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Can we have an introduction and/or Q&A thread for the new Lainchan owner?

"appleman1234" is the proud new owner of Lainchan, and I for one would like a public appearance. The site was sold by Kalyx for an unreleased sum of money, and appears to have successfully lifted a lot of stress/weight off of Kalyx's shoulders, proving it was a positive move for his mental health.

The biggest thing now will be to see how the new owner's social skills, moderation skills, and site-running prowess compare to that of the legendary Kalyx's.

Only time will tell. Here we are Lains: Day 0(-ish) of a new Lainchan.


File: 1473314166071.png (253.98 KB, 200x125, sold out.jpg)

Can confirm I really did sell lainchan. I just finished transferring the domain and stuff. Appleman1234 now owns lainchan. So long lains.


File: 1473314257221.png (1000.94 KB, 200x150, 1387152565.gif)

We'll miss you. Do you still get your admin tripcode, or will that be removed/modified eventually? Are you staying as any part of staff/advisory/lurking user, or just leaving the site completely?


File: 1473314499425.png (142.05 KB, 200x143, what.jpg)


I will always love you Kalyx. Goodbye my sugar daddy.


File: 1473314744547.png (305.98 KB, 200x155, 1389937777.gif)

From preliminary research done, appleman appears to be a reputable and smart user. I found the below website after searching his username.


If that truly is his website, he's a fairly smart/well-versed user.

He's within the top 3% of all StackOverflow commenters, he knows quite a few programming languages, runs Gentoo on his computer, is based in Japan, and seems to speak both Japanese and English.

I suggest reading his "about me" page.


To appleman: feel free to remove this post if this isn't you or I've posted misinformation.


gg Kalyx


File: 1473316010102.png (67.96 KB, 200x143, lain-cries.jpg)

Great Leader will be missed.


Thanks for getting us this far kalyx.

Now lets hope appleman will be a good admin.


We've been in a state of "site is about to be sold" for so long, to various people, that I'm kinda amazed it actually happened.


Bring back /cyb/


But how many Mac G5s does Appleman own?

Thanks for the work up to and including now kalyx. Sad to see you go, but best wishes.



fuck, i saged improperly


How much?





15 $ little man..
put that shiz in my hand..


thx for everything kalyx.
Good luck, hope everything works out for you.


If that money doesn't show
then you owe me, owe me, owe


was it really sold or is this just another meme attention whoring experiment


File: 1473343955550.png (125.01 KB, 200x193, 1472045331884.jpg)

We'll miss you here, kalyx. You've done something incredible here and I wish you the best of luck on your next journey, wherever you are.


Did you also notice this pattern, lain? The best programmers/people usually do not have online images of themselves anywhere, only avatars.


See you space cowboy...

What will you do after lainchan Kalyx?


Appleman1234 is an IRC user created by kalix - a second IRC client


Good riddance, get lost.


It was really sold.


well, thanks for the good times fam.
Hope you do well with those shekels they will last you three days top and with you're lyf in general


What does that mean for us, the visitors of lainchan? Should we expect any change?


My jungle love.
Oh e oh e oh.


Can we get an AMA of sorts with the new owner?


what will change with the new owner? how will this effect my life?


I've sort of played a very short game of pathfinder with this guy. He seems very sober. Also he ran/runs the lisp generals.


he does not run those.


kk, it was fun. See ya around


Wuuuut the fuarrrk. WHAT.
Fuck this is 8chan all over again. Who the fuarrrk is this Appleman1234 (sketchy ass name)?



He was a player in it together with me.



Also, if you mean the lisp generals, he totally did at least?


File: 1473384781455.png (4.66 MB, 200x135, Jean-Leon Gerome - Pollice Verso (1872).jpg)

You were sort of a shitty admin, but hey you probably got a lot of money. Good luck man


File: 1473385152334.png (361.89 KB, 200x150, apple.png)

also according to his website, this is his face.



File: 1473388731010.png (42.52 KB, 200x200, 1468645421031.jpg)


I run the Lisp General. I'm the /λ/ moderator.

Kalyx offered to sell the site to me, but I wasn't particularly interested in buying it nor the price he wanted.


thanks for all you've done mate and best of luck for the future.


Goodbye, Sweet Prince




Time to abandon ship.


best of luck with future endeavours


File: 1473450245612.png (7.47 KB, 128x128, 1473431483409.jpg)

>>11628 (OP) >>11660
Can we have an introduction and/or Q&A thread for the new Lainchan owner?

Yes, you can, do you want it to be this thread or another ?

As a said before in IRC, there are no planned staffing changes in the immediate future, though there may be later after the audit and evaluation.

I don't speak for kalyx, so I don't know his plans.

Yes that is my website. It is a little out of date, both in terms of posts and the about page. It will be updated eventually.

I don't own any Mac G5s.

Enough. An undisclosed sum. How many roads must a man walk down .... ?

>>11658 >>11661
In the immediate future there will no or few planned changes, though there may more be later after the audit and evaluation.

All changes will be opt-in where possible. Changes that get adopted will be the ones supported by the user base of lainchan.

That was my face 9 years ago.


oh man
this is for real
thanks for keeping the site alive


Looks like you have to delete all your porn off the lainchan server




File: 1473450724172.png (416.47 KB, 200x150, image7.png)

>>11681 rofl u dont look different at all in 5 years


So long Kalyx. Thanks for everything. This community changed my life.

Hey man. Why have you bought Lainchan? Are you planning on monetizing it? If so, how?


appleman is gonna go full sellout man I swear to god hes gonna put up pornhub ads everywehre you wont be able to go onto the site without 30 seconds of preroll sex tape ads its gonna eb chaos were fuarrrked bois im leaving bye guys


wget -r --no-parent -e robots=off https://lainchan.org/~kalyx/

wew close call


Is this a feature?


Got 'em


What if Appledude tries to sell us Lain-themed Fleshlights? Like Navi Red Pussy?


are the chem and ios programming pdfs in bookz borked?


Holy soykaf i'd buy a tenga egg navi. Masami Eiri's cock as a dildo.


I bought Lainchan for many reasons, the top 3 are below:
1. It was being sold.
2. I want Lainchan to survive long term. TLDR IWM (TOO LONG DIDN'T READ I WANT MEME) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btPJPFnesV4
3. I want Lainchan to best it can be. TLDR IWM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oomCIXGzsR0&feature=youtu.be&t=60

Regarding your second question,
See the previous answer of :
In the immediate future there will no or few planned changes, though there may more be later after the audit and evaluation.

All changes will be opt-in where possible. Changes that get adopted will be the ones supported by the user base of lainchan.

As for the site's existing monetization , the only thing that is still in place for lainchan are the stickers, and those funds will contribute directly to the site's server costs.

TLDR IWM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqcbgSpHMFs


File: 1473505362417.png (59.19 KB, 150x200, 0a7565bf06dc8850ff060f1d29a44980.png)

It seems like running an imageboard is the ultimate test of mental stability.
You did well, kalyx.

How many imageboards can you name that haven't changed ownership, versus those that have, out the ones that are still alive?




I want to have a tenga navi, but I'm a pussy that doesn't want a dildo.


god what a retard


You're not leaving us for good Kalyx are you you fag <3


>fedora west
>meme shirt
>stringy, unconditioned shortlong guyhair

wew. guy looks like he just rolled back from the defcon cückfest. lainchan confirmed #1 cybertourist destination, get your geekiest gander at the high-tech lowlives, get them to teach you how to set up a VPN while you much on your popcorn, next up: FBI leader gives a talk on hacking patriotically for great justice.

say what you will about kalyx but at least xey had the whole low-life thing down. high-tech is the least important part of cyberpunk.


File: 1473543631890.png (57.17 KB, 200x178, -_-7.jpg)


Others may know me by the name Marky.


Thanks kaylad


Well.. thanks for everything kalyx.


>defcon whining
>unironically using "cybertourist"
it's been 2 months and you're STILL bootyblasted from that thread? Get it together m8


>Judges new owner based on appearance
>Rolls out internet tough guy whinefest
>Believes tech isn't as important as homeless cred

If appleman can get these "cyberpunk is real life" assholes to bail, then he's got my vote.


I don't know. You can really tell a lot about someone from how he looks, and Appleman1234 does not impress.
But I am cautiously hopeful about the future for Lainchan.


>hobbies include

no thanks. so long lainchan.

smart guy.


File: 1473622209436.png (66.95 KB, 200x33, barkbarkbark.gif)

whats left of a lainchan when you take the 'cyberpunk is real life' concept away?

answer : any other chan.


Is it just me or is this board slowly reaching the toxicity of /g/?

Please guys, be nice to each other, this is the internet, and in this part of the internet in particular whe should strife to behave as if the eternal september never happened.

Lets judge people by what they do, not by how they look like.


>whe should strife


I meant of course : striwe


these people just want to set up VPNs to connect to gelbooru to download more drawn pedophilia they can masturbate for 30 seconds to and shitpost about arch vs. kali linux in their refractory periods.

don't worry, we are slowly but surely being forced out, you will be able to alt-right insider tradeon yet another domain in due time. in the off-chance you aren't a literal stormfäg, remember that your complicity made this possible. you have sided with the oppressor and for that you have lost the punk in your cyberpunk. enjoy your cyber.


Found a new punk home yet?


doubt he will. lainchan is the greatest image board of all time.


Goodness, some of you guys are being so dramatic. Apple seems like he cares about our community and as long as he isn't selling user data or anything I think we'll be fine.


>these people just want to set up VPNs to connect to gelbooru to download more drawn pedophilia they can masturbate for 30 seconds to and shitpost about arch vs. kali linux in their refractory periods.

This is some glorious bait.


rest in RIP

I don't really care what you look like
I'll let time tell whether you're good at admin'ing the site
Just don't fuarrrk it up, pay attention to the userbase, and hold up the original ideals of the site; and you'll have my support, and I believe the support of many other lainons.


File: 1473724337945.png (709.15 KB, 187x200, 1471477732167.gif)

See you, Dark_M00t.
Thanks for making the site, I was able to feel like almost like an oldfag for once in my life.


File: 1473806743237.png (225.23 KB, 200x150, edward bye.png)

Thanks for the good times, man.


kalyx is gone??? This is my chance.
Remove civ !!!!!


hey man, what is the best way to contact you?
are you around on irc, or should i email you
serious inquiry that i'd need to ask the admin


File: 1473829688722.png (136.51 KB, 200x11, applesuserbar.gif)

Have you been a lainchan lurker/poster? For how long?
What's the audit and the evaluation?
Do you still live in Tokio?
Do you still play Worms 2?


I prefer text.


>Lost the punk in your cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is nihilistic, not anarchist. The term is a misnomer.

I hate plutocracy as much as the next punk, but do you always need to act like such self-righteous assholes about it? You aren't going to win many supporters that way.

I prefer my cyberpunk without the punk. Keep it apolitical and throw in a little more nihilism please.



Best way to reach me is IRC, next best way is email.


According my records, I first joined the IRC channel just over 1 year ago, and I was lurking since at least 6 months before that.

The audit and evaluation is evaluation and auditing all the things that make up lainchan.org.

The server, the code, the setup, the staff, the list of boards, the threads, the people, the rules and procedures, the IRC, etc,etc.

TLDR IWM: https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/59705277.jpg

For the answer to the third question , the answer is yes, as per the about page linked earlier in the thread.

For the answer to the fourth question, yes I do using WINE, which means I play it about as often as I play SimIsle, which is rarely (a few times a year).


I'm an oldfag here and it feels kinda bad. Like, Woah more than two years wasted already! How do -you- feel?



Yeah, please stop with that...


god no

kalyx what have you done


>neurosuggesting a turbo autist owner isn't the thing lainchan needs


File: 1473996827973.png (11.38 KB, 200x200, 11822319_1624487477827630_3638094224634717474_n.jpg)

Well my autism is his^4

It's just dumb because pretty much anyone here is going to read his posts especially because they're so short, anyway.

Besides the >TLDR IWM
He seems like a cool mod


File: 1474080105845.png (69.74 KB, 200x200, 90796935.jpg)

>mfw all of my favorite imageboards are being bought out by shady dudes


>The biggest thing now will be to see how the new owner's social skills, moderation skills, and site-running prowess compare to that of the legendary Kalyx's.
Kalyx was a glitterboy and his idiocy was holding the site down, hopefully the new admin is decent.


Long live Kalyx.

Bring back /cyb/


Lainchan is forever destined to be a site used and run by well-intentioned weirdos.

Serious question:
Why do believe people chose to post on Lainchan?


Please don't leave us!


File: 1474364829851.png (64.27 KB, 200x113, gta-radio.jpg)

Will there be any changes referring to the radio channel? Who currently bothers with new uploads to the playlist? Do you also check the volafile room from time to time?


File: 1474420863290.png (122.82 KB, 200x200, bear in a lain suit.png)

Hi new owner. Naturally most people despise major changes like this so i would recommend quite a long period of no major changes.

Four Chan owner change was quite the soykaf show at the beginning especially with how little he understood the site. Its calmed down now though.
"Im happy there are no stupid 4chan users" - new owner HiroshiMoot

Also: For a small change:
Can you add a "now playing ______" text to the radio just for easily remembering awesome songs?



Now playing added to the radio as requested.



I just implemented >>11807 request regarding the radio channel.

Currently the playlist is probably https://lainchan.org/music.txt , I haven't updated it or changed it yet.

In terms of changes to it, there may be changes in future , including upgrading the software providing the radio and investigating alternative options, but these haven't been determined or discussed yet.

I have only looked at the volafile room once so far, I am not sure if volafile will remain the solution for file hosting for lainchan.org in the long term, but this is still to be discussed and determined.


omedetou, applefag. I hope you're less of a dramaqueen than kalyx was.


shirt is p. schway, and I like my imageboard admins with a smattering of autism, so I approve tbh.

are the language enhancers currently active? making those global and adding to them judicially is my number 1 wish for lainchan.


answered my own question.


He seems like a great guy. Honestly i can't think of why he would ever want to buy this place. It's good, but not that good, specially lately.


Art board is locked. Are there plans to get it back working?
What about /r/? Is it kill too for real?


Kalyx is a shady dude. Your argument is invalid.

Just saying, wish you the best


both were assimilated into /cult/





Congrats on the site purchase, please don't sell user data.

Also any plans for the zine? Honestly it was one of my favorite things to come out of this site and it felt like a decent watermark for the feeling of the community as it changed.


so whats gunna be the best way for us to keep the site going? im sure appleboy is broke now so do we still get to buy stickers? are those linked directly to the trade over orrr??
should i buy stickers before i cant,



See >>11696 , there are no plans to sell user data.

Regarding the zine, I am not directly responsible for the zine, See the threads in /lit/ https://lainchan.org/lit/index.html for more accurate information.

As far as I know the zine is still an active and supported lainchan project.

As far as I know Lainzine 4 will be released when it is ready and the paper versions of the earlier issues will be available when people pay up.

Quality isn't always worth sacrificing for speed.

The people working on the zine (both in terms of writing submissions, and the editorial staff) lead busy lives and are volunteers with only a limited amount of time to dedicate to lainzine production.


See >>11696 , the donate page has correct information https://lainchan.org/donate .

Currently the only form of monetization is donation, and the only donation that goes directly to lainchan is stickers.

Should you buy stickers ? If you want to buy stickers, then buy stickers ? If you don't want to buy stickers, then feel free to donate something else , see https://lainchan.org/q/res/11812.html#11812 to request other merchandise or follow the instructions on the donate page.


File: 1475530462729.png (56.11 KB, 172x200, 603.jpg)

>Should you buy stickers ? If you want to buy stickers, then buy stickers ? If you don't want to buy stickers, then feel free to donate something else
Jesus christ i love this guy. This is the first time a community i'm a part of changes hands/staff/goes through major overhaul and doesn't turn into a huge pile of soykaf.
The community has been declining lately but i guess it's just because of the elections, next year things will go back to normal hopefully.


Am I the only one that thinks this is all a big ruse?

Like, did you just sell the domain or what? I doubt it was worth that much. In all seriousness since the board source is available would be trivial to fork lainchan, download all the posts, and just repopulate them all under a new domain? Like, who would pay money for that?

Does Kalyx have some reason to pretend to sell lainchan?

If you just wanted to dodge liability, shadow govern, or hand over administration to someone who has more time/investment, it seems like there would be better explanations.


It doesn't work like that. If you copy facebook and even get a hold of all the databases and just create a new domain, people won't just randomly go to that new place.
Your argument could be made for 4chan's sale, it ain't hard to recreate 4chan, and there's no point in saving threads because they all 404 in a few minutes anyway.
You buy a community, not a website structure.


The entire Internet has been declining throughout the elections.

I think it'll be okay, with cooler heads prevailing and soykaf.


File: 1475725465015.png (109.1 KB, 176x200, ahegao face.jpg)

Absolutely amazing Appleman1234
Thank you for this.


What do you work with appleman? You've been adding a lot of useful features, how do you make money tho? No way in hell lainchan makes enough money to even pay for servers.



This was answered already. I have a day job, it involves realizing dreams with technology.

Lainchan's only monetization currently is donations as also mentioned earlier.


> it involves realizing dreams with technology
Holy soykaf you are the magic man.

Anyways, thanks for not fuarrrking lainchan over, and thanks for not filling it with penis enlargement ads.


You seem to know your soykaf, /tech/rade. I approve.

Some suggestions now that coding doesn't seem to be a problem anymore:
1. Consider giving lainchan a .onion address
2. Consider integrating a decentralized, redundant server architecture (a la NNTPchan, OnionBalance)
3. Enter Lainchan - Cybertank Edition
4. ???
5. Profit


Just a statement:

I hope you realize the potential of the website beyond the HTTP/S traffic. This has already been extended with laintv and lainradio, but maybe consider hosting IRC, ssh, or other services I'm probably not aware of. I'd be neat to see someone with a knowledge of technology like you make the most of this server.


Speaking of, is the radio down or is it just me?



It wasn't just you. It should be back up now.


File: 1476174182298.png (983.87 KB, 200x200, nTp60Hh.gif)

Thank you!



Regarding your suggestions

1. Consider giving lainchan a .onion address

See https://lainchan.org/q/res/11905.html#11905
for further discussion. This is something that won't happen overnight.

2. Consider integrating a decentralized, redundant server architecture (a la NNTPchan, OnionBalance)

I don't see the benefit of adding that platform or migrating to that platform without understanding what the feature parity is and what functionality doing so gives lainchan.

3. Enter Lainchan - Cybertank Edition
4. ???

I don't understand your 3rd and 4th suggestions, are they just memes ?

5. Profit

If you want lainchan to profit then see
https://lainchan.org/donate or see https://lainchan.org/q/res/11812.html#11812


You mean like irc.lainchan.org ?

I am aware of other services that the community can use and am in the process of setting up several.


I am a stranger, but I know of only one (very qt) person named Marky over the wired.

Welcome, new owner.


Yeah, just an irc server hosted on lainchan. Right now we're on freenode but if we have a server at our disposal why not host it here?



Have you tried connecting to irc.lainchan.org, it is working fine here.


Hey what do you know. Should have checked the titlebar for the irc link. Thanks based appleman!


JUST fuarrrk MY soykaf UP


Applemin is there a search page like that of 8ch yet?



Script for incremental search >>>/λ/17442
I'm not Appleman.


Can we have pedo content finally?


I was there when lainchan was started and I remember it started from the /cyb/ generals on /g/.
I've been away for sometime so I dont know what has happened, but I feel like something is missing without a /cyb/ board that other boards like /tech/ and /cult/ can compensate for.





From https://lainchan.org/rules

Rule 8.
Do not post child pornography or questionable 2D/3DCG/3DPG sexual depictions of children. This includes "child models".

Rule 1.
If you break the rules we will delete your post. Do it repeatedly and you'll be derezzed.


To all the lainons that have been away for sometime and think they are special because due to time spent using the site. (E.g I was here on 20th April 2014 , please consider me old fag / old timer / trusted user, etc)

Please read
https://lainchan.org/q/res/11604.html#11604 and https://lainchan.org/rules

TLDR: Lurk Moar.

Trust is earned, not based on time spent, but based on actions taken and the way you choose to interact with people. If you want an experience where time spent is the only criteria for leveling up , I suggest http://idlerpg.net/ .

Regarding /cyb/ please see https://lainchan.org/q/res/12121.html#12121


The entire site is /cyb/ and /cyb/ is dead, until an accepted definition of /cyb/ is determined so new /cyb/ doesn't just become another dump board.

Lainchan was created (at least according to https://lainchan.org/cult/res/2378.html#3643) because Kalyx wanted to learn php and /g/ sucked ass.

Lainchan isn't 4chan, it isn't 8chan, it isn't <insert favourite otherchan here>, it is Lainchan.

As I have said earlier in https://lainchan.org/q/res/11853.html#11863, Lainchan is more than just a cyberpunk imageboard, at least in my humble opinion.


>Lainchan is more than just a cyberpunk imageboard, at least in my humble opinion.

Post was a little preachy, but I like this guy


>Trust is earned
if this is a meritocracy then I ask you to please dismiss the /feels/ mod on the basis of him being a massive see-you-see-kay who promptly deletes posts _he_ does not like. or that just tangentially go off-topic. It's getting really annoying to have to be on tiptoes.
I mean yeah sometimes I've gone a bit too off-topic but at least half of the times he deletes perfectly fine replies and somehow keeps similar replies.
That is to say, he took the censorship thing too far, I've never been the kind that complains about censorship but that asshole keeps deleting legitimate replies. I hate using this word but he's making /feels/ a tumblr.


As far as I am aware, there isn't a single mod who is in charge of the entirety of /feels. To figure out what's happening, it would definitely help if you had any screenshots or at least the threads in which the deletions happened. When all there is to go on is your word, it's hard to figure out who is the mod and what the offence actually was.


fair enough, I guess I have to take screenshots every time I post in /feels/.
it's probably one guy however, for what I've seen



This isn't a meritocracy, and even if it was, I am yet to determine what meritorious action you have done to deserve representation.

Your request without evidence, followed by your post on /feels/ that breaks rules 3,4 and 6 immediately after is certainly confusing.

/feels/ moderation isn't done by one person. /feels/ is worse than tumblr in my opinion, and requests like yours have the opposite effect of what you intended, in that your request makes me reconsider other lainons request for deleting /feels/ entirely to avoid the ambiguous environment.

I have several other courses of action I can take regarding /feels/, but they all require much more work than the previous suggestion.


File: 1478351725235-0.png (25.33 KB, 200x91, 12063.png)

File: 1478351725235-1.png (241.69 KB, 200x193, 7556.png)

File: 1478351725235-2.png (57.22 KB, 200x145, 7529.png)

Now I'm trying to provide auto archiver which can see all deleted posts. It's working, but it has so much inconsistencies, so it will be released by the end of this year. See >>>λ/10247

I'm not saying deletion is bad. You have right to delete any posts and name any people as moderators. But we have right to see any deleted posts, evaluate skill of moderators and abandon this site.



I am confused by your post, are you just posting examples from your software ? or are trying to mention specific examples by >>12160 and >>12157 .

Your reply seems to misinterpret what I said earlier.

With regards to rights, I don't believe you are in the position to dictate site terms of use.

With any rights come responsibilities, though they seem strangely seem absent from your post.

Deletion is a moderation tool as per Rule 1 If you break the rules we will delete your post. Do it repeatedly and you'll be derezzed.

But if you are just going to provide means to circumvent moderation via your software, I am not sure why that should be supported.

>>12157 appears to be requesting a meritocracy, and for several moderators to be dismissed without evidence, despite not providing any demonstration of merit.

>>12164 seems to be requesting a certain level of transparency that isn't provided by the software by default.

Just because requests are made, doesn't mean they well be granted or considered.

And even if they are considered, the time required to consider them and implement them are two different time frames.

If lainons think that they can extort their desired requests , by threatening to leave, then please stop with the extortion and just leave.

As I have said in >>11696
2. I want Lainchan to survive long term.
3. I want Lainchan to best it can be.

I don't know what Lainons want, but one of the reasons that /q/ exists is questions can be asked and answered about lainchan.org instead of their being no place for this discussion.


If you want to show these posts as evidence of anything, then I'm not sold, really. The first one just looks like the user deleting their own post to add that they are replying to another post, second one is a completely empty post that I actually deleted myself. I also made a note of it, so it's not like it's disappeared, either.

About the third one, I don't think it was deleted by a moderator, either. Posts that aren't as obvious as the second picture usually get discussed before deletion, and I never saw that post get mentioned, so I think it's also highly likely that the user deleted their own post.

Keep in mind that we have an easy system for people to delete their own posts, and it can be easy to mistake own deletion for moderator intervention.


I'm sorry, I just prepared a demonstration of my script, I have no critic opinions for you. But you don't have right force people to stop using the script also. If you believe moderation of lainchan is good, don't use my script. If you have any doubt about the moderation, use my script to evaluate the moderator's skill. We have no way to do it now, so I'll prepare it. Now moderators are king and we can't see any deleted posts after that, this is not fair, and sometimes this has been making contentions. >>12160 is not the first case of these, but it's not constructive since we don't have the post. Then I'll give the way, or you can do it also, for example, moderation of 2chan.net uses style.display='none', so we can see them anytime if we want. And we thank if the moderation is good, or leave the thread if the moderation is bad, since OP can delete any post in the thread in 2chan.net. This is fair. I think post of violating law should be deleted promptly and permanently, but "low quality post" should be transparent like 2chan.net. And of course I'm not in the position of stating what this site should do, so I just add the function to my script.

If you think my script is useful for you, use it. That's all. The biggest misunderstanding of you is that you think you can decide all of what we do here. This is not. And also you don't have to be supported by all of us, this is impossible.


I'm sorry, it was just a demonstration.

> The first one just looks like the user deleting their own post to add that they are replying to another post

BTW, this can be avoided if site provides "preview" which can make a popup of quoted post.

This thread is for talking with appleman, this may be why appleman took my post seriously. Anyway my post was not suitable for here, sorry.


>With regards to rights, I don't believe you are in the position to dictate site terms of use.
I don't mean to "dictate" terms of use, I'm just telling you that some mod is taking it too far, as to disallow discussion
Anyway if it is the policy of the site to disregard opinions of it's users in the name of tight post control, and arbitrary moderation, so be it.
I just though you'd be interested in knowing that a mod is being absolutely arbitrary, deleting posts _he_ does not like. And I am actually not the only one who's expressed this.
I can't provide evidence because when I make a post I'm not thinking it'll be deleted just because it has an opinion. Funny enough a lot of posts that are downright trolls are kept.
Again, if TIGHT control over the contents is a site policy, of course there's not much I can do about it and you'll just say it's within limits.


>your request makes me reconsider other lainons request for deleting /feels/ entirely to avoid the ambiguous environment
Yeah, do.
I actually think the "ambiguous environment" is what causes confusion in the first place. As you said, it's worst than tumblr in that nobody even knows what is permitted and what not, and all discussion is sweeped as well as opinions that contradict the OP.


>some mod is taking it too far, as to disallow discussion
>all discussion is sweeped as well as opinions that contradict the OP.

As a non-Appleman-mod, I still don't think that this is the case. I note all mod discussion when I am able to be online, and these cases have just never come up, while we discuss a lot of other things, so hearing that someone is deleting so much stuff on /feels/ just sounds silly to me. Opinion modding hasn't been a thing much, especially since different mods have different opinions and posts that aren't agreed upon usually stay up.

It is true that some trolls are kept, at least when I am looking at posts, like "Cutter" in >>12164's 2nd picture. I personally believe that it's better for cases like that to be left unanswered, if only for the fact that I don't think personal fights should be fought on an asymmetrical level. Most of the troll-like posts that I see undeleted are ones that attack mods directly, the rest of them get dealt with fairly quickly. It might be that we are/ I am fine with worse posts than you are, possibly because deleting things isn't fun and letting just a bit slide makes the atmosphere a bit less threatening in my opinion.

Regarding the posts - it's not just that evidence is expected as in an argument, it's that we have no idea what posts you are referring to, and if you even told us roughly what they said, we might discuss the separate cases and come to some kind of agreement.


File: 1478416376525-0.png (68.14 KB, 200x124, civ_948_2471.png)

File: 1478416376526-1.png (346.58 KB, 189x200, cult_1793_3892.png)

File: 1478416376526-2.png (137.26 KB, 160x200, cult_26296_30502_30567.png)

As you feel, your discussion is meaningless because the post is not clear. This is why I'll provide the function. As the appleman understands,
> With any rights come responsibilities
Right of deletion must be bundled with a responsibility; Mods can derezze people, so bad mods must be derezzed by people. But admins including other sites haven't provided this feature, and I guess they won't, because admins are in another side of us, so I'll provide the function. With the function, you'll be able to make a successful discussion about moderation. We can't do this now, this means there must be bad moderators because there is no way even for admins to evaluate each other now.

BTW, I have other deleted posts. I can't say these are all because the script is under debugging, but I'll upload them for successful discussion. Probably there are no posts which are deleted by "low quality".


File: 1478416431247-0.png (117.05 KB, 200x156, cult_3288_4074.png)

File: 1478416431247-1.png (121.54 KB, 200x181, cult_3288_4184_4185.png)

File: 1478416431247-2.png (89.29 KB, 200x122, tech_28768_30821.png)


File: 1478416484225-0.png (89.96 KB, 200x119, lam_12467_19687.png)

File: 1478416484225-1.png (211.82 KB, 200x192, lam_13410_19813.png)

File: 1478416484225-2.png (40.68 KB, 200x135, lam_17588_19911.png)

And more,


File: 1478416541271-0.png (125.64 KB, 188x200, lam_19760_19783_19786.png)

This is the last.


>Right of deletion must be bundled with a responsibility; Mods can derezze people, so bad mods must be derezzed by people.
You don't own the site and so give no commands which must be followed.

>We can't do this now, this means there must be bad moderators because there is no way even for admins to evaluate each other now.

That's not a logical conclusion.
Furthermore, there have been very few issues with moderation here throughout its lifetime.

>Probably there are no posts which are deleted by "low quality".

I use this site often, so I recognize many of those threads. I'm going to through these posts one by one.
The first is obviously a rule violation. The second seems to be a user deletion. The third is because the poster had EXIF data in their images and was tracked with it.
The first is a rule violation. The second is possibly a staff deletion along with an obvious user deletion. The third is an obvious rule violation.
The first is an obvious user deletion. The second one is my post, which I deleted because I found it superfluous and will discuss later in the post. The third seems to be a user deletion.
That's an obvious user deletion.

Here's my issue with what you're doing. I and many others made a mistake when posting and deleted our posts, yet you keep that around. I hated this on other imageboards that had archives. Sure, I left my post up for just a while before deleting it, but how long will it be until one second is enough? You're removing something I liked about Lainchan because you seem to hate the people that own and curate it.

If you think you know so better, you should go somewhere else with your attitude, rather than making the site less pleasant for some of us so you can post on /q/ about a post you don't believe should've been deleted and other inanities.


File: 1478420483486.png (853.03 KB, 155x200, sonicthunderboom-20130217T160452-vc3q6ws.png)

There seems to be considerable frustration over the /feels/ board all around so I will try to do my part to step up and focus more of my attention there. I can't address all of your concerns, but I will do my best.


> You must leave because I'm against you.
You must leave from the internet, or learn about the internet, Ctrl+S, and Asagi.

> That's not a logical conclusion.

It's logical. All moderators can't know who deletes which post without archive feature like this. So the appleman also doesn't know all deleted posts here, therefore the discussion was not successful so far, see discussion above. If the appleman knows the post, the discussion had to be successful. Or if he has the archive, he had to ask about the post, for example, date or contents to specify it from the archive to get better discussion. But he didn't, because he doesn't have it. This means there is no evaluation system about moderation. Bad moderator can't be removed without evaluation system. Again, even the appleman doesn't know who deletes which post nor how many posts are deleted.
Remember, you couldn't start successful discussion without these concrete deleted posts. I'll provide a way to get constructive discussion. You can determine use or not by yourself, that's all.
And again, I don't say deletion is bad, nor moderation itself is bad. But it must be "decent" if you want us to be decent.



Why are you misquoting people ?

You must leave because I'm against you. was never said.

I would rather the improvements to deletion tracking and auditing be inside lainchan source code, then in client side grease monkey scripts.

Currently we are using a workaround that requires all deletions to be logged as notes. But not all moderators add notes for their deletion of posts.

Please stop making assumptions about my knowledge, I am just trying to understand why you are routing around lainchan by suggesting your chanreader instead of sending pull requests and working with us.

You are right, that the only way I can stop you is by taking the entire site offline and then nobody gets any lainchan, as I stated in my earlier post, I don't want to do that.

I already disabled the word filter temporarily, based on feedback from lainons, if I have to remote deletion of posts by moderators , then what is to stop it from becoming a free for all ? If the ability to delete posts by human agents is removed, then /fire/ will be created and the post that break rules can just be moved there to burn, until the board software deletes them and nobody has any record of their deletion.

In support of the false meme, please define "decent".

Constructive discussion of why was <xxx> 's post deleted is supposed to happen on /q/, but not in this thread. This thread is the Q and A thread for me and the good bye kalyx thread.

Examples of your chanreader's functionality should stay in in the lambda thread for your chanreader.



Well, you're making some assumptions about the moderation process that are, well, false. I'm not Appleman, so I don't know how much I can say, but I make notes of deletions I make and I'm definitely not the only one. I see the concern of mod power abuse, but there have been no cases of opinion modding, at least in my experience. The posts that get deleted are often from different political sides and mods have been accused of being biased on both of them.

It is true that sometimes mediocre posts are left, but that's mainly because we want this place to be as free flowing as possible, so only completely empty or mediocre and inflammatory posts get deleted.

Also, to remind people - a lot of users delete their own posts, which might seem like mod abuse from your side, consider that.


> Why are you misquoting people ?
Lurk more. I'm confident you don't have enough experience of chans. Why did you become an owner with your little chan's experience? Here is chans, where everybody can express their opinion as anonymous. My anchor >>12177 was right. Somebody said kalyx was better than you, now I think so, too.

This is a question thread about you as you mentioned, so I must not answer your questions here. Come to my thread if you want.


I don't say moderation is bad, but I do say that we have no detection system of mod power abuse is bad. This is why meaningless discussions have been occurring continuously. So I'll provide the way to fix it. Technically I recommend using style.display='none' as I stated, and that was not the first time of that I recommended this. So I decided to make it by myself.

> I see the concern of mod power abuse, but there have been no cases of opinion modding, at least in my experience.

But judgement of mod power abuse or not will be made by people, not mods, for long time span. And you must be proud of deletion as long as you believe it right, and people will judge your deletion. People who think your deletion is right will stay here, but people who don't think so will leave here, so you mods can eliminate bad posters by your deletion and construct community successfully if you are good moderators. I support introducing meritocracy for mods, so I'll provide the function for that.
Anyway, I must give up these discussion here, so if you want to continue it, build a thread for that.


Finally an answer that's not
>You're nobody to complain kiddo!
like appelbaum has been doing...

Ayway I'm sick of this discussion, and at the end, I guess nobody is in the right here. /feels/, as well as /civ/ are representatives of the worst of 4chan (the culture that undeniably spawned this board).
I actually liked coming here until recently when the tight moderation started doing this which I started complaining about.
On the other hand, it's well deserved for the reasons quoted above. Boards in that nature are of naturally bound to be a battleground, funny that it's become a battleground between mods and users.
Manage your boards however the fuck you like, it's bound to be arbitrary as fuck anyway, and it's also bound to spawn some ugly trolls and some unwanted opinions.
I'll stick to the boards where discussion can stay sane without it turning into a shitfest.
It is funny because lainchan was very cool because it had a definite culture that mostly revolved around technically literate people.
Then somehow it started creating 4chan-style boards and that's when we started having this sort of drama.


The moderation style hasn't changed recently. All of the posts that have been mentioned were clear cut or just people deleting their own posts. The culture hasn't changed recently either, we've always been a chan and before /feels/ those sorts of threads went on /r/. /feels/ was created due to complaints from people who didn't like it so that they can avoid the board. Same with /civ/, though that was also about having stricter rules regarding brewing soykaf.

The mods aren't our enemies you know. Most of them are long time community members and nobody gets into it because they don't like us and want us to suffer. That's not to say they're perfect either, there have been bad deletions in the past, but fundamentally we're all on the same side here.

We know that there needs to be some checks on the mods just in case and there are, namely /q/. Every once in a while there'll be a thread about a deletion and we'll discuss it. Normally it's a case of someone's post being part of a flame war without actually being flaming, often an attempt to calm things down. They see it being deleted as a chastisement rather than just because their post makes no sense without the flame war around it. We (the community that is. I'm not a mod) have talked about a way to view deleted posts before but it was the usual case of everybody liking the idea but nobody actually going to implement it.

It's great that you spent the time to implement it but as it stands it won't be all that useful to us. Displaying the posts inline undermines the main reason insulting posts get deleted in the first place. They're bait for someone to say "I'm so mad at what you just said I don't care if I should be ignoring bait," and then they call the guy a faggot back and a flame war starts. The people involved are more than happy with this. They feel justified, at least until they calm down, but for the rest of the people on the site it's just shit. Having this continue even when the posts have been deleted isn't good, especially for the people without the extension. it means the mods have to resort to bans and honestly, taken to the absurd, that would mean everybody gets banned eventually. Nobody is immune to bait. Displaying posts deleted by users isn't great either. It confuses the purpose of the extension and sometimes people have very good reasons for deleting their posts.

When we discussed the idea last we considered a page via which all non-CP deleted posts could be seen instead. That people won't be checking it constantly means that it impacts the positive aspects of deletion less but people who want to check up can still do so just fine. Also, it wouldn't get confusing as to what was deleted by whom.

All in all, you've made a nice thing for us and I'm thankful but you've been really hostile to the mods using some very spurious logic to say things like "there must be bad moderators" and that's going to put anyone on the defensive. Turns out mods are humans too. If you'd just come and talked to us, we could have avoided a lot of the unnecessary accusations and maybe have this feature implemented in a way that's more useful to us. More than anything, us and the mods are in this lainchan thing together. Lainchan's style of moderation is fairly novel for a chan but we've been doing it for a while now and trust between the users and mods is very important and they know that. Treat them as the friends they are and they'll do what they can to help make it easier for you to trust them. Attack them and they'll do what everybody does and get defensive.


File: 1478525953543.png (115.63 KB, 194x200, bans.png)

>>12185 is not me.

> Displaying the posts inline undermines the main reason insulting posts get deleted in the first place.

If you have any good idea to throw, see >>>/λ/20039

> When we discussed the idea last we considered a page via which all non-CP deleted posts could be seen instead.

Why didn't you implement it if you think it was the best. Anyway it's not too late, you should start to implement it now. The more options are the better. People can choose whichever they want. People will use your page if your idea is really good. Don'f forget, "good" will be defined by people, not you nor me.

> "there must be bad moderators"

Again, I'm confident about this, because there are no checking/evaluation system. Why do you believe all they are good without them? You can't show the evidence of that all they are good as well as we couldn't show the deleted posts. They should have implemented a ban page like 4chan, pic related, but they haven't, because they want to hide them. Consider following, if they would have wanted to implement the page, they had to thank to me, at least like you, since I'm preparing the compensation of their lacking function. I think hiding posts deleted by "low quality" is abuse of mod's power basically, so I support fairness of 4chan. I don't know that how you think about 4chan, but 4chan is a great father and they have so many things to learn, for example, ban list and delayed pruning.
The main reason why they are confused is not that deleted posts will be opened soon, but that they have no power to stop people using my script to see all deleted posts. It's funny. I don't know about the cyber-punk, but killing admin power by a userscript is cyber-punkish, isn't it?
BTW, I can show you the evidence of inconsistency of criteria of moderation and a sample of crazy mod. As you see, the lowest quality poster in this discussion is the appleman apparently. He haven't made any contribution about this discussion. But mods are dumb. On the contrary, the moderator of λ said about ban to me >>>/λ/18484 (the issue started from >>>/λ/18426 ) I'll never get a ban as long as a retarded poster like the appleman isn't deleted or banned, but the mod stated that I wouldn't get a ban. This was because he thought that he should say that, and this means there are ambiguity in criteria of moderation. I was confident that I would never get a ban as long as moderation worked well, because my post always conveyed information for successful discussion regardless of hostility, and my post is always better than those of deleted, for example, the post of appleman isn't deleted here as I stated. But the mod wasn't confident about whether I was confident or not about being banned. In other words, mods don't share their thoughts or criteria among them. This is harmful for users. At least mods have to try to share it. And hostility of mine is against retarded people, not for admin or mods. However I'm sure that the appleman and the mod are retarded and they must be matured more. And I assume other mods are the same level because no mods criticize them. A crazy mod must be fired by a crazy post like >>>/λ/18433 as long as we may be banned by a crazy post. This is fair, but mods here don't understand this. Again, 4chan has fairness but lainchan doesn't.

Remember, any you can stop people to use my script at anytime by providing the better solution. If you provide the better ban page and people are satisfied with that, they won't use my script because it's the extension which needs to be installed. The site script is basically used by default, this is a huge advantage. Or if you provide better userscript than mine, people will use your script.
Again, remember, here is the internet, where you can provide any better solution to achieve something at anytime, and people will judge them.


>because there are no checking/evaluation system
But there is. You're using it right now.

>They should have implemented a ban page like 4chan, pic related, but they haven't, because they want to hide them


>think hiding posts deleted by "low quality" is abuse of mod's power basically

No, that's them doing their jobs. That's why we have mods. We've discussed this back and forth a ton of times on /q/. It wasn't always the case. We asked for this. If you don't like it fair enough, but that doesn't make it an abuse.

>this means there are ambiguity in criteria of moderation

Yes. Again this has been discussed a million times. You cannot have moderation like this with strict rules, they're too easy to subvert.

>the post of appleman isn't deleted here as I stated

His posts in this thread have been fine. He's been a little defensive but who can blame him?

>hostility of mine is against retarded people


>I'm sure that the appleman and the mod are retarded

Ok then.

You're clearly ignorant of the site and it's moderation policy and yet you want to go calling everyone else a retard because they're doing what we asked them to rather than what you want them to. Clearly you want a place that allows shitposting but this isn't it.


Errm... What are you even saying? Maybe it's just me, but your post body seems to be borderline incoherent. Something about λx.x? Or something? And there was something about confidence in what posts will get deleted?

I'm pretty sure you asked for a record of mod actions, which is a good idea, IMHO.

>>12182 was nice enough to explain the mod process better, which helps a lot for those of us wondering what the hell is going on. So thanks for that.

I can sort of see Appleman's point (all of these features take time to implement, the mods are more-or-less okay, and /feels/ will be awful no matter what we do), but his holier-than-thou attitude isn't winning him any favors.

Not that it's not understandable: mods have a rough job, especially on the *chans, and this thread is undoubtedly taxing.


> But there is. You're using it right now.
It's fraud if you refer my script.

> lainchan.org/bans.html

I haven't known about this. This is important, so the url must be in rules page. As far as I see, there are no link in any page. And also, we can't see deleted posts(not banned posts) in it. I think this is abuse of moderation no matter how you think, and people will judge our opinions.

> Clearly you want a place that allows shitposting but this isn't it.

If you think so, I'll resign from this discussion with you. I'm confident that you can't point out any facet of shitpost from my posts. However you think so, then we can't discuss any further. You did just inflaming. I can imagine how much you spent your time to discuss, but I also know that those discussion have made nothing, since there are no checking system before my script.

> this thread is undoubtedly taxing.
Yeah, we must resign this discussion here, and build another thread if you want to continue, but I'll resign from it. Because I know that these discussion breed nothing as >>12194 did it. I know that the best way for me is spending my time for my script rather than these discussion. Then I'll release it, and things will start to work.

Anyway, this is the first step for accountability or transparency of moderation, but you shouldn't hesitate to overwrite my solution with your better solution later, because this is the internet. The most important point of my solution is that it is provided by a userscript; no mods can hide from this. Site's page can be tweaked by admin or mods easily as you can imagine, and I saw the appleman editing his post (not delete and repost but edit), so there must be a userscript to verify it. But userscript solution is not the best, so I hope the appleman make better solution later.

OK, sorry for making mad discussion here. This thread will back to you, though I won't support you anymore. Lurk more, this is all for you.


>It's fraud if you refer my script.
I'm talking about /q/. We've had plenty of discussions about deleted posts before and the good ones don't start with saying that the mods are "retarded."

>I haven't known about this

I know you didn't and yet you put it forward as a point that the mods are definitely corrupt. You are clearly searching for excuses to hate on them but so far you've presented nothing of substance.

>I'm confident that you can't point out any facet of shitpost from my posts

I'm not saying you're shitposting. I'm saying you want shitposting to be allowed, hence why you see deleting shitposts as an abuse rather than them just doing their jobs. That's not what most of the site wants. The mods are doing what we have asked them to do.

>I know that these discussion breed nothing

Then why bring any of it up? You've called the mods all sorts with nothing to back it up and then when people have responded reasonably you've claimed that it's going nowhere because it's not going the way that you want it to.

>The most important point of my solution is that it is provided by a userscript

Your script is useless because it confuses user and mod deleted posts. If I use it and see a good post that's been deleted I can never hold that against the mods because I don't know that it was them. Even if I ask they're still in a position to lie and say it was the user and I wouldn't want to ask in the first place because I'm potentially drawing attention to something that a user deleted for a reason. You say there's no accountability without it but it doesn't actually help in that regard. I cannot use it to keep an account of the mods.

Honestly I'm not sure that we're not just talking past each other. Your English isn't great and I have a lot of trouble understanding what you're trying to say sometimes.


Hello, the appleman and mods. How do you think about this post >>12200 ?
Is this post successful?
Is this post constructive?
Is this post sane?

If any of you answer this, I'll post my thought 48 hours later and I'll point out what you are lacking in it.
If no one answer, this discussion will end here. I think further discussion will make nothing.
And of course, you can ban me by rule 2.

word definitions:
successful: the discussion progresses deeper to find problems.
constructive: the statement contains some ideas which may be solutions for this discussion.
sane: the post is suitable for lainchan.

Hey Appleman, this is a question thread for you, so I'll ask you above especially for you. And you can refuse further discussion even if you answer this, because this discussion is derailing too much and we should make another thread for this if we want to continue. However I don't want as I stated.


>I demand the ability to create rights on a website I don't own.

I always wanted the ability to see deleted posts inline, and also for mods to create comments on posts inline. But only if the Mods can see it all.


Non-Appleman-mod here again, regarding the late thread

>And also, we can't see deleted posts(not banned posts) in it.
This is not different from your previously mentioned 4chan system, and showing deleted posts raises the concern for users who delete their posts and want them to stay deleted. Besides, the implementation of such a feature would be non-trivial and really, it doesn't seem that important.

To be clear, I think the concerns raised are real and worth discussing, and there were some communication issues and misunderstandings on both sides. Mod accountability is important for community trust, but I think that what we (or at least me) are asking for is assuming we are innocent until proven guilty. There were no precise cases of mod abuse shown here, and the pictures that were shown were self-deletions or very reasonable mod deletions, so all I can ask for is little trust.

The discussion got a little messy in late thread, but looking back at the thread before, nobody started out with any unreasonable statements and I feel like the most major disagreements did come out of trivialities, and I think that we can still be friends after this.

I think the post in question raises the important question of the distinction between mod and user deletions, which might not be progressing deeper, but it is a point that has not been addressed, as far as I saw, it doesn't really focus on ideas for solutions, but it's hard to "solve" a disagreement, and it is mentioning points and raising counterpoints, and the sanity isn't much of a question, so I definitely think that it's yes on all three counts. I think that if you try to do something to "prove" how it's not, it'll be just as, or even less, useful and constructive than some of the discussion before.

Not to be petty, but I think that a major reason why this discussion turned out as it did was the fact that after the initial discussion, you basically insulted Appleman by asking him to "lurk more", which, c'mon, really isn't constructive, especially in this case.

Still love you.


You are clever and brave.

OK, I'll answer about your opinion 24 hours later.

Anyone else?

Hey, Appleman, you had better reply my question >>12201. I'm not so generous, I destroyed your escape zone in advance though probably you can't understand this.



I don't understand your question in >>12201.

You didn't answer my earlier questions from >>12181.

I don't understand why your post on https://lainchan.org/q/res/10917.html#12207 says that you think you are in trouble, you are not in trouble.

Your script / solution only solves a smart subsection of a small part of a much larger problem, and also goes against a request in the linked thread from the founder of this board, who you complimented.

I don't understand why you ignore my questions, and insist that your script is the best solution to the problem.

You also called me the lowest quality poster in lainchan and told me to Lurk more, and then you demand that I better reply to your thread. I don't understand this, what do you want ? Me to lurk more ? or to reply to your post ?

Discussing posting criteria is off topic for this thread, but that evidently does not matter to you considered the extent this thread has already been derailed by you and other people's posts.

I don't understand your replies or your reasoning so far, and I think their has been one or more misunderstandings in communication.


Oh... you are really faggot. Not only me but also all others think so probably....
I realized why you are so bad.... You don't know the basics of chans....
I'm not a teacher, but I called you now indeed, so I think I should answer them one by one in this time, but... your answer brings nothing. You are the lowest poster without trolling. You must realize this fact.

Is this your best answer? I'll wait more hours, so please give me your better answer. Or I may ignore you....


Now you're just insulting him for no good reason and giving no basis for any of your claims, not answering anything he asked there or before, and talking about how you'll post later with some sort of "ultimate truth". I hope you realize that talking about how very right your arguments are before you've even said what they are is plain silly, because the arguments you'll be posting aren't here now, and we can't answer to them.

If you want this place to become better or show that you are right, baseless insults and condescension is not the way to go.


i think this guy could be from dva.ch (russian 2ch) w/ concerns about posts being deleted on /layer/

he just wants to make a tool to use it for encypted comms whether or not you will ban him


Don't bring us into this. We will support or reject Appleman on our own terms. Not yours.

I myself support him. He seems to be alright, if not perfect (nobody ever is). And your posts, such as they are, aren't likely to win you any fans.


No. You seem to think you're on 4chan but you're not. Lurk moar.


Who are you? Are you mods or SJW or friend of the appleman?
Anyway, you are harmful for this discussion. You are crazy because you don't aware this. It's apparent that >>12209 is bad for this discussion. This is quite clear for usual anon. But you don't.
Here is not a school for you or the appleman. Teaching how to build discussion from basics is really derailing, no one want it. So I'll resign this. You must read between the lines. I'll talk with people who can do this at least. You must follow the flow of discussion.
I said that "Show your arbitration ability by answering my questions" in between the lines though you can't read this. The discussion was corrupting rapidly, so I had to do something. I had other choices, but I chose "delaying" because I was the dominator of this discussion and it's the best, easiest and funniest. The kalyx and the mods understood this as they noted. You and the appleman couldn't understand this, this is not because of my bad English, but you don't have acknowledge about discussion in chans. It's not insulting that using faggot, retard, gay or something for really such people in chans. Or even if it is, it's not a matter in chans. Your answers are stopping the discussion flow, this is really insulting people in chans, though you don't aware this.
And I hope this post is enough answer for >>12209 . This description will be a good clue for you faggots. I'm not a teacher of you.


I'll show a example of other choice, like this,
> Honestly I'm not sure that we're not just talking past each other. Your English isn't great and I have a lot of trouble understanding what you're trying to say sometimes.
Because your English skill is poor. Yeah, my English is bad, it's true. But I know that my English is not so bad and not too bad to struggle to interpret for native fluent speakers. There may be so many typical mistakes or unnatural selections of words, while fluent speakers can find me easily from all anonymous posts using these subtle clues. You are the only faggot who can't distinguish me and the first poster. Therefore,
> I'm saying you want shitposting to be allowed
that's not me. You are the 2nd worst English poster in this thread although the worst is me. Anyway my English skill is not a matter of this discussion. I don't know about my mistakes, but my posts convey so much information about this discussion. Fault is in your brain. And I'm sure that you can't understand my thought even if I used fluent English. I'll leave you as you are because of your retardness.
But this will make nothing, because his poorness of English is not a matter as well. So I didn't choose this, and I tried "delaying" and "waiting other cleverer people". They appeared fortunately, so I can leave this faggot to make discussion higher. This is the flow of discussion. You must realize why you are stupid faggots.
The answer of kalyx is quite well, good timing and contents. I'm against the answer of mods, while his answer is worth answering because he is aware of these flow and dropped his honest opinion. Exchanging opinions is the discussion, and it will be made in a manner of chans, because here is chans. All your posts are complaint about me. You can do it of course, but people who know it makes nothing think you are faggot. This is quite natural. And you've done this.
Don't stop the flow of discussion. Try to make it better each other. This is the chans.

For another choice, I could answer one by one directly. But the best way in usual these "heated up" case is "cooling down", so I chose "delay and wait". Autic people like you have no choice and just try to answer all of them directly as you did. You may think it sincere, but you must realize that such a autism is harmful here. We must aim for successful discussion, which derives some better results, using all our abilities which include calling you faggots, because here is chans where we can't refuse retards like you. Here is not a forum where the coordinator can invite/get rid of people by their ID. Retards who can't make successful discussion must be removed for better discussion. Insulting these people is a technique here, because we must remove those faggots by our posts' contents or pressure. Hostility and aggressiveness are also techniques. Ignoring is also welcome. Anyway, you must use all your ability to get better discussion. Then, people will judge you or your opinion. Again, people will judge, not you nor me. This is the chans. "lurk moar" doesn't mean "lurk moar and don't reply", but does mean "lurk moar to learn what you should have done."
I hope this is the last time I talk with these faggots. Kill yourself, the appleman. All misunderstandings are in your side, faggots.

OK, leave faggots, go ahead.


> I guess nobody is in the right here.
I agree. They are not anon though I might be included in your mind. I'm sorry about my unanonymity, but I'm the scripter, so I can't be anonymous completely in this discussion.


> This is not different from your previously mentioned 4chan system
No. We can see all deleted posts in 4chan via archives. 3rd parth or vanilla is not a matter.

> raises the concern for users who delete their posts

Yes, I'm aiming for this. Users will be able to evaluate each moderation to remove bad moderators, or decide exodus. If the deletion is supported from most of people, no problem will occur. On the contrary, the mods' fame will be raised. There is no reason to conceal them as far as you would make good moderation.

> proven guilty

I proved it in >>12192 . OK, I'll say it again.
λx.x is a crazy moderator who quoted all of my post to delay the discussion. See >>>/λ/18433 . I requested that he had to be fired, but the appleman and all mods were dumb. Dumb means that λx.x is OK for them, so I assume that all they are the same level. This is quite logical. The difference is obvious. My criteria is far higher than you, just this. So I don't see you are friends, you are just kids in kindergarden from my view. But this is not your fault, because kindergardens are needed for kids, so I'll leave here sooner or later. In short, you are innocent from your criteria, but you are guilty from my criteria.

> we can still be friends after this.

No. If you want to be my friend, fire λx.x right now.
However, you don't have to adopt this, just I'll leave here, because I realized that all you mods are faggots. All I got from this shitty discussion is just this fact. I really disappointed. This discussion is nothing other than time wasting for me.

> by asking him to "lurk more"

I don't think this was bad. As you see, my post was not for the appleman apparently, but he mistook it for him and said it's my fault. This was nothing other than madness. What should I have done about this? And I have been trying this thread back to him as he told me to do so.
Anyway, I don't trust him. If he want to be trusted, he should have said sorry just simply. I think he is arrogant. And probably he didn't know the edited quote, which is like "> implying xxx" everywhere, so I said "lurk more". I think this was a quite reasonable remedy for him. Show alternatives if you had.


>>12205 (continued)
> I definitely think that it's yes on all three counts
From this, I'm sure you are faggot.

> Not to be petty, but I think that a major reason why this discussion turned out as it did was the fact that after the initial discussion, you basically insulted Appleman by asking him to "lurk more", which, c'mon, really isn't constructive, especially in this case.

Why this is a problem is that this focuses only my personality. Personality is not a matter of collaboration. Function is the matter. Anyway, I realize that you are people in hug box. I don't want to be with you.

> You are the reason why this discussion was corrupted

No. It's because all of you other than the kalyx are retard who don't know constructive and successful discussion, nor how to collaborate on internet. I'll reveal this later. Only kalyx is the clever as far as I see now.

I successfully collaborated with meguca with my bad English. But I can't do it here. Find the difference between you retards and Lat who is the developer of meguca. You should learn "successful", "constructive" and "how to collaborate on internet" from this thread. I'm confident that you don't know these.
This is the 2nd thread and the 1st thread had gone unfortunately, but the 1st thread was quite fine, too. I made 80+ posts in this 2nd thread. As you fluent English speaker easily see, posts of bad English are mine. My English was bad there, and my personality was the same, of course. But Lat could understand all what I said and we could collaborate successfully. Why I couldn't collaborate here is your fault. And why you couldn't have made any features which you wanted is also your fault. Consider, if it was all my fault, you could have made all features. But you have nothing in spite of your long long long discussion. You must see your retardness.
This discussion is really wasting my time. I've got nothing other than the fact that "all you are faggots and I must leave here". Why you can't understand my thought is not because of my bad English, but that you don't know anything. And why none want to collaborate with you is because of your attitude. You must learn the internet.


Then, how about to make a "ReasonOfDeletion" JSON/API to be annotated?

You made a "successful" post, so I can make a "constructive" post. These people of lainFORUM are really disgusting. Teach them how lainCHAN is. Anyway, I'll leave here. If you want to build another "public" chan, notice it to me. I may help you. You are the only man who I can collaborate with here.


>This is the chans.
No. This is lainchan. Lurk moar.


I'll respond with a relatively short answer here. You obviously thought that using the word "faggot" was somehow successful in 'triggering' someone here, but this has nothing to do with the word itself, it's that you are adding non-constructive, distracting pieces of information that are just baseless opinions. The purpose of emotional intensifiers and insults in language is quite clear, but if you want to have a constructive conversation, they work as baseless assertions until they've been proven, and the fact that we're arguing against you without resorting to fallacious reasoning shows that they've not been proven true.

I am a moderator, but I'm posting here as a regular user with more insight in the moderation process, and I am not willing to accept that I am "harmful for this discussion", since other users have claimed otherwise, and you seem to be in a much smaller minority. I am not saying this as appeal to popularity, I'm claiming that you have a lack of understanding regarding this community, and you're trying to shove your ideals in a place that just doesn't want them.

Your notion that we have to fit in chan culture in some way is also generally silly, with a majority of users saying that they enjoy this place for the reason that it is very different from the chan culture, and the discussion quality is far above that of other chans, and the differences in culture are a secondary or even a primary factor in that.

The idea that we didn't understand what you were trying to achieve with your post before and we couldn't "read between the lines" is laughable within itself. Your aim was clear as day there to anyone. In general, "reading between the lines" is a bad method of finding proof, because it is easily susceptible to confirmation bias and just generally finding what you what you want. If you want to make solid claims, you need solid evidence, not just something you think you saw between the lines. It is the equivalent of speculation.

You come back to discussion of English skill multiple times, but it was mentioned once by another poster, and it has very little to do with any of the primary points here.

>Users will be able to evaluate each moderation to remove bad moderator

You misunderstood my point there - the users who made the posts and then deleted them might want their posts hidden, and the concern is their privacy/control of their posts, not that I want to hide what moderation does.

>I proved it in

I was asking for trust in that we don't delete things based on opinions until evidence is shown proving opposite, not proof of a mod disagreeing with you in a way you didn't like.

>you are people in hug box

Again, we're trying to eliminate non-constructive, disruptive things that have nothing to do with hiding us from opposing opinions. If you're not realizing that this thread is full of the opposing opinions that we are addressing and not hiding from, I don't know what to tell you.

If you want to leave, nobody is preventing you from that, and there have been no plans of banning you for disagreeing with us on /q/. The amount of weird assumptions just kind of skyrocketed here, and if you look, you'll see that multiple different users have disagreed with you on this thread that have no affiliation with the staff.


Lainchan is a chan, yes. However, it isn't 4chan. Every chan isn't the same. Just because your post would be considered acceptable there doesn't mean it would be here.

On lainchan, the average posting quality is significantly higher than most chans. We, as users, are asked to maintain that quality. That means reasonable discussion over flinging pointless insults, and justifying your opinion clearly.

It's not dissent we can't stand. It's soykafposting.

You call us a forum, you call us faggots, you call us many things.

In return, I call you newfag. You've lowered the quality of this discussion with your soykafposts, and while you initially had a good point, you've continued to explain yourself poorly, and used insult over reasonable discussion.

lurk moar.


Ssso.... agh I better get this over with
I am >>12157.
I gotta admit I was in the wrong. I could've handled this WAY more gracefully. I was just apalled by the fact that several of my posts were deleted while similar or worse ones were kept. I could've asked about this with more civility. But I didn't, and I don't think apologizing (though I'm regretful) would do any good or fix the damage (aka the drama it started, though it's kind of funny). I didn't like appelbaum's response though, and I've concluded that I don't like that guy.
But yeah, I wanna get this off my chest because... well, I don't dislike lainchan. And I don't feel good being around here while knowing I was the dude who bitched like a little kid just because I was emotionally unbalanced.
It amazes me that I haven't been banned.
Anyway, that's all...


the fact that it exploded into stupid drama both amazes me and worries me and also shows me that this appelbaum guy can't handle things properly either though. But hey, I'll behave now.
Just for the record, not all of the subsequent replies were mine, some were, not all, just so you don't think whoever you're arguing with right now is now apologizing mkay?



I haven't spoken to you in a couple years, but I hope you do better.


Reading this thread made me realize all of you are just cyberpunk roleplayers...


Cyberpunk is dead.

I'm a bored programmer.


I always tried to fight against the role players and the homepage clearly states cyberpunk is dead. and then i deleted cyb. so..


> I am not willing to accept that I am "harmful for this discussion"
That's not your business. People will judge.

> you're trying to shove your ideals in a place that just doesn't want them.

No, because no one can do it in internet. I'll just release my script. People who want it will use it. That's all. You have been mods too long time probably. Your thinking base is mod's view, not people who may be killed at anytime. This may hurt your site later. However, this is your business.

> about culture

It's your business. But you overestimate your moderation skill probably. Why lainchan is calm is just that lainchan is slow, it doesn't owe to your moderation skill.

> English skill multiple times

Yeah, I used it ironically. While this is a big matter for me, I can just put 1/3 of my thought at most. This is my all ability. So I retired to teach about chan, kalyx know that so you can be caught by him if you needed it.
I know I can't be a good owner/moderator because of my language skill, while I want "public" chan, so I just release a script which can be used as a client-side script for it and I'm just waiting for people who can run it. Kalyx can be the man if he want to be a "breeder of site".

> not that I want to hide what moderation does.

Then implement it right now. Everybody will be happy.

> I was asking for trust in that we don't delete things based on opinions until evidence is shown proving opposite

This is not my business. Someone may prepare after my script. Or someone might bring it here if you had implemented above function.

Anyway, we can't agree with. So I'll leave here. You haven't realized what you are lacking yet, but this is also your business. All I can do is just release my script and wait judge from people.
I'll release my script with whole deleted posts detection regardless of these mods' opinions. Users who want the function must see >>>/λ/10247 or GitHub https://github.com/DogMan8/CatChan . I'm working for users, not for mods. So I don't stop releasing. However, it will take more months for full functionality. Within this developing period, I might catch your deleted posts. If you want to search your deleted posts, I may be able to help you. You can ask me it in above thread or a thread in meguca. https://meguca.org/g/1802324
I don't see why you haven't learned from 4chan. Aside from its culture, its system is superior than here apparently. 4chan has so many features for users.
I hope these eligible mods make above function and people omit my script happily. Yeah, my script should be spoiled by your better solution.


Unfortunately this discussion ended just wasting our time. We haven't get anything each other, each of us don't change each mind. Anyway, people judge all and I don't stop releasing my script. People who want my script will use it, and all deleted posts will be revealed by people if people want this. The difference of our basements is clear. You mods think you can decide everything here. I think I can decide only what I do in the internet, and lainchan is one of the internet, hence you can't stop me. I can release my script even if it may kill you as well as you can kill me here anytime when I'm against you. There is no way to stop me from the beginning no matter how you scream. Useless is your scream. But you may not think so maybe, and you are free to think so. But even if you can stop me, some other guy may try to do the same thing later, so there are no other way for you to provide better solution which overwrites my solution from the beginning. This is the internet. I said this repeatedly. I don't understand why you don't admit this. The internet itself is a bunch of arm races for better solutions. This is a quite simple truth. People use the best solution for them. I'll add my script for a candidate of solution. People will judge.
As I'll leave here, I have no reason to respect your opinions anymore. I'll do my justice, you'll do your justice. This is also an arm race for better solution. People will judge. But diversity is one of the most important aspect of the internet. That you want to run a site which has another culture is a good thing itself. Unfortunately yours is not match to my philosophy, so I'll leave here.
I don't force users of my script to agree with my opinion. My script may support lainchan after that. People can request me it in contact threads, which are shown in GitHub. Or of course anybody fork my project at any time under GPLv3. The script will support all imageboards finally regardless of their stance if I had unlimited resources. So I'll try to do it if there are users even if I don't agree with stance of its admin or mods. However, my resources are limited, I need a site which doesn't waste my time. I need a good relationship between admin and developers. Here is not anymore, so I'll seek for next development platform of vichan. If you help me, post it in meguca. As I stated, I haven't been required to make such a messy discussion in meguca. All what you have tried was just to stop me, not to work for users. You are really crazy. Yeah, the crazy may be me. People will judge.

Nothing will happen if you make only proper moderation. If something would happen, it will show that you are bad moderators.


Is cyberpunk still alive in your mind, kalyx? I'm waiting for you. See >>12257


I'm sorry for this crazy discussion. We should have made another thread for this. I couldn't expect this crazy flow and conclusion at all. And I hope this thread back to you.
You are cleverer than these mods because you were aware that you can't stop me from the beginning, but honestly I don't understand why you are here. Although I don't want to know about you anymore, but you should introduce yourself to people of here. You are a man of another planet really.



If you want a good relationship, then avoidance or running away isn't how to get it.

If you want a good relationship, calling people low quality, crazy or retarded isn't how to get it.

I am not trying to stop you. I just don't understand why are not content to just post in the other threads in the other boards of this chan, and why you won't submit patches to lainchan or vichan ?

I will wait for you, if you want a good relationship, but your actions and your words don't match up.


>That's not your business. People will judge
But I was basing that statement on what people were saying in the thread - you were the only one who spoke badly about my attempts at explaination.

>You have been mods too long time

Well, I'm the latest person to become a mod, and my opinions were the same before that.

>Then implement it right now

I don't have the power to do so, the implementation is not trivial, and it has side effects that were discussed in great detail before.

>I'm working for users, not for mods

While the script has benefits, the aforementioned drawbacks only affect users and not mods.

>You mods think you can decide everything here

I don't think anyone ever claimed that. I don't remember there being any talk of people stopping you from writing the script, either, but rather people bringing up the fact that it has drawbacks.


mate its always been like that lol


>selling your website
Cyberpunks are supposed to fight capitalism, though. Kalyx confirmed for poseur?


File: 1479114492448.png (1.61 MB, 150x200, f-fine.gif)


Anyone can "fight" a survival system by creating a newer survival system that serves the purpose of the original more equitably, functionally, and accessibly for a greater number of people.

There are no rules stipulating who can and can't create it. But you can't force people to use it, it needs to be extremely easy to opt-in.

Simply "destroying" an existing system without creating a new one is a waste of resources, particularly when functional pieces of the old system can be recycled for use in the new system.

I have yet to see a new survival system easier and more effective to use than our existing one, though I do think Singular Units stand a good chance.


What were kalyx's reasons for selling the site? Was he fed up with the users?


File: 1479454722234.png (202.44 KB, 200x195, don't-kys-kx.png)

>What were kalyx's reasons for selling the site?
I believe Kalyx was underfunded and overworked. Unable to support himself + the site at the same time. He sold it at a loss, $19k is worth a lot less than the time he invested in the site.
>Was he fed up with the users?
I doubt it, seeing as he still interacts with us. Though I get the sense that K'X has not been overly pleased by the presence of Tromp supporters on the site. Rather than lashing out at Tromp supporters, I'd sooner blame the left for not providing an intellectually honest candidate for people to get behind.


this, and I lost my powers here by deleting /civ/ .


>I have several other courses of action I can take regarding /feels/
Mind elaborating a bit?


1. Delete /feels/
2. Hide /feels/
3. Leave /feels/ moderation bubble in place
4 Remove /feels/ moderation bubble
5. Make new custom rules for /feels/
6. Something else....


I won't miss you you c a n c e r o u s f a g g o t


Dude - you cool... thank fuuuuukkk!

Be good do good, let Lain live on.


File: 1482044070117-0.png (173.72 KB, 113x200, Screenshot_2016-12-12-04-15-57.png)

File: 1482044070117-1.png (139.98 KB, 113x200, Screenshot_2016-12-12-04-45-15.png)

Note: I am south European, which means I am both too "white" to benefit from "positive discrimination" or whatever you call it, and too "non-white" to be accepted by white supremacists/enjoy "white privilege" in "nordic" countries. I am also above average in every good quality that can be measured. IQ, height, dick size, lack of genetic diseases, you name it.

I do not have much trust in democracy or any other form of government really, and believe the "leaders" to be nothing more than celebrity actors. Every now and then one attemps to use his status and supposed power to do right, and they often end up dead and vilified. But let's pretend I am paranoid and wrong for a moment. I doubt Trump will be all that "good/bad" right and left have made him out to be. If he is at all honest, he is a run of the mill civic nationalist. But Hillary is the spawn of Satan in comparison. The info is out there. The other choices were even worse (a barely--hiding-it communist was a choice, ffs.)
>intellectually honest
That will be the day.


File: 1483039643893.png (44.9 KB, 172x200, 29ab76d1f6c4485e0bedf26feb491a8c92daa140fc9b2f375f048c484c581a7e.jpg)

That's why I hate you, chummer.

*hides back in the cybershadows*


File: 1483039751661.png (160.83 KB, 200x109, bernie2.jpg)

>an intellectually honest candidate for people to get behind




None of the things you posted are really any arguments against "the left", so the claim about it being somehow intellectually dishonest is not based on anything.

Besides, implying that Hillary is somehow on the left is just purely wrong, she was a centrist at best.

And if you're going to conflate "the SJWs" and the left on the political scale, please don't bother.


Indeed. As a leftist, SJWs definitely aren't what the left is about.

But then, words like "left," "right," "liberal," "conservative," and so on have essentially lost all meaning at this point.


>no plans to sell user data.
That was not a very reassuring way of wording that. That option should not even be left open, and it seems you intentionally have.


File: 1483212220550.png (764.2 KB, 200x146, Capture.png)

>And if you're going to conflate "the SJWs" and the left on the political scale, please don't bother.
It's too late for that. In the minds of the public, the movements have already been conflated on a political level for a long time. Being a part of the consensus left now requires, at a minimum, paying lipservice to SJW rhetoric.


That's the honest way to word it. There's no point talking in definitives because nothing is.


>That's the honest way to word it
I guess, just seems like that option should be out of the question.