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Why the fuarrrk are the mods on here such immature d-bags.

they just sit around mashing their cocks to memories of derezzing people, occasionally cumming 'cause they get another chance.

My message to the mods - SUCK MY COCK AND CALM THE fuarrrk DOWN.

And of course the obligatory mod slogan:


new fone who dis



Your post breaches Rule 3, Rule 4, Rule 6.
Always argue in good faith and avoid using personal attacks.
You should always elaborate on your opinions rather than just spilling the soykaf.
Do not whine and cry about 8chan, "quality", "invasions", "new users", mods, bans, or kalyx outside of /q/.

It also ignores the following pro tips.

The mods are not on powertrips, they are friendly and are trying to ensure the quality of lainchan, not belittle your ideas.
Lainchan is a place to have your voice heard but not a place for you to drown out others' voices.
Mods usually ask each other for opinions before doing anything. We hate having to ban someone.

Next time you post, please read the rules and follow them. Also instead of just posting soykaf on the wrong board, can you actually provide constructive feedback or criticism.


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>Always argue in good faith and avoid using personal attacks.
Ayy lmao. How often is this enforced or even brought up? Great idea, impartial execution.


I think you are being the immature one here. :(