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R: 221

kalyx did nothing wrong

He did so much good for the site! Finally, on a personal note, kalyx was at the time struggling with gender dysphoria and substance abuse.
R: 223

Can we have an introduction and/or Q&A thread for the new Lainchan owner?

"appleman1234" is the proud new owner of Lainchan, and I for one would like a public appearance. The site was sold by Kalyx for an unreleased sum of money, and appears to have successfully lifted a lot of stress/weight off of Kalyx's shoulders, proving it was a positive move for his mental health.

The biggest thing now will be to see how the new owner's social skills, moderation skills, and site-running prowess compare to that of the legendary Kalyx's.

Only time will tell. Here we are Lains: Day 0(-ish) of a new Lainchan.
R: 6

On the subject of shirts & merch

I've seen books/stickers are sold but I haven't seen a link to any shirts/other merch. Is there a seller related to the website? I saw a Lainchan shirt a few days ago, but I'd rather not support the seller if he stole designs (and I know these people selling shirts off websites like Teespring are marking them up and making money from it).
Sorry in advance if this information is in fact somewhere here. I couldn't find it.
R: 18

hidden service lain

any plans to get an onion for lain?
R: 11

Where is the filesharing board?
R: 10

should catalog be the default layout?

Does anyone here not browse chans in catalog view? I cant imagine anyone scrolling through posts of threads that they are not interested in to find content. The only time I used scroll view was many years ago when I first started hanging in 4chan and was not aware of scroll view. Shouldnt scroll view be the option with a link we can click on?
R: 17

board request thread

bring back /cyb/ pls
and /r/
R: 24

Lainwiki 3.0

I don't know whose dumbass idea it was to move the Lainwiki to the deep web, but who is going to open a TOR browser to read a fuarrrking wiki? What is so secret about Lain? I guess the deep web is 'cool' or something.

So who's up for starting a public facing, cleartext Lainwiki?
R: 12

Have you tried not wordfiltering links?

language enhancers f‍ucking up links. Will you pls fix, Applesauce?


should appear as
R: 22


This chan is slowing down. Chans are like sharks, they have to keep moving to survive. And what we have on our hands is a nearly-dead shark. I believe this is due to too many boards with overlapping themes and not enough users to keep every board active.

I suggest boards be consolidated into fewer boards and then allow other boards to organically evolve from there.

/sec/, /sci/ & /tech/ into one board
/lambda/ & /diy/ into one board
/zzz/, /feels/ & /drg/ into one board
/lit/ & /cult/ into one board

Civics and society are inherently political. Everything a human does today has political and economic implications. Cyberpunk, being anti-establishment with its corporatism implications, is inherently political. To set up a board for politics only invites flame wars and allows for a space where various political "activists" can come and proselytize. Politics often colour discussion and that's fine. Current events and the current political climate can and should be discussed, in a way that is relevant to this chan's overall theme. Troll threads and propaganda threads should be removed. Create a /trash/ board where cancerous threads could be sent to die and for transparency reasons.

Four boards + (perhaps) /trash/ is plenty of space for the current amount of users and level of discussion. With posts coming in quicker on less boards the whole chan will seem more active (because it will be).
R: 3

/cult or /r

Now that /r is back, what is the purpose of having both /r and /cult?
Is /r now for brewing soykaf while /cult for high quality posts? If so then Kalyx's sticky should be removed from /r.
R: 9

Lainchan's speed.

Many people say either that Lainchan is getting faster or they just say lainchan is slow.(In context of posting speed)

My opinion is it's neither. Instead my opinion is Lainchan has speed spikes.

Do we have any stats on it? So that we could see them and perhaps analyze if there are any trends?
R: 4

Why the fuarrrk are the mods on here such immature d-bags.

they just sit around mashing their cocks to memories of derezzing people, occasionally cumming 'cause they get another chance.

My message to the mods - SUCK MY COCK AND CALM THE fuarrrk DOWN.

And of course the obligatory mod slogan:
R: 1

So I'm planning on using this site as well as 4chan, on 4chan I use 4chan-x if I hover over a backlink i.e >>xxxxxx it'll show me the post, anyway to do this on lainchan?
R: 7

What happened to /civ/ IDs?

> This board has IDs.
What happened to them?
R: 7

J-pop (Japanese music idol) threads are allowed?

A topic for example related to DEATHRABBITS is allowed or is it a violation of the rule 8 ?
R: 3

Hey mods, if you haven't noticed yet someone is spaming the boards with various soykaf and telling people to move to nullchan.
R: 3

what sets lc apart?
how about being transparent about any privacy concerns

can we open up the analytics and challenge people to "deanon" posters with the same information you have at your disposal?
kind of like a bug hunt where people would be able to disclose privacy violations

is administration against such radical transparency or is it for a good reason? how bad would an archive really be, barring it had illegal content removed (i.e. text only)? And no, I don't mean showing every poster's ip
R: 1

What happened to /tay/? The banner's still up but the board 404s
R: 3

Do you know Markdown?

Why not Markdown on Lainchan?
R: 1

hello there, i would love to get track list from today's radio stream
R: 3

Appleman1234's annoying whitespace

Dear MacIntoshman1234, new owner of this website!
I hereby start a petition with the purpose of convincing you to stop putting a god damn empty line between any two non-empty lines you ever type. It's an aesthetic disgrace, and doesn't improve readability at all. Such drastic white space should separate paragraphs or functions, not lines or sentences.

I'd like to ask any lainon also annoyed by this effect to "sign" this petition, simply by posting in here.
R: 8

I have a humble request regarding the board software, provided it's not too much trouble:

Can we please stop highlighting between single quotes in code blocks, given that lisp is tremendously popular on /λ/, and, well, see for yourself:

(defun foo ()
(if (mapcar (lambda (x) (format t "~a " x)) '(is this not infuriating?))
R: 3


>>Always argue in good faith and avoid using personal attacks.

There is no need for good faith when it comes to blatant disinformation dennied by official project documentation.
>>You should always elaborate on your opinions rather than just spilling the soykaf.
I don't need to elaborate any opinions. The author who claims himself a information security researcher is talking about problems that don't exist while presuming all kinds of stuff.
It reads like a propaganda piece.

Is this place a safe space now or what.
R: 6

>last lainchan.org tweet: sep 2015

What happened?
R: 0

the birthday tribute is...

a nice touch.

that is all.
R: 1

I see my [spoiler] in Latest Posts

Is there a way to use ************ in the last posts when you have the spoiler?
R: 1


What is the best /board/ to share ASMRtists if you like to listen them before got to sleep?
R: 2


{"readyState":4,"responseText":"","status":500,"statusText":"Internal Server Error"}
R: 1

Is there an onion for lainchan ?
R: 9

Block Tor

> You could argue blocking anonymous commenters is a way of combating trolls; creating fake profiles for abusive reasons — sextortion, grooming, cyberbullying — has just become illegal in the UK, and while Tor users aren’t completely untraceable, it would make work harder for trackers.

R: 4


How come /mega/ got pruned back to 15 threads? I know we have the catalogue now, but I liked the infinite scrolling /mega/.
R: 2

Where would I go to post a thread about general music sharing? Or for sharing art, writing, etc?

It seems too on-topic for /r/, to artistic for /cult/, and I'm not really sure where else I would put it. I've been wondering where threads like this would go for a while, and figured I should ask. Didn't there used to be an art board or something on here? Am I just missing these threads somewhere?
R: 14

/sec/ pedo spam

/sec/ is being spammed with some CP soykaf.

Yes, it is very ironic.
R: 5

This is happening in /λ/. Every two seconds or so for the whole page below the reply field, lasts for an instant and it's like a crappy animation.
What happened?
R: 2

>Something New Year Something. REDACTED Mumble REDACTED IRC. Save yourselves. Trust the duck.
What did appleman mean by this?
R: 1

New feature: Chan Comment Box

This feature allows to create new boards based of the website name (https://mysite.example.com). The creator will be the board moderator and this board will be visible on Lainchan and into the website using iframe HTML tag (similar to FB, YT, SoundCloud)
R: 5

Why did my thread got deleted?
R: 11


What keywords or behaviour sets off the "go away, spammer" message?
I'm trying to contribute a list of books to a thread and it keeps blocking me.
R: 2

Hey new here, a friend of mine recommended me this chan because he said that there is a strong cyberpunk comunity here, I've read a bit in the faq that it is all related to an anime, is it mandatory to watch it to enjoy the place and if so, where do you recommend me watching it?

pic unrelated
R: 1

I tried writing a post with 3 X'es in it, and the system thought I was "advertising adult services"

Pretty funny, but It would suck if someone were writing a long-winded post and they lost their work as a result.
R: 6


does anyone support https://gitla.in? is it part of lainchan? it wont send validation emails so i can complete my registration.
R: 20

kicking dead whales down the beach

>kicking dead whales down the beach
This soykaf makes posts hard to read, especially for new users, since they have no way to know what this is about.
Swapping should just put asterisks, like "f**k", etc.
R: 13

Lainchan GNU social instance

Where is the GS instance on Lainchan, are you planning to install this software using the new Twitter clone (Qvitter) version?

R: 10

Why are /sec/, /sci/, /tech/, /λ/, and /diy/ all different boards? Imo it would be better to have them combined into one large board for all those topics in order to not divide the userbase. Same with /lit/ and /cult/, literature should be considered culture and included within that board.
pic unrelated
R: 135

What have you done

Hello, it would seem all the boards are gone from the top, what happened? Are you making some major change or something? When will the board list return?
R: 5

why is it doing saying i have reached session limit ?(this isn't even my ip)
R: 1


Can someone explain me what they are exactly and how to use them in this site ?
R: 10

"Stop advertising adult services" in /civ/

>"Stop advertising adult services"
How can I achieve this outcome, Lain? I was attempting to make a post regarding economic parasitism in >>>/civ/ and keep getting an "adult services" error. There was nothing even remotely related to "adult services" in the content I was attempting to post.

In addition there is still a lack of basic reporting functionality throughout the website. Is there no simple, basic solution to restoring this? It was working fine before Kalyx left. Works just fine on other imageboards.

Over-reactive filters are preventing users from making quality posts. Please fix.
R: 14

Who exactly manages Lainchan?

Just wondering, who are the people who manage Lainchan? Who are the admins and mods? Pic unrelated.
R: 2

Someone running a futurist/transhumanist wiki recently contacted me saying they were wondering if I would write up an article on lainchan. I think it would be a little weird for an admin to write about their own site, so I was wondering if any of you wanted to. As you can see, it's currently nonexistent: https://hpluspedia.org/wiki/Lainchan

I'm not asking the community to do it per se, just fielding the idea if somebody wants to. I'll leave this stickied for a few days.
R: 1


I'm curious as to why Lainchan, Sushigirl, and Uboachan are all tied together. Are these websites somehow related?

>pic unrelated, I just like snakes.
R: 1

Tor problems?

I only come to this site through Tor because I'm 2kewl4skewl. Lately I've been having a lot of issues. Pages are only loading halfway so I can't see any images, images fail to load when I try to open them full size, or pages just fail to load at all and I get a "secure connection failed" error.
It's very difficult to post too. I have to try about half a dozen times to get a post to go through.
R: 2

Problem with reply tags

Hello, when I hover over a reply to read them, the replies don't show replies them selves. I believe this to be a bug as it seems like pretty important functionality to me. Included screenshots in case I did not explain well.
R: 3

Adult services?

Every time I want to post something on /lambda/ this happen.
R: 12

Board suggestion

Greetings Applelord
Temporary experimental board suggestion:

5 word per post limit. Image mandatory.

Try for a week?
R: 2

>>>/r/28833 directing traffic to failblok.
Would you mind blocking incoming/outgoing failblok traffic?

At minimum would you block outgoing failblok traffic?

Thank you.
R: 1

Why does /all/ redirect to /popular/ then 404? Also wtf was the deal with /tay/ and what happened to it?
R: 4

How come the irc is no longer accessible through tor? Arbitrary reasons or because of bots?
R: 23

/civ/ is a dumpster fire and deserves to die

No matter how you feel about the actual subject, the "When did /pol/ come here thread?" appears to have monopolized the image board entirely since it was posted. We're already a slow board and when the "recent posts" is about 80-90% /civ/ on a /g/ spinoff you know there's a problem. I understand that there is an argument about keeping the "politics debate" cancer contained but honestly something needs to be done so we can go back to the kind of discussions the majority of people on here actually want.
R: 1


R: 17

RSVP for AGM Dress Rehersal

This thread is to announce the upcoming AGM (annual general meeting) for Lainchan.

I don't believe we had AGMs before , just the Mumble moderator meeting on 2016-08-17.

Currently the AGM is scheduled for 2017-04-23 UTC 00:00 and the dress rehearsal is scheduled for 2017-03-19 UTC 00:00.

Show up on IRC / Mumble / or just browse /q/ or don't your choice.

Yes the AGM is scheduled the weekend after Lainchan's 3rd birthday.

What is happening at the AGM you ask ? There will be an agenda and meeting where various topics mostly about Lainchan will be discussed.

Discussed being the key word, any actual suggested changes from the meeting will not be rolled out until well after the AGM is over.

Why is this different you ask ? The only difference is this is an attempt to specify a fixed time.

Attendance is completely optional, if you don't want to show up, then don't show up.

Why is there a dress rehearsal ? Because practice makes perfect, organizing meetings that span time zones is difficult at the best of times.

If you want to suggest agenda items or suggest that the current suggested times should be changed please use this thread for that.

Do you need to wear a costume ?
No you don't need to wear a costume.

I don't care about the stupid meeting, I just care about the famous Mumble Parties I heard about .....

If you don't care then you don't have to show up.
R: 1

Does lainchan have .onion and/or .i2p addresses?

Why aren't they linked in navbar?/Why not?

The tor daemon needs literally two lines in the config file and you're good to go, i2pd needs three.
R: 7

To the person Administrating LainchanWiki

Could you please implement HTTPS, and or buy a domain name? I don't want people packet sniffing my password when I login via public wifi.
R: 6

The mods deleted anime pic related in a post I made on /λ/ for being 'Irrelevant', despite that I thought it was, it was specifically chosen to convey a tone of anxious confusion at something another poster said.
There are lots of posts with much more clearly irrelevant pictures, even on /λ/, so I dont think mods should be making subjective judgments about how relevant an image is to someones post, just as to how acceptable it is for the board. Personal subjective creativity about what image to pair with your post to achieve a certain tone or aesthetic is part of posting on imageboards.
R: 0

Can the action of reporting be async? It's a bit annoying to lose your page position and be redirected after a report. Nothing serious, but it would improve quality of life.
R: 2


does lainchan have an onion link?
R: 1


Appleman, is it true you did rm -rf on the lainchan server?
What content was lost?
R: 1

So wtf is this pufferfish thing?
R: 13

Is there an actual, legitimate reason you've locked the /civ/ board, or are you just upset that there isn't a total uniformity in political opinion on this site?
R: 27

Focalizing the Community for Our Survival

I think Lainchan as a whole needs to become more focused on the technological aspects of the world rather than the other things in order to become more successful in terms of popularity and quality. This is because /lain/ itself, i.e. its users, already represents a niche group of people. Why would you split up an already niche group of people into so many various boards? We have a total of 12 boards alone in the main nav bar - 12! (Minus /q/, /mega/, etc.) What that's essentially doing is dividing an already niche group of people into 12 separate and even smaller categories that can be browsed only once at a time. Is this how you achieve quality in a niche community?

You cannot easily argue that the freedom to move between different boards negates my argument, because the reality is that each user only has a finite amount of time to spend on Lainchan, which is already a small community, everyday. If a user decides to visit Lainchan, he will most likely visit only a single board for the majority of his sitting and focus his mind on the specific topic of that board, separate from all the others. I don't have hard evidence to back this claim up, because I don't know how every Lainchan user spends his time on Lainchan, but I think that this a reasonable assumption to make. So when a Lainchan user decides to visit Lainchan, what he is essentially doing is participating in only 1 out of 12 other "groups" of people at any given moment of time in an already niche community.

My proposal of what the nav bar should look like is the following:

1. /sec/
2. /sci/
3. /lam/
4. /cult/
5. /lit/
6. /r/

1. /layer/
2. /zzz/
3. /feels/ - for the love of god please hide this
4. /drg/
5. /civ/

Yes, my proposal implies many major things, I'll go through them quickly. I believe /lam/ and /diy/ should be combined into /tech/, because both are practically technological subjects that don't necessarily imply security, (which would belong in /sec/). And if this means we have to have one less distroposting or desktop posting thread in /tech/, so be it. Activity and quality are more important that these fruitless endeavors, which are allowed only by all the immense space between our separated boards.This would bring all technological minds together in a bigger forum instead of spreading them out needlessly, and forcing them to focus in on the things that really matter to us and are important to us, collectively. I consider this to be the most important thing.

You know what's ironic about /layer/? "Hiding" is the principle element behind the technology there yet there they are displaying themselves on the public nav bar. Plus, there's no strict topic of discussion, so hide the whole damn thing and let them be a niche within a niche.

A lot of people are gonna hate this, but /zzz/, /feels/, and /drg/ are nothing but huge and public invites to non-technological people who come to this chan and only want to settle on those very (non-technological) boards. The only type of non-technological people I would ever want on this chan are people who are interested in cyberpunk novels or sci-fi literature in general, but don't know too much about actual technology - that's fine in my opinion. But everyone else, I mean what good are they to us as a whole and in the long run? What good are they for our overall image as well?

Please consider these thoughts, I've been here for a while.
R: 5

Could the authorities add support for uploading text files? Turning a text file into a PDF just to upload it is like kicking dead whales down the beach. Sure, I could put it on some paste site somewhere but...eh. Would anyone else be interested in this?
R: 1

/sec/ is the new /civ/

Well, it seems that way. What's with all the politics in there? I guess if you think about it, security is somewhat related to politics and trying to control information but aren't we looking for more technical discussions focused on security?

Wait. What about /tech/ then?
R: 1

Weighing Purchasing Options

Pardon me if this topic doesn't belong here.

Lately I have been making online purchases via check as an alternative to CC. I'm wondering if this is a good idea to do or if I should just use my CC for everything. I just worry about another site having my card details and selling that to a third-party or the seller being malicious or underhanded.

Should I just not worry about it?
R: 2

Please provide an explanation as to why >>>/sec/4727 was deleted.

It would appear that quality information is being removed. Perhaps the post didn't meet the disinformation threshold for /sec/?
R: 1

how soon after putting music in the volafile can i expect to hear it on /radio/?
R: 7

So this just happened to me on /lit/ after posting. It is normal after navigating back to the board and opening the thread again. Something to investigate whenever you feel bored. ^ _ ^
R: 4

Crypto donations

Don't imagine this is the first time this has been asked.
Can you place a bitcoin, or better, monero address on the donation page so us lains who prefer to not hand over card details on mule can still help pool in for infrastructure costs.
R: 2

Adding a optional buzzing sound to lainchan (the same one we see in Serial Experiments lain)?
R: 3


>What is the purpose of Lainchan ?
>See https://lainchan.org/q/res/11853.html#11853
That link is dead.
R: 7

NEW Stickers?

Hey folks,
I was wondering... wouldn't be a good idea to create new stickers? There isn't much of a choice right now.

For instance, every lainchan sticker is colored. But we all know that on Thinkpads is general rule that black and white is actually a lot more a e s t h e t i c
R: 4

Can we fuarrrking please double or triple the allowed number of characters per post ? This isn't twitter.
R: 3

Doesn't Support IPv6?!

Hello lainons, I just managed to get a cool IPv6 link at home with better performance, but when I tried to load Lainchan, I found it was still laggy. I did a nslookup and found Lainchan doesn't support IPv6 at all.

IPv6 is not only the future of the Internet, but also the universal network protocol and workhorse of Wired network where Lain lives.

It is unbelievable that a website with themes of cyberpunk and Lain doesn't even support IPv6. I urge to add IPv6 for Lainchan.
R: 1

bring back kalyx

Can you contact kalyx and transfer all of the radio music to him? I want kalyx to create a new website to host the boards you are about to delete. Will you put kalyx back on staff because you appleman clearly need his direction. Kalyx finally recovered soykaf.org and I for one want him to be our BDFL. Why did you lock the old IRC channel you lunatic?
R: 2

Block further misuse of the word "botnet".

I don't want to sound like someone who hates fun and I have personally misused the term regularly in the past, but usage of the term has expanded significantly from its original misuse to describe software that collects data on you for advertising purposes and it is now used to describe anything from software that isn't open source, to software/hardware that people believe to be back doored (commonly based on only speculation), to occasional misuse as a catchall term meaning "any software/hardware I don't like" (just as the word "wage slave" has started being misused to mean "anyone who disagrees with me/what I believe to be the common viewpoint"). This increasing misuse has started to become a problem as it can sometimes be hard to understand what exactly the person's problem with whatever they're calling "botnet" is, especially with the term's increasing misuse by people who seem to not know what the problem is with what they're referring to as "botnet" in the first place and who are only using the term because they heard other people using it.

I would argue that, due to the issues listed above, the misuse of the word "botnet" would fall under rule 4.
R: 2


Lainchan needs ATOM / RSS feeds

per board / global

*drops microphone*
R: 5

hey mods i see you link to lewd /uboa / sushi

Let's link our boards too <3


-- a lainon
R: 2

Is it just me or is it kinda weird there's basically no video game discussion on Lainchan at all?
R: 6

Why is discussion of drugs allowed (under the disguise of "my waifu" or "my friend") but discussion of hacking on /sec/ isn't?

Shows a double standard if I may say so myself.
R: 1

>lain exclusively features apple products
>every lainanon uses linux software
R: 14

The "pedo problem" of Lainchan

Lains, there is a real issue that we need to discuss here today.

There are a large number of pedophiles in the #lainchan IRC who are
giving shame to our community. Clearly, they are only interested in
cypherpunk as a means to "safely" indulge in their perversions.

While we were discussing the issue of the morality of bestiality in
the chat today (in short: it is wrong), the pedos began crawling out
of the woodwork and defending indescribably obscene acts, desires, and
prior acts, while several other users began discussing illegal
filesharing networks and websites featuring media depicting child
sexual abuse.

A few of us were surprised, shocked, and horrified by what was going
on. Sadly, there were no mods around. I went to go "blow the whistle"
in #general, hoping to get some kind of moderation going on... and how
am I rewarded...? Some asshat issues me a permanent ban from the

My name is Bob. I have been going to lainchan for several years, and
been part of the IRC since its founding days. I've contributed code to
the site, made plenty of other contributions (inc. financially), and
attended meetups. And it all ends this way. Perma-derezzed for giving
the staff a heads-up about illegal disgusting content on the network.

This is just sad. I hate to see what Lainchan is becoming.

1. Pedophilia, child pornography, child abuse should be derezzed
2. Bestiality, animal pornography, animal abuse should be derezzed
3. It should not be ban-worthy to report this criminal activity to the
4. Thus I should be underezzed
5. Thus Lainchan shall become a better place, free of degenerate filth

I won't namedrop in the OP but I can start posting handles / logs /
etc if requested.

Bump for awareness.
R: 1

Group the boards like they used to be for easy navigation

Having all the boards dumped into a single list in a random order is a bit un-user friendly. We should go back to how related boards used to be grouped together for easy navigation, such as:
>[ sec / tech / λ / diy / layer ] [ zzz / drg / inter / lit / music / vis ] [ q / r ]

For anyone who doesn't remember off hand, the original board groupings were:
>[ sec / sci / tech / λ / diy / layer ] [ zzz / feels / drg / lit / cult ] [ q / r ]
R: 47


This thread is to announce the upcoming AGM (annual general meeting) for Lainchan.

I don't believe we had AGMs before , just the Mumble moderator meeting on 2016-08-17.

Currently the AGM is scheduled for 2017-04-23 UTC 00:00 and the dress rehearsal is scheduled for 2017-03-19 UTC 00:00.

Show up on IRC / Mumble / or just browse /q/ or don't your choice.

Yes the AGM is scheduled the weekend after Lainchan's 3rd birthday.

What is happening at the AGM you ask ? There will be an agenda and meeting where various topics mostly about Lainchan will be discussed.

Discussed being the key word, any actual suggested changes from the meeting will not be rolled out until well after the AGM is over.

Why is this different you ask ? The only difference is this is an attempt to specify a fixed time.
R: 192

The Future (2)

Since >>81 hit post limit.


Since everything is gone, this is a thread so that people can ask for stuff they want remade or to be brought back.

I (Appleman1234) am also looking for people to help to moderate, administer and janitor the site and services, because whilst I can continue to do it alone, it is much less fun that way.

Just because you ask for something on this thread, doesn't mean it will happen, but it will be considered. Anything repeated will be counted as a single request unless some form of verification of separate entities is provided.
R: 300

The Future

Since everything is gone, this is a thread so that people can ask for stuff they want remade or to be brought back.

I am also looking for people to help to moderate, administer and janitor the site and services, because whilst I can continue to do it alone, it is much less fun that way.

Just because you ask for something on this thread, doesn't mean it will happen, but it will be considered. Anything repeated will be counted as a single request unless some form of verification of separate entities is provided.
R: 49

New board suggestions

Appleman said he is looking at ideas for new boards. So why not have a thread on this?
(Appleman if you think this thread is inappropriate at this stage, feeel free to delete it)

My ideas: /w,/ipfs,/foss and /net(as in network technology and science)
R: 65

Banner Thread #3

Lets get another banner thread going!