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Now that /r is back, what is the purpose of having both /r and /cult?
Is /r now for brewing soykaf while /cult for high quality posts? If so then Kalyx's sticky should be removed from /r.



/r/ is supposed to be for high quality posts of topics not covered by other boards as per the sticky.

Why lainons are not posting such high quality threads is unknown ?

/cult/ is
Culture is defined as the arts and other instances of human intellectual achievement regarded as a whole.

The intended purpose of this board is discussion of culture not relevant on the other boards. In particular, the creation and discussion of media, including music, visuals, and programmatically generated content is encouraged.

as per the sticky.

As for the board reorganisation that is answered / discussed in other /q/ threads.


thought that since initially /cult was replacing /r we have 2 parallell similar boards. Good to know what is actually going on.


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>Why lainons are not posting such high quality threads is unknown ?

No report button, very little ability to maintain a quality thread.