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Where is the filesharing board?


The filesharing board is located at https://lainchan.org/f/index.html.

The /f/ board has a file size limit of 100 MB and allows three files per post.


how do i find other boards?



i mean board that aren't visible on the top bar like the filesharing board


From the linked post.

1. Lurk Moar

Hidden boards are hidden. Finding them is part of the experience.


How do you tell if it's a hidden board or a closed board? (e.g. /cyb/ and /w/ are still available, but you're not supposed to post there)


Well, you can't post on those boards even if you wanted to.

That's one way to tell the difference.


what was /w/?



https://lainchan.org/w/index.html was /w/ , it was merged into /cult/ before I joined.


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Would it be possible to up the post size limit from 25mb to say 50Mb - I would like to make more use (and see) more WebM content and feel raising to 50Mb allows for some interesting length WebM SD clips... looking for ~8min ~640x360 + audio.

I mean I do like a good YLYL session but 25Mb limits WebM use to more frivolous uses.

I understand this could be a bandwidth cost issue - I appreciate you don't want to be rocking youtube v2 and these things cost. But if it is remotely plausible it might be able to bring another dimension into the mix?

Plus it allows for larger PDFs... although /f/ but - it could be useful still?



We don't have the disk space for this at the moment.

If / when the cytube(https://github.com/calzoneman/sync) is setup, then perhaps that is a better platform for linking externally hosted webms of that size would be viable.