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I've seen books/stickers are sold but I haven't seen a link to any shirts/other merch. Is there a seller related to the website? I saw a Lainchan shirt a few days ago, but I'd rather not support the seller if he stole designs (and I know these people selling shirts off websites like Teespring are marking them up and making money from it).
Sorry in advance if this information is in fact somewhere here. I couldn't find it.


There were real T-Shirt sales happening on TeeSpring, but it was the "If 15 shirts are ordered by x/x/2016, we'll print them! If not, everyone gets their money back", so I don't believe you can straight-up order them right now.

Kalyx was the one selling the T-Shirts so he might be able to offer more insight.

As someone who got the Teespring "Lainchan IBM" shirt, I have to say I like it. The design looks awesome, though the quality is definitely a bit cheap and seems like the printing might wear off in the washing machine, so I think I'm going to stick to hand-washing it.



The former owner of the lainchan.org was selling tshirts at https://teespring.com/stores/lainchan-t-shirts . I don't know if this is still a thing or not, but the funds will go to kalyx from that site.

As per the donate page, the only monetization for lainchan.org at present is the stickers on stickermule.

There is an OP on /diy/ saying something about soap, but he hasn't posted the requested proof that other lainons asked for in the thread.

I am happy to consider making shirts and other merchandise if there is a demand for it.


I'd be happy to purchase some merchandise depending on what it is. I think shirts could be cool, but if not it would be cool to have cyberpunk merch. Maybe 3D printed lains, or a lainchan-inscribed raspberry pi case, or something along those lines? Not sure.


Yeah definitely.


Does all merch have to be official? Would it be fine if I mad my own merch like stickers or patches?
Or does it need to go through "official channels" e.g. Get Appleman1234 to sell them?



No , of course all merchandise doesn't have to be official , make as much unofficial merchandise as you like.

I don't intend to litigate against lainons, though I appreciate people not making false claims e.g. calling stuff endorsed or official without actual endorsement.

I also appreciate people not swindling lainons.