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Does anyone here not browse chans in catalog view? I cant imagine anyone scrolling through posts of threads that they are not interested in to find content. The only time I used scroll view was many years ago when I first started hanging in 4chan and was not aware of scroll view. Shouldnt scroll view be the option with a link we can click on?


I scroll.

Firstly it lets me check if anyone has added to a thread I find recently without having to open a new web page, and secondly even if I am not interested in the OP of a post, I may be interested in the replies. Scrolling through lets me see the replies as well as the OP.

But also to be brutally honest I dont think it matters too much either way.


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I know that this isn't like a poll or whatever, but I would like catalog to be the default as well. I never scroll, and if I want to watch a thread I just hang out in it and let the auto refresh do its thing.


I only use the catalog when I try to find something I saw before. I find it useless for anything else. How do you even notice if a thread got a new reply? Do you memorize all the post numbers?


Replies are usually more interesting than OP. So catalog is kind of missing the point, IMHO.


Even if it seems bizzare I do


I catalog 99% of the time. Perhaps similarly like the site remembers our preferred theme, it would be great if we could have an option to choose catalog view and scrollling and then the site remembering our choice.


catalog mr race


I mostly use bookmarks, and all are set to catalog, I never scroll.

I just look at reply numbers and tell that way, that being said it's a little slow here and I check through out the day, so on boards I frequent I don't miss a post, usually.


catalog views overwhelm me. so much information at once... it's hard to browse like that for me.


I use the default layout because Lainchan is a relatively slow board so the replies are more interesting than seeing a bunch of old threads with no new content.

Catalog view is only better on boards where every thread is new on each visit.