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Many people say either that Lainchan is getting faster or they just say lainchan is slow.(In context of posting speed)

My opinion is it's neither. Instead my opinion is Lainchan has speed spikes.

Do we have any stats on it? So that we could see them and perhaps analyze if there are any trends?



When you say posting speed ? What do you mean ?

Are you talking about the amount of time taken to submit a post once written ?

Or the number of posts in a given time period ?

Or the loading time for a given page ?

I have some basic statistics, but they aren't available for consumption at this point.

Making them available for consumption will require extra development at a minimum and I am not sure of the benefit of doing so.


Oh, I meant 'Or the number of posts in a given time period ?' that.

Didn't we have piwik analytics a while ago?



Piwik doesn't track post rate per board in a given time period.

I will take a look at how best to improve the analytics situation, but I can't guarantee time frame at this point in time.


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You can take it by yourself using CatChan. See >>>/λ/16635
The apple retard is two laps behind.


It's not important.


hey, just a thought I had. maybe your software will be better received on here if you didn't call the admin a retard?




How new are you?


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>call the admin a retard
Are you suggesting we call apples something else?