyed Bokura no Hikari Club and Litchi Hikari Club, which are about fascist children building robot. I recommend to read them in this chronologic order.

wanted to read this one, since other wokrs of Hideo are good (Homuculus, Ichi ...) but I can't find it anywhere.



Source? Tineye is of no help on this one.


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>showing blame in the OP
>not giving anymore examples of art
I just started reading this today, the story makes 0 sense (kinda) so far, but I'm enjoying it. here's some panels for other's to enjoy


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File: 1481275881244-1.png (173.96 KB, 165x200, alex-brady-serehfa-sketch-2-by-alex-brady-tad-d5gq90k.jpg)

File: 1481275881244-2.png (33.97 KB, 135x200, 51onMPH8drL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg)

It makes perfect sense lmao. They just don't talk a lot and the story is instead told through a lot of the visuals.

Nihei fuarrrked up his artstyle tbqh, I loved the way he used to draw faces like in your 4th image. Reminds me of the book series scary stories to tell in the dark.

If you're ever interested in one of his biggest influences read a book called Feersum Endjinn. It deals with a castle that's 100km2 and 15km high where the chandalier(the capital) is at war with the basement(rebel faction)


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Dogs: Bullets and Carnage is my personal favorite manga at the moment. I especially love the art style (the story is nice too).