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He did so much good for the site! Finally, on a personal note, kalyx was at the time struggling with gender dysphoria and substance abuse.


Could somebody explain what happened?


seems like kalyx deleted everything


Did kalyx even have access at this point?


File: 1491909905889-0.png (181.38 KB, 198x200, photo5431877880243136463.jpg)

File: 1491909905890-1.png (92.33 KB, 200x115, photo5431877880243136456.jpg)

Here's an incomplete first-hand account.


Why is kalyx such a fuarrrking cunt


Man that is sad if it is true, but at least we get a clean slate then?


that only really makes sense if we would've switched to a new (better) engine.


gg kalyx you utter glitterboi

Thanks to based Pearguy for bringing things back up so relatively fast.


uhhh, why the fuarrrk didn't apple change creds when they took over?!


File: 1491910811848.png (66.93 KB, 200x141, IMG_1150.jpg)

RIP to the deleted content. Guess we hit layer 13.

Here's to the reset.
A memory is only a record. You just have to rewrite that record.


As an aside, here's to the exocortex, as well: Appleman, is there anything Lainions can do to help contribute to the restoration of the website (other than providing content, and making sure that chaos is limited during recovery by keeping things contained and orderly), as well as help ensure there are non-server backups?



Nice dubs my friend Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!


Kalyx is such a piece of soykaf attention whoring coward. What a small, disgusting person.
It's repulsive to imagine an adult acting like that.


File: 1491911067015.png (16.07 KB, 200x150, 2.jpg)

Good. Now bring back /cyb/ you fuarrrks


So am I right to assume that with this wipe, Kalyx no longer has access?


I hope from the bottom of my heart that appleman can sue him. I imagine that he bought the site with some kind of contract. This type of thing cannot be brushed aside as "haha trolling! LOL". This is not remotely acceptable.


Can't know, since it's wiped i imagine appleman wouldn't even bother using the same servers. Might as well start from scratch.


Let's hope that is the case


For what purpose? No need to get the cops/state involved like some whiny kid


And they would take what away from Kalyx? His toaster? He is so broke I doubt they can take anything away.


Imagine that you paid for an amazon website. Someone comes along and wipes your website.
You should receive compensation.


He ran an imageboard, it shouldn't surprise you that he's autistic


File: 1491911593936.png (152.98 KB, 151x200, 0siyI7f.jpg)

I believe this is all just a ruse purpotrated by applemen himself in order to discredit the former owner and take control of public opinion.


This is probably the first time of me being _really_ disappointed in kalyx's actions, but I hardly feel surprised that he'd so something like that, since he was known to be somewhat unstable.

Let's just hope that Lainchan can rise up better than ever from this.

Anyone who has ever spoken to Appleman for more than 5 minutes would know this is not something he'd do.


File: 1491911756002.png (626.57 KB, 112x200, IMG_1175.png)

>"have you tried turning it off and on again?"
>website goes down temporarily immediately after post

Present Year! Present Time! AHAHAHA



You guys can't even fuarrrking manage a server! What a joke, and you can this cyber? hhahahahaha

First: it should not have a "control panel". Buy a real server that has only the ssh login.

Second: when you buy something, check if it's ok. What in the fuarrrking hell where you doing without changing all the possible access to the system? I would say even more: what in the fuarrrking where you doing to not clone the database and wipe the entire system, just to be sure there's no backdoor on it?

fuarrrking hell dudes.
At least start now with good security protocols. Don't let the password with everyone. Buy a fuarrrking OTP device like Yubi key or Nitrokey.


Why would public opinion need swaying? People generally seem to like Appleman and he's been pretty competent with the site (minus a few glitches here and there).

And I agree with >>27 in that it's just not in his character.


Him doing this just doesn't make sense on at least 17 different levels.


I meant >>26



Yeah, I also feel like this is super doubtful, whereas this totally sounds like something kalyx would do.


1. Stop giving Amazon money
2. Stop being a bitch

I'm not defending kalyx, but such corporate move would devalue lainchan for me. Might as well use reddit then.


So, I guess we just start from the beginning?


Hopefully appleman won't give up on the site after this. I was getting farther and farther away from lainchan due to the increasing politics on the site, but i'd be willing to help in any way i can now. Things like this are just not right.





File: 1491912061446.png (54.5 KB, 191x200, 1480461469.png)

If you think you can do and run everything better, go ahead and start your own imageboard. Then you can do everything "right" and "proper".


fuarrrk, I feel like so much was lost just now


All those dead threads, pdf's and misc files, lost forever...


Three years of content down the drain


Neither does Klayx doing it make sense on 5 levels. I mean he might be unstable, but without more info I am sceptical on the story.

Well appman is a nice guy and I trust him, but I can't wait for more info on this.


Bitch i have over 200GB of PDF's. I wouldn't mind dumping them for days if that helps.

It's really sat that we lost those, but hopefully we can take it back more easily than before, after all now lainchan has a community.


At least zine 4 was released. Ironically enougth during the peak of the downtime...


I would imagine between Appleman's current, real-time effort in getting the site back in operating, and the resultant groundswell of community activity/contribution - as well as demand for safer, more secure practices - that appleman won't give up any time soon. (I am curious to see what action he will take towards kaylx in response, if any.)

Not sure what will happen to the community. Might weed the numbers, could potentially lead to a spike in curious users from other imageboards.

I also would not be surprised if there was some sort of fundraiser in the near future, either top-down or directed by the user base.


fuarrrking seriously? Are there no backups whatsoever? I don't want this site to go down the drain just like that. come on.


File: 1491912346576.png (888.06 KB, 200x87, 2653861-1286162498-tumbl.gif)

Now is the Rebuld version guys, you didn't get it.


kalyx has history of messing with the chan and admitting it - he did some sudden things without consulting when he was in charge, and after he had sold the site to Appleman, he did something with /civ/ which got his mod privileges revoked (I am only about 90% sure about this part, ask someone else) and he used his IRC powers multiple times to mess there too.


I would expect a spike in new users within the next day or too. Stuff like this usually makes its way onto the more vocal chans.


Kalyx is a fuarrrk-up machine, i wouldn't doubt if people said he started fires in his city.


Maybe his dick. Then it would be for the collective good, appleman and us get a sense of revenge and kalyx himself gets a free operation, and wouldn't have to be
> struggling with gender dysphoria


On the other hand, imageboards are supposed to be transient in nature.


Anything we can do now to support the rebuild?


someone contacted him on twitter and he confirmed it


File: 1491912607708.png (183.94 KB, 200x128, 1489584666596.jpg)


check issue #4 in the meantime!


Could someone please explain why Kalyx had access to the server in the first place? I know im being a new user but I thought this site was sold to Appleman.


Depends. 4chan, sure, but Lainchan was heavily geared towards knowledge.
We had tons of PDFs, hacking threads and a lot of persistent data that will be missed.


I believe he didn't change the credentials when the transfer was made.


File: 1491912694176.png (94.84 KB, 113x200, IMG_0169.png)

Here is official kalyx statement lol


That's total bullsoykaf. Does he think he's a child talking to his parents?


that makes no sense...
kalyx is poor as fuark, and then just wiping a server out of nowhere?


Yeah, that's what I meant. Halfchan had a thread on it with a fair amount of users saying they occasionally lurked or used to. Some, in halfchan form, had an attitude of good riddance. Between those two groups alone, I imagine there will be some that will be drawn to the reset of the existing culture here, especially if we can hit the ground running with new content and discussions. The /g/ thread had some praise for the niceness of lainions and the quality of discussions. Maybe the chance to build from the ground up while retaining our demographic and user base (including the curious lurkers) will only augment that.


>"I randomly got a pass reset email"
And how does one exactly get a passworf reset email without prior authorisation? Unless someone else with accesson the server fuarrrked up and sent it by mistake.


get those filters back on before the russians find out


Second this, we do NOT need another cp raid.


for some reason the server was still on kalyx's email, applemoot wanted a password so did the reset password thing


File: 1491913020371.png (110.92 KB, 113x200, IMG_0170.png)

It's because apple guy never changed anything on the Vps control panel.


So it was an accident?

Too short, eat my shorts.


Ah, that would explain a lot.


What exactly does it explain? Why are they not using ssh and private keys instead of a control panel? And why did they delete the data in the first place?


File: 1491913296655.png (98.04 KB, 113x200, IMG_0171.png)

Last wun the body was too short


>spike in curious users from other imageboards
I only began lurking and using lainchan a few days ago, and this means I won't be able to lurk as hard as I wanted to, learning as much as I wanted to.
On the other hand, I agree with 52-san that textboards and imageboards gain great value from some amount of transience. Transience helps spur discussion in contrast with creating archives.
I'm sorry, for the loss is great for me and you, but greatest for you. I hope lainchan and you can recover.


lainchan is hosted on a ramnode vps, you have full ssh access, but stuff like os installs and wipes are done through solusvm control panel


>thought it was one of my own servers
>I did it for the lulz

What did he mean by this?.jpg


kalyx deleted /civ/ because he thought it was bad. This was after he had sold the site and left the team, he only still had admin powers because there had been no reason to remove them.


"what I did wasn't wrong"
"not my fault, stupid new owner should've taken backups"


He's pathetic, it's disgusting.


A moment of confusion. Then a moment of greatest lulz he ever had. Most of the mods thought this was hilarious I hope appleman makes it better this time .


Next time, the knowledge should be stored on gitlain or somewhere, rather than in threads that could go off the board at any time.
(Though I remember there was an archive board for this.)



oh hey, kalyx


File: 1491913848060.png (179.92 KB, 200x158, 1491700563565.png)

I just hope Appleman make a better Lainchan again.
But now we don't need recreate the >>>/feels/.


File: 1491913906458-0.png (195.99 KB, 113x200, IMG_0172.png)

File: 1491913906458-1.png (178.36 KB, 113x200, IMG_0173.png)



Nobody thinks this is remotely funny, kalyx. You're not a youtuber and this is not a prankLUL!!, even if you act like one.


In the last lainzine there is an article on web scrapping, I would expect the author raxmur did this recently with lainchan ; couldn't this be used as a backup ?
Or is there some crucial information server-side that wouldn't be accessible browser-side, that would make this useless ?
At the very least we should have access to all the pdf and lain pics, if the guy would so kind as to upload it somewhere.


wtf. let's just move lainchan to zeronet



I think this is pretty funny as in "how can soykaf like this even happen" way


File: 1491914074736.png (62.21 KB, 200x113, IMG_0174.jpg)


The body was too short tho


>a fuarrrking id for the whole network
I2p and Tor still best option by far. But I believe they stay with clearnet site.


I don't even know what happened and I don't care but:
>no backup
Like, #1 rule when you're doing anything with a PC


>gender dysphoria
Is he taking hormones too? Those are granted to make one act like a dumb child, I've seen many people suddenly turn pantsu on head retarded when they started hormone therapy.

On a side note, since we have to restore everything from scratch anyway, I don't suppose the website could take some time off and possibly make some breaking changes to generally improve the codebase and the user experience?


File: 1491914652316.png (19.34 KB, 200x173, Ctaz5muXYAEfTrO.jpg)

I think it was taught during the first week in some intro to computing class I took in school many years ago. Might have even been the first day.


It was the first thing my 4th grade teacher told us during our first computer class: "back it up 'cause something WLL go wrong at some point".


File: 1491915130693.png (474.72 KB, 181x200, R (19).png)

Are all of you really going to focus on the lack of backups and no on the piece of soykaf who actively wiped the servers?
Don't get me wrong, not making backups is stupid, but people are busy and it's quite understandable, a mistake that happens often, but a mistake nonetheless.

That's completely different from being a piece of soykaf, limp dick spoiled child who screams and whines when he doesn't get attention.


We should all support him on his arduous road to becoming a cute girl


>kalyx was at the time struggling with gender dysphoria and substance abuse
Having issues doesn't give you the excuse to act like an asshole. I do drugs and have brain problems but I don't pull dumb soykaf like this. Kalyx can get fuarrrked, the dumb tranny druggo.


Hitler, as usual, is a great example of that.
Did he have a soykaf life? Sure. Does that excuse his ass? No.

Kalyx is literally a child, giving tantrums and expecting the adults to forgive him because he's still a child and doesn't know what he's doing.
He's an adult for fuarrrk sake, people close to him have to deal with his bullsoykaf and only if they give enough of a fuarrrk about him. Aside from that, what he does is his responsibility.


He's not trans lol. That's a meme.


Hooray for the first Godwin point of this new era of lainchan !
(Not that this makes you wrong.)


File: 1491916071524.png (21.37 KB, 128x128, IMG_0175.jpg)

We backed up the most important files https://volafile.io/r/b85hn1km




File: 1491916186139.png (12.1 KB, 200x151, joke.jpg)



>Finally, on a personal note, Leah was at the time struggling with gender dysphoria and substance abuse.


I need to express my sadness about this situation, too bad the irc got trashed too.
Also RIP all the good thread and the PDF.
(Is my post currently overwriting some removed quality-content ? soykaf man)


>(Is my post currently overwriting some removed quality-content ? soykaf man)
Can only hope to Lain that appleman won't use the same servers, or have anything to deal with kalyx ever again.


Also, to old to be a girl


Nigga this is literally the only thread on the whole imageboard.


Make this a banner

Body body


hahah, i think the whole thing is hilarious. if anything such a hi-tech trashcan fire of a web service is the most cyb thing imaginable imho. transient, swallowed by fire, rebuilt again from the ashes and junkyard parts, set on fire again in a drunken/drug fueled rage only to be rebuilt again.

rinse and repeat

quick somebody kick something over


I have most of the irc logs saved and gave them to crash_override. They're at https://crashoverride.ml/files/irc


are those pictures of trap-kalyx?


holy soykaf
[if only this body were as long as those text files]



Oh cry me a fuarrrking river.

If a shark eats you while swimming in the ocean with no safety cause you were too stupid to realize theres sharks in the ocean is it natural selection or an evil shark plot to make swimmers lives miserable?


applemoot unlocked freenode #lainchan


How can a shark be compared to a manchild?


Is kalyx a natural predator? He had a choice to either a) not be a cunt b) be a cunt.
Sharks do not have choice, they do what they do since they are sharks.

You think what kalyx did is 'normal' and 'good'?



that wasn't the point. Owner oversight caused this problem. You make a mistake its your own fault, don't expect people not to take advantage of it.


Kalyx lied about not having the password, oversight would be not to ask for it. People are not perfect, have you ever worked on any system ever?

You're talking as if this was a software architecture bug, when in fact it was the action of one person, intentional action.


Case in point, you should expect the worst out of people. It never fails, and doing otherwise is what leads to situations like this.


Nobody lied. Appleman straight up sent him the password email.


Read the IRC messages. He asked for the password, kalyx lied. Appleman then tried to recover the password, it was sent to kalyx email. Kalyx then decided to wipe the servers.

Your assumptions don't make sense in this scenario.


well in this case the mistake was not knowing there was a problem in the first place. As the owner you are expected to know all the credentials to what you own.

Your retard argument about "working on systems" is worthless. Whatever your working on you should have full control over it, or expect problems.


This was good. Thank you kalyx.


In a perfect world from highschool projects, yes.


Natural selection will take its course wether you agree with me or not. No amount of bitching about people screwing you over will stop it.


Actually kalyx called a huge mumble party and helped appleman recover the account.


You're using the concept of natural selection when you don't understand natural selection is.
If someone shoots you down on the street (or takes down your server), it has nothing to do with natural selection.
Stop using terms you don't understand as if this was 4chan.


You're both right. It was a dick move by kalyx and bad play to let him make it. We live, we learn.

Seconded. We need a memorial for this.


I want that fuarrrking cunt sued.


> dick move
B...b...ut I'm a WOMAN!


But still have a fuarrrking dick.


Awesome, thanks for posting that. Lainzine is my favorite thing that this board has put together.


Yeah, fuarrrk Kalyx and good riddance I say. Good to see Appul got the site back up so quickly.


The site's not back up. Can't you see? Everything we've gathered over the years is gone.


Old users will understand why he did it


Because he's an unstable nutjob. Creating lainchan was the only good thing kalyx did for the site.



lainchan has made my life objectively worse


File: 1491920183157.png (119.61 KB, 200x55, 2017-04-11-151121_1920x1080_scrot.png)

Cropped to 384x128
The body was t
oo short or empty. Write a longer postWrite a longer pos
tWrite a longer postWrite a longer postWrite a longer postWrite a longer postWrite a longer postWrite a longer post
Write a longer postWrite a longer post


Ok theres a fairly recent capture at http://archive.is/2y7ub

We should be able to salvage some threads from it


Lain please let this be a banner.


File: 1491920667460.png (144.44 KB, 200x67, 2017-04-11-152153_1920x1080_scrot.png)

I made it the wrong size. This one's 384x128


How does that work ?
All the links point to lainchan, and I just get the 404 page.


Goddamnit I wanted the pdfs from the thread.

At least one good thing.


Wait, not all, /tech/ and /lamba/ and /layer/ work, but then I can't get into most of the threads.
Better than nothing still.


You can see everything on this list: http://archive.is/lainchan.org

There are also some caps in the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/*/lainchan.org


Oh, thanks.
So this is not automated right ?
Only the threads that were requested to be archived were saved ?
Hopefully we'll have all the good parts.



>You are too short to post

What is this prejudice against dwarves?


the wayback machine crawls pages with a spider.
Archive.is is manual.

I just checked, and it seems google doesn't have any cached pages, unfortunately


There's a real dwarf shortage.

I'll get my coat


Not surprised ultimately that he would do this, but what a cunt. If he sold the website he shouldn't be trying to involve himself in the present. Kalyx, congrats you pompous, egocentric, manchild!


File: 1491921722719.png (97.31 KB, 200x95, 1482892800302-0.jpg)

the come of the seasons, flowers wilt and bloom
to rewire will remove that which looms
stagnation and fumes
a new _Wired is wakening


This is fuarrrking dumb, both what kalyx did and the lack of backups.




This kid sounds like a dumbass. Let's not let him in on this again, ok?


I am glad that kalyx blew things up. This place has gotten pretty boring in the last two or so years.
The nature of all this lain cyber jazz is very adaptive; you have to change, and so so faster than the corporate world and all the stagnating idiots. The petty little changes in boards was akin to nothing.

If I was Appleman, I'd wait like a year and then give kalyx full access again, so if and when he feels the site is dying, he could grant it yet another rebirth.

Godspeed, you magnificient glorious winged glitterboy! All hail kalyx!


kalyx didn't "grant the site a rebirth" because he felt it was dying, he's an impulsive child who clearly has trouble letting go of control.


The only children here are the ones taking this event seriously; except Appleman because it is serious work for him (for reasons).

This is not a library or an archive, things should keep rolling.


Judging kalyx is not the same as thinking that an imageboard wipe is the end of the world.
The event isn't so important, most important threads have archives, even more were irrelevant. What makes people upset is that kalyx decided to take this action, not because of the consequences, but because he behaves as a manchild who isn't responsible for his actions.

I would feel the same way towards him if he screamed at a random person in the street. Would the event be important? Certainly not. His action would still be despicable.


I don't feel any thread on an image board is so important that they need an archive (if it was, it would be a sticky). The thread is dead as soon as it's bumped off page 10, I don't want to look at it again.. For me, there won't be much of a consequence as long as the boards get back up again.

Always thought it was odd that people kept archives of old threads and posted important exclusively on an imageboard in a very temporary thread when it would be much better to host that on an external site.


Alright, revenge on Kalyx when?


Thanks for clarifying the point.
Still, I shall hold my view that what he did was both lulzy and cool. Some people think cool things aren't cool anymore if others get mad about it; they are the ones that get mad in the end!


Never, because that kind of soykaf is childish and lame.


I want half and fullchan to go back to their designated shelters


>I only began lurking and using lainchan a few days ago, and this means I won't be able to lurk as hard as I wanted to, learning as much as I wanted to.
The staff and returning users will be able to keep the spirit. One of the spirits of Lainchan is simply putting effort and care into your posting and trying to help others with what you know.


Except those sites are where people usually started caring about archives and crap like that. I really don't care about what happened in a thread 4 months ago. The thread is dead, I have no reason to read it.

There is absolutely no reason to expect that the stuff you post in a thread will last for more than a couple of days.


Not on lainchan. It's not like we have that kind of traffic.
When i post here i only check it again a few days/weeks later, it's very rare to have a thread with active people in the same hour/day.

Unless it's political bullsoykaf, then people get really hyped up about it and post forever.


Yes the boards here are slow, and threads last a long time. I still don't expect them to stay around tho. If the boards are recreated, I don't think what happened would change how I use this site. I'm here to lurk and post, and I'll keep doing if/when the boards are back up.


I come to Lainchan after hearing so much about it after a few years. And this is the state it's in? Ruined by some glitterboy tranny's autistic rage. I have to say I'm disappointed and upset.


ruined? It's better than ever.


Unless this is an elaborate ARG, I don't see it


the only boards are for meta discussion, lainposting, and worshipping a japanese pop singer who died 31 years and 3 days ago
so yeah, we're doing alright


Why would you want to receive compensation for your own fuarrrk-up?


I cannot comprehend your argument unless you're really young.

If someone actively damages you, you have the right to receive compensation or try to arrest the person that damaged you. By your argument, not a single hacker would ever have to worry about being caught, after all "the devOps fuarrrked up". Sadly, this is not how anything has ever worked in the history of our world. You couldn't do that in Mesopotamia and you can't do that now.


Memes asides, he kind of has a point. This whole thing could have been avoided by switching to a new vps provider. Or at least making sure that appleboy had all the credentials (and no one else)


Only the first three are showing up for me, do you mind posting the PDF?


Kalyx would have had everything back up by now. Willing to bet he'd do it for apple bottom if asked .


Kalyx has the technical skill of a grandmother. Don't be delusional.


File: 1491959505325.png (12.59 KB, 169x196, face2.jpg)

templeOS terry hacked lainchan live on his hitbox. more details to come


He did pretty well for us for a while. Lainchan had plenty of malicious activity before.


> This is not remotely acceptable.

... but very remotely accessible.



You could always add getting rid of that as a suggestion in the "The Future" thread on /q/.


>kalyx was struggling with gender dysporia
fuarrrking kalyx became a brazilian shemale?


It's on r/Drama too. So expect a few of those mouth breathers in the next few days too.


>saving backups in the same server you're hosting the content you backuped
Tip top lel. Always gets me.


>Make this a banner
Would be marvelous.


File: 1491983078890.png (8.29 KB, 200x146, 2d1f90578032e12bf29f15292f0b5d0c.jpg)

Why did we even have character requirements on posts? I want my one liner posts.


There's a spam bot that the measure defeats.


>Finally, on a personal note, kalyx was at the time struggling with gender dysphoria and substance abuse.
he should have made a tumblr and leave us alone.


so, what shoud he do then? send him a bunch of lainheads to fuarrrk his soykaf up?


I thought this was a relevant video to the OP.






lurk moar


I knew about the libreboot tranny, but I didn't connect the dots and just assumed kalyx was a tranny autist like so many other attention whores on the Internet.


Appleman's going to make Lainchan great again?
The guy who, the first thing he did upon taking over, was hide all the boards? To "ensure quality control"? And had to be talked out of it by Kalyx?

Even if we had the tranny AND the sperg both trying their best to run this place, it's still like leaving Beavis and Butthead running the store.


Imageboards are ephemeral; everything is going to slowly disappear from it.

For what it's worth, I saved files and threads (1998AD) that were of interest to me. When PDF threads or attempts to archive old posts resurface I can share what I have.


>I also would not be surprised if there was some sort of fundraiser in the near future, either top-down or directed by the user base.
Imagine the Lainchan bake sale.


Would everything be $50?


I thought this was a meme from IRC, any proof kalyx wants to chop of his donger?


pretty much this. you can't squeeze blood from a rock


File: 1492015361884.png (41.85 KB, 161x200, 1472251312003.png)

fuarrrk yeah Kalyx. I love you. This is good.


File: 1492019828924.png (13.73 KB, 200x136, kalyx.png)

what the fuarrrk is this posting limit bullsoykaf i have to write a longer post ? where the fuarrrk am i /r9k/ suck on my lorem ipsum you queers

Perspiciatis culpa aut dicta dolorem enim expedita cumque. Consequatur doloribus vel aut id sit qui quo quos. Qui nihil ratione voluptas maiores atque veritatis doloribus ex. Eveniet earum exercitationem et quae est perferendis expedita pariatur. Similique voluptatem odio dolor fugit. Et perspiciatis ducimus quos velit.


We have that to keep out people like you.

>lorem ipsum

Oh no! Nobody's ever tried that before! You found our secret weakness!


Kalyx is a moderator on volatile and white names can be anyone. The real kalyx is purple on volatile.


Why didn't Appleman have exclusive access to the VPS the moment he bought lainchan? Also why would he ask for "control panel" info? Does Appleman not know how to use SSH? Who is this guy?

As for Kalyx, it sounds like he purged the server cause he was using its resources for personal soykaf and Appleman finally wanted access to it which would have exposed him. He saw Appleman was forcing his way in, reseting passwords, and so Kalyx panicked and purged the whole thing.


I like the post length requirement. It's annoying sometimes, but overall I think it does more good than harm.


there are lots of things that can't be handled via ssh. vps things, dns records, turning the machine on again when it's properly shut off instead of just rebooted, etc. and many vps providers even keep the kernel stored outside the vm for performance / deduping / etc.


>vps things
>dns records
Since when can't DNS records be handled within SSH?
>can't access the server if it's off
No soykaf. Why would your VPS ever be completely shut down?
>they keep the kernel stored outside the VM
What do you even mean by this? Do you even know what the kernel is? How is it even relevant?


File: 1492035347019.png (428.16 KB, 200x183, 1435450157743.gif)

that was a typo X_X. stopped to think and typed the same thing twice.

>No soykaf. Why would your VPS ever be completely shut down?

what happens when the ssh daemon crashes? or the kernel panics? or an update leaves some-kinda-library-error because a running process requests a lib that's been updated?

hard resets are necessary sometimes, or at least physical console access.

>What do you even mean by this? Do you even know what the kernel is? How is it even relevant?

a kernel, in the context of computing, is a bit of code which runs directly on a machine's hardware and provides the controlled environment that the rest of an operating system expects to exist within, with process scheduling and vmem and things. on modern hardware, it's provided with a set of exclusive machine instructions as well, kept off limits to userspace programs at the hardware level via the setting and resetting of a "kernel mode bit".

there are two well-known archetypes for kernel design: micro kernels and monolithic kernels. a micro kernel maintains a minimal footprint, delegating things like drivers / filesystems / whatever to external components, while a monolithic kernel is built as a single unit, with all that extra functionality implemented inside the kernel itself. though the former is widely heralded (by e.g. tannenbaum or the hurd devs), it has yet to see widespread success in practice (unless you count osx, which is a different thing entirely, really).

microkernels provide an added layer of security and stability, as very little code is actually run in kernel mode and misbehaving subcomponents can be reset or killed without the kernel itself dying. however, there is a huge performance overhead involved in this approach, as sub components don't share memory space or kernel privileges and need to spam the kernel with requests via message-passing. this is the primary reason for their lack of popularity, despite all the praise from theorists.

in a monolithic kernel, security and reliability are sacrificed for the sake of speed, via mem sharing, all sorts of weird optimisations, and lots and lots of inline statements, meaning your kernel can run at ludicrous speed but will also explode at the slightest quiver from that binary blob you loaded for your oversized graphics card. it also means that, if you're using a pre-compiled kernel, you're probably going to be filling up your ram with lots of functionality that's completely useless on your specific machine.

the linux kernel tries to make somewhat of a compromise between these two extremes via the concept of kernel modules, extra chunks of the kernel which are tacked onto the main body at run time, decreasing the mem footprint and boosting stability at least slightly via startup checks and some namespace isolation.

so anyways, yeh, that's a kernel. and yes, i mean the kernel is stored outside the VM, as in written to a disk somewhere and loaded into the VM via whatever hypervisor, allowing for space deduplication and deeper integration for metrics and other functionality. it's relevant because i was giving it as an example of the close ties between "inside the VM" and "the control panel" which make accessing the latter necessary to perform certain things which can't be accomplished entirely via the former.


You need some jesus in your life.


File: 1492037326248.png (370.45 KB, 178x200, was it them?!.jpg)

this post exists for the sole purpose of pasting an image reply from an embarrassing animu to a person who made fun of me on the internet


File: 1492127777521.png (5.93 KB, 200x67, banner.png)

Cleaned it up a little.


Can you add "Please do not delete" to the rules? I think this would be a helpful reminder for some members of the community.


so I lost all those pdf threads I saved for later, huh
guess it is true that you shouldn't leave for tomorrow what you can do today


psst hey kid I heard you were looking for some pdf threads https://lainchan.org/λ/res/83.html


File: 1492220690588.png (1.61 MB, 200x113, jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.gif)

Great reset happened?

Glorious keikaku, Kalyx.


What the hell is going on with this site, a few months ago half the boards got kill and now apparently all the boards are done for.
Gets crazier every time I visit. I just want that lockpicking pdf I saved back.


kalyx deleted all the content and nuked lainradio. That's what happened.


I agree with you. If a thread was started 4 months ago and no one is posting to it then its dead.

We should ask ourselves what is the purpose of this site. Is it to spark new interesting discussions or to archive information. Because if its the first thing then low traffic isn't a reason to keap inactive threads alive. If it's the second thing then maybe a wiki would be better and not a imageboard.

That being said, I still thing kalyx done wrong.


>worshipping a japanese pop singer who died 31 years and 3 days ago
What is this?


/cyber/ here

AHAHAHAHAH glitterboys


fuarrrking glitterboys get ćucked by your soykaf admin


File: 1492295059043.png (22.24 KB, 200x111, me.jpg)

Hello lads doublechan here first time toasting in Lainchan ever. Nice filters you got there.


>and nothing of value was lost
fücking ćucked loserchan. admins kill yourselves


Also where is the /int/, 76chan is kill as well
benis :DDD



Only issues 1 - 3 are on the site, anon.

Post the PDF of 4.


there were typesetting errors in 4, so it's been removed and now it's being reformatted


I'm kinda new here and just started lainzine#1

I don't know Kalyx or any of you, so I don't how to feel about reading his jokes on the Editor's notes knowing now that he nuked such a good place.

Now back to reading.